Deck Review – Mythical Creatures Oracle

This week I used The Mythical Creatures Oracle card deck by Sky Cybele for my Card of The Day readings.

I am finding this deck to be very fun to use, as the cards help predict and explain certain energies in a divinatory aspect, but also help in learning about Mythical Creatures!  If you have an interest in Mythical creatures from many different cultures, this deck is a fantastic learning tool as each creature is described in terms of myth origin and includes the common stories or tales that involved each creature.  I think this deck would be a great way for children and adults to learn about Mythical creatures even if you don’t use it as a divination tool.  My 11 year old son is particularly fond of this deck as he likes to look at the cards and pick one creature to learn about.  Included are all of the mythical creatures you are already familiar with, plus many creatures you have probably never heard of!

The deck comes in a very sturdy and beautiful box which will not only protect the cards, but is a nice display on your coffee table or altar, or fits easily on a book shelf.  The companion booklet is very detailed 160 page manual that is great for using as a quick reference guide or for reading in more detail depending on how much time you have or how much detail you want.  It includes chapters on how to meditate with the mythical creatures, mythical creatures as totems, how to use the deck for divination, and working with mythical creatures and monsters.

Using this deck for a card of the day, I found it to be very accurate and helpful in helping me navigate some energies throughout each day.  For example on Friday my card of the day was The Harpy – generally signifying a person who is combative, destructive, or negative in some way.  I did encounter a “Harpy” on Friday, but since I was aware of this from the beginning of the day I knew that engaging with or confronting this person wouldn’t be helpful.  Instead, I distanced myself from them and tried not to take things personally.   On Thursday I had Cereberus, bringing awareness in terms of my personal boundaries and protecting myself energetically.  This card was significant for me that day as I did have an experience in which I needed to create a boundary between myself and a negative person.  I had resisted creating a boundary because this person is special to me and I care about them…. but because of this card I realized that my own self care needed me to unfriend this person on facebook.  Having Cereberus as the card of the day reminded me that sometimes setting boundaries is the healthy thing to do.
Not all of the creatures are “negative” as some might see the Harpy and Cereberus as (those cards aren’t necessarily “negative” if you allow their messages to help you in a positive way) and some creatures symbolize good luck or fortune.  I did have the fortuitous Eastern Dragon one day this week, and while I didn’t hit the lottery, I did have a good day and felt very supported as I explored different ways that I am wealthy and lucky.

Using this deck for a more detailed multiple card reading can be very enlightening too.  I think it would best be used to examine energies in relationships or current situations  – as a way of understanding what energies are blocking or supporting you.  If you use the deck frequently and develop a basic understanding of the stories and energies behind each mythical creature, using the deck will become more intuitive.  If you are unfamiliar with the mythical creatures featured in the deck you will probably need the book as reference, though you can still probably gather some intuitive feelings and impressions just from the pictures on each card.

All in all this Oracle Card Deck is beautifully illustrated and well explained, resulting in a deck that is fun and easy to use both as a divination tool and a learning tool!  If you are interested in buying this deck for yourself, check it out on Amazon —>> (Totally worth it!!)

Thanks for reading!

Deck Review: Healing With The Fairies Oracle

This past week on Facebook and Instagram I used the “Healing With The Fairies” oracle card deck for my card of the day posts.  I have had this deck for many years, I think I got it as a gift in 2005 or 2006!  It has been a steady companion for many personal readings in that time.

“Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck”, by Doreen Virtue is a Hay House Publication and features artwork by Jeffrey Bedrick, Amy Brown, Nancy Chien-Eriksen, Gail Gastfield, Kylie InGold, Christine Kloss, Karen Krangel, Diana Stanley and Corey Wolf. There are 44 cards in this deck, plus a guidebook with meaning of the card and an affirmation for each card.

The beautiful artwork and name of each card makes it very easy to use intuitively without the guidebook, though I love looking at the guidebook for additional guidance and the suggested affirmation for each card!  My favorite way to use this deck is with a simple 1 card drawing such as for a card of the day or to ask what advice the fairies have for me right now.  I also enjoy using a 3 card spread such as Body, Mind, Spirit to get multi-layered guidance from the cards.

This deck is great for spiritual counselling, giving specific advice and ways to move forward to free yourself from certain patterns.  Advice in these cards is inspired by the Fairies and Nature Spirits who are playful, loving, gentle beings – and Masters of Manifestation!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the cards this past week on Instagram and Facebook!  If you want a personalized reading using this deck, you can order a mini reading HERE.


Deck Review: The Kitchen Tarot

This week for my card of the day posts on Instagram and Facebook I used The Kitchen Tarot by Dennis Fairchild and Susan Shie.  I wanted to give this deck my official Review and talk a little bit about it for my fellow Tarot enthusiasts.  (Disclosure: I have not been asked to write this review by the publisher or the author of the deck and I am not receiving any kind of compensation or payment for doing this.)

Fittingly enough, my first card of the Year for 2017 was The Calendar AKA The Moon!
As we all collectively changed our calendars and thought about cycles, and some people were no doubt recovering from a late night celebrating and ringing in the new year – here came this card about resting, taking time to dream and plan ahead and be aware of the cycles of the Moon.
The Kitchen tarot artwork by Susan Shie is simply perfect.  Each of the Major Arcana cards was made as a large mixed media quilt with images of the home or things in the kitchen replacing our familiar tarot archetypes.  The symbolism is really fitting for each card, with things like “Cream and Sugar” for The Lovers card and “The Compost Pot” for the Death card.  There are teeny tiny words filling in most of the spaces inside the quilt sections.  Some of these words are sayings or affirmations that reflect the lesson of the card.  Some of the words are more personal stories that the artist felt were moments of her life that fit in with the story or archetype of the card.


The guidebook that comes with the deck is well written and continues the theme of the kitchen through clever puns and allegory while describing what the card may mean in your life.  Some of the symbolism is explained, and an affirmation is offered for each card as well.  This deck is perfect for a “Card of The Day” or “Card of the Week” type reading, and I also like to use it occasionally in a 3 card spread such as “Body, Mind, Spirit” to get a deeper picture of energies present in my life.  When these sometimes profound Major Arcana archetypes come into play in your life they can sometimes be overwhelming.  . . but when they are interpreted and presented as familiar themes that I encounter in my kitchen – they can suddenly feel familiar and manageable!  What a blessing!
Overall I do love this deck!
I would rate it 4 stars out of 5
The only drawbacks I find when working with this deck are
1) I wish it were a full deck and included Minor Arcana Cards!  But that doesn’t stop me from using it or getting accurate readings with it… I just would like to see what a full deck looked like!
2) The small detail in the cards is hard to see.  Sometimes I wish I could read some of the small lettering in the artwork as I feel like I might be missing out on something the artist wanted me to see!


I would be happy to do a 3 card reading for you with this deck!  You can order one through my Etsy Shop or visit my website to learn more about the Tarot and Oracle Card Readings I offer!