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Self care is so important these days with stressful lives that place a lot of demand on us!  All of my services are centered around Self Care in one way or another.  With Tarot and Oracle Card Readings I will hold space for you to open up about your life and provide heart-centered advice and spiritual counselling through the messages revealed by the cards.  With a Reiki session you can receive an alternate form of therapy that promotes healing and spiritual growth.  Through one of my courses you can advance along your spiritual path while enriching your life and learning something new.  My jewelry is designed not only for fashion, but to be used as meditation or devotion tools.  You can even find ways to make your chores into part of your Self Care and Spiritual Devotion with Pagan Housekeeping!  And finally, I also offer bath and body type products that will soothe your skin and promote relaxation and pampering!

self care, self care tips, relaxation, stress relief tips Monthly Self Care Subscription Boxes!

Get a card reading, a suggested meditation or ritual, and other relaxing self care tools such as bath bombs, gemstones, herbal tea, and more!  Check It Out!  You can now order your Self Care box for SEPTEMBER!

I will put links to some of my favorite self care ideas and blog posts here to have a place to come for ideas and inspiration when you need it!

Bath Bombs, home made, hand made, self care, gemstones, meditation
Bath Bombs with gemstones! Oh my!

Blog Posts

** Check out my Home Made Bath Bombs! **
Pampering can be an excellent form of Self Care!  Taking time to do something a little bit luxurious and spoiling yourself a little bit isn’t selfish!  You deserve it!  I am a Pampering Consultant with Perfectly Posh!
Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant, Self Care, Pampering, work from home
Perfectly Posh is a direct sales company creating and selling Pampering products like quality soaps, lotions, face masks, and hair care.  Products are made in the USA and are 100% Cruelty Free.  With naturally based ingredients and avoiding fillers or unnecessary ingredients like Sulfates, Parabens, Phtalates, Petroleum, and Lanolin.  A large number of our products are also Vegan!  You can do your Pampering at home with products you will love and trust!  As a direct sales company, you can also feel good about shopping a small business and directly supporting me while you practice self care! Email me for more info about Perfectly Posh or to request my direct link for ordering!
Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant, Pampering, Self Care, Work From Home, Made In The USA, Vegan soap
 You can also earn some FREE Posh products by hosting an online party! We just share info about the products with your friends on facebook, and you’ll earn product credit on your friend’s orders! OR if you are interested in becoming a Pampering Consultant and earning money by Pampering your friends, we can talk about that!  Posh is a great, rewarding company you will love! Contact me for details!