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Welcome! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Wendy and I live in Olympia, WA with wendymy three amazing children, two ferrets and a bunny! My first passion is my home and family; thus my devotion to the Greek Goddess Hestia (Goddess of The Home and Hearth). My next passion is all things Spiritual and Metaphysical!

I consider myself to be an Eclectic Hearth Witch – blending the lessons and philosophies of Paganism, Wicca, Buddhism, Zen Taoism, and Shamanism into my daily life and home. I have devoted most of my free time in my adult life to learning all I can on Spiritual and Metaphysical topics such as Tarot, Astrology, Energy Healing, Pagan Housekeeping, Crystals and more! I am an Ordained Ministerhestiaaa through the Universal Life Church, a Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Angel Card Reader. Here on my website you will find the services and courses I offer as well as my blog where I will share my life and thoughts with you.

So – welcome! Get a cup of tea or coffee and come on in! Enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the blessings of Hestia and make yourself comfortable as you explore this extension of my home!

Brightest Blessings,
~ Wendy

I have been studying and reading Tarot Cards since 1999 and I have read dozens of books on Tarot and become familiar with the cards by giving readings to myself, my family, friends, and clients for many years.  I truly love the symbolism of the Tarot and the messages it can help deliver.

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader and specialize in working with the Angels and the Angelic Realm for Readings and Healings.  The Angels are non-denominational Beings of Light (meaning they don’t care what religion you are) who’s purpose is to help humans achieve their highest potential.  Readings with the Angels are very powerful counselling sessions that provide you with guidance and support in whatever part of life you need it most.

I am a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher of the Usui Reiki Tradition.  I received my training in Level 1 Usui Reiki in 2015 and training and certification in Usui Reiki Levels 2 and 3 in 2016.  I am also a Certified Member of The Reiki Healing Association.  Also in 2016 I completed training and received certification in Faery Reiki and the Lavender Flame of Kuan Yin Reiki.


 My Mission

Life and learning is an ongoing lifelong process.  Who we are is constantly shifting and growing.  It is a beautiful journey that is all your own and unique to every person!  Sometimes along this journey, it helps to have some support.  For me – Spiritual Support can come in the form of self care, advice, personal tarot and oracle card readings, energy healing, and learning new things.  I hope to offer a place for you to come for this support when you need it.  On my blog I will share things I have learned for you to read – and it is always up to you to decide if these teachings are right for you or not!  I also hope you will allow me to be a friend and spiritual mentor for you with readings, energy healing, and the courses I offer.  I also offer some products that can help you with your own self care or spiritual journey – such as gemstone mala necklaces and cruelty free bath and body products for some much needed “me time”

  • My mission is to provide affordable Heart-Centered Tarot and Oracle Card readings that help you through transitions in life by clarifying and identifying the energies currently available to you.  With a reading you may identify blockages or areas in your life that need change, or you may identify your strengths and better define your goals to help you move forward in the way that is best for YOU.  I want my readings to be accessible to anyone, which is why they are available online, over the phone, or in person.  I also offer these readings at affordable prices.  Please see the Readings section of my website for more information.
  • My mission is to provide Energy Healing that is accessible and affordable as well.  Distance sessions or in-person sessions are held for you to enjoy and relax.  Please see the Reiki section of my website and read “What Is Reiki” for more details.
  • My mission is to provide Reiki training and Attunement Courses that are affordable and accessible.  These are also available for in person or online training and attunements.  My Reiki Courses are different from some others you may find.  In my experiences of learning Reiki there are generally two ways available to learn;
    1) In Person Training.  This tends to be more expensive and is limited to who is offering training in your area.  There are benefits to this method as you get your attunement in person and generally attend a one or two day workshop and receive a lot of information during that time.  However, this method may be unavailable to many people because of scheduling, price, traveling, accessibility of the location, or simply not having a Reiki Master in your area you wish to learn from.
    2) Distance Attunements.  These tend to be less expensive, and you order online and receive your attunement at home.  This is great for people who cannot afford a higher price or have other issues accessing personal, local training.  However, I have found a lot of these online courses simply include your Manual and your distance attunement.  There is a lack of personal interaction for some of these courses (not all of them) and the information provided in the manual generally covers the basics – but someone who is new to Energy Work or Reiki might feel a bit lost with this type of course.
    So I wanted to create something different – a balance between the two.  My Reiki Attunement Courses are more like mentorship programs and offer Personal, Ongoing Support in the form of communications, Readings, and Healing Sessions.  Reiki Attunements often spark periods of intense personal growth and change…. with Readings and regular Reiki sessions available in your training, your Attunement is less of a “class” and more of a “Personal Spiritual Journey” Please see the Courses section of my website for more information.
  • My Mission is to help you learn to take time for self care, pampering, meditation, and beauty with my home made spiritual jewelry, and with Pampering products from Perfectly Posh.  Perfectly Posh products are cruelty free, toxin free, gentle, and safe and include a wide range of products including Vegan Soaps and Hand Cremes, sulfate free shampoos, shea-butter based body lotions, and amazing face masks.  Taking time to treat yourself and feel good is so important!



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