Tiger’s Eye – Gemstone Profile

All About Tiger’s Eye – Gemstone Profile – Metaphysical Properties, meanings, and uses

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Polished Tiger’s Eye

Appearance: Gold, Yellow, Red, or Brown-Red with bands of metallic gray, black, or dark blue.  Opaque and translucent.  Often found tumbled and polished in pieces smaller than 2″ diameter or carved into shapes.

Geology: A kind of Macrocrystalline Quartz. A Pseudomorphic gemstone (meaning it started as one kind of mineral that has transformed into a different kind of mineral) Tiger’s Eye begins as Crocodolite that becomes embedded with Quartz and eventually the two merge and create Hawk’s Eye.  During the transformation, if more Iron Oxide is present, the stone will gain it’s reddish-brown or gold color, resulting in Tiger’s Eye.  (If less Iron Oxide is present, the blue hue of Crocodolite remains and this is the stone called Hawk’s Eye)

Chakras – Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Root Chakra

Astrological Signs – Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius

Key Words – Protection, Balance, Confidence, Strength, Grounding, Understanding, Wisdom, Discernment

Archangels – Gabriel, Jophiel, Sabrael

Deities – Solar Deities: Apollo (Greece), Ra (Egypt), Amaterasu (Japan)

Tiger's Eye Gemstone metaphysical meaningTiger’s Eye is a powerful combination of Earth Energy and Solar Energy – it is both activating and grounding.  It can help you to either be more grounded, or more active and expressive depending on what you need.  Tiger’s Eye unites the vibrant solar energy of the Solar Plexus, the spiritual wisdom of the third eye, and the grounding and safety of the root chakra.  You can pace it on any chakra to help energize and stabilize that chakra. or place it on the navel at the Solar Plexus Chakra to help balance and unite the upper and lower chakras.  Tiger’s Eye can also help with awakening and activation of Kundalini Energy.

Originally carried as a protective talisman, Tiger’s Eye is said to protect against curses, ill wishes, and the Evil Eye.  It can protect you from being the focus of someone’s anger, and also from your own anger becoming out of control as it helps you balance the anger with wisdom and grounding.

Tiger's Eye Gemstone Metaphysical MeaningTiger’s Eye can promote confidence and willpower – helping boost your self-esteem and believe in yourself.  It can help with goal setting and give the energy and follow through to accomplish ones goals.  Wear it or hold it when you need a boost of energy, Kundalini stimulation, or the need to “power through” a job or task.

Mentally, Tiger’s Eye helps to heal issues of self-worth, blocked creativity, depression, or “scatter brain”.  It can help to balance and focus the thoughts so you can see your true goal and come up with creative problem solving.  Tiger’s Eye will help provide clarity of intention, and to differentiate between what you really need vs what is wishful thinking.  It can help you recognize your own talents and abilities, and support you in making changes based on your own faults and weaknesses.  It can help stimulate the mind so it is great for studying, learning, active listening, and boosting your creativity.

Tiger’s Eye is said to help one overcome addiction, and combat depression or mood swings.

I hope you enjoy this outline about the many properties of Tiger’s Eye!

Blessed Be ~ Wendy


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