Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius – The Star

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The internet is abuzz with talks of the August eclipses – starting with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th and the Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st.  Solar Eclipses are always paired with a Lunar Eclipse in the opposite sign, and these two eclipses create a portal or doorway for powerful transformation and change to occur.

These coming eclipses are mirror images of the eclipses we had in February (at that time the Lunar eclipse was in Leo, followed by a Solar Eclipse over China in the sign of Aquarius).  Think of what was going on for you in February of this year – there were likely some big drastic personal changes.  Personally, these changes and transitions may still be unfolding.  Worldwide, China’s relationship with the United States was big in the news – Trump had initially taken a hard stance against China but in February we saw him concede to the One China ruling as well as some other interesting interactions between Trump and Xi Jinping.

So on Monday we enter The Lion’s Gate (what astrologers are calling the August eclipses)- are you ready for some powerful change?

Wendy’s Tips For The Eclipse Season:

  • Be aware of your feelings and emotions – particularly around “darkness” or the shadow self.  The eclipses will illuminate the shadow self and bring things to the surface.  It is best to face these things head on, but with patience and compassion.  You have an opportunity here for deep healing and transmutation.
  • Be aware of others acting out of ego or fear.  Everyone will pretty much be feeling like their personal crisis is the most important thing going on – and they are right!  For each of us, our personal conflicts will hold some deep truths that need to be noticed and heard.  Give your friends and family space to express themselves.  Holding space for each other to work through pain or powerful revelations will be a really important part of the work done at this time.
  • Follow your heart!  The Aquarius/Leo energy pairing is all about mind vs heart.  Aquarius is more “thinking” while Leo is more “feeling” but both really want the same thing – fellowship and love.  The Aquarius lunar eclipse will highlight ways we can GIVE, while the Leo solar eclipse will highlight how we RECEIVE.  Finding balance between giving and receiving will help you access the changes and transformations of this eclipse season with grace.

Narrowing in on the Lunar Eclipse coming on Monday, let’s examine some of the energies surrounding an Aquarius Full Moon.

Aquarius, aquarius full moon, aquarius lunar eclipse 2017

Aquarius is the Visionary sign of the Zodiac.  Supported and fed by this sign are the energies of Humanitarians, Activism, Loyalty, Sociability, Friendships, and Unconventional ways of thinking, etc.  Aquarius is represented by the Tarot Card “The Star” – which is the ultimate card of hopefulness for a bright future.  The Star brings hope and inspiration after the destruction of The Tower card.  Rebuilding with a sense of serenity, spiritual contentment, compassion, and creativity.  For this eclipse, think about what gives you Hope.  What inspires you to give back to others?  In what ways are you healing and inspiring others and providing nourishment to your community in meaningful ways?

The Star Tarot Card Meaning


For some, the eclipse may bring up feelings of discontentment.  You may find yourself feeling more relateble to the reversed meanings of this card… lack of faith, lack of creativity, hopeless, bored, disconnected.  If this is the case, don’t worry!  It’s just the eclipse doing it’s work with Shadow!  Allow yourself to look at these feelings with honesty and without judgment – and ask yourself what needs to be changed or realigned in your life that will allow you to feel hopeful, connected, and creative again.  Spend some time journaling or meditating through this.  (These feelings may arrive before the eclipse and last for several days after.)  Better yet, Talk. To. Your. Friends!  Aquarius energy is fed and supported by community and friendship above all!  Below I have included 3 tarot spreads I found on Pinterest that would be perfect to use around this Lunar Eclipse.  If you don’t read tarot, or would simply like someone else to do a reading for you, feel free to contact me!  I’ll be offering all three of these readings on a Sliding Scale for the next week! hestiasmuse@gmail.com

aquarius tarot spread

full moon aquarius tarot spread

lunar eclipse tarot spread, lunar eclipse 2017


Identifying Blocks in your Solar Plexus Chakra

The chakras are part of our Energy Body.  Energy passes through the chakras, which in turn influence the flow of energy though our bodies.  This energy flow and each chakra will affect our emotional, mental, and spiritual well being, as well as our physical organs, glands, and endocrine system.
Today we’ll look at The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as “Manipura” and examine how this chakra influences your body and your energy.  Identify if you have a blockage or imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra easily with this basic guide!

Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra


The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above the navel and beneath the rib cage.  You can visualize it as a bright yellow glowing orb, like a miniature sun glowing right at the core of your being.  Emotionally and Energetically, this chakra rules over the sense of self – your individuality and how you express yourself outwardly.  Physically this chakra rules over the adrenal gland and the digestive system.
Below are common symptoms of the balanced or imbalanced Manipura Chakra.

*The physical and emotional symptoms of each chakra are inter-related, and are both a cause and effect.  While physical symptoms of an imbalanced chakra might be a side effect of the imbalance, they might also be a cause of the imbalance.  Meditation and energy healing can help you work on healing the energetic flow of the chakra, and other steps may be needed to correct or control physical symptoms.  Always talk to a certified health care professional about any health problems or concerns.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Balanced Chakra

When The Solar Plexus is Balanced &  Healthy

When the Solar Plexus is well balanced and healthy, a person will be comfortable with their individuality and have a strong self esteem and confidence in their abilities.  They will have an easy going and relaxed attitude when around other people, easily connecting with others in a positive way.  They are neither too introverted or too extroverted, and their confidence doesn’t overdevelop into a superiority complex.  Generally when the Solar Plexus Chakra is well balanced it is easy to be warm and kind towards others and yourself, and one will have both the energy and motivation to carry out their responsibilities.
Physically the digestive system is healthy and regular, and the adrenal gland operates normally, neither being too active or under active.  One with a balanced solar plexus is not generally over dependent on stimulants such as caffeine.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Blocked Chakra, imbalanced chakra

Emotional and Spiritual signs of an imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra

If The Manipura Chakra is over-active, one may be overly competitive or aggressive, or have anger control issues.  Overactive Solar Plexus may also cause one to be an over-achiever, fixated on winning or being the very best at something no matter what the cost to themselves or others.  And “all or nothing” attitude an be present, as well as a “My way or the highway” state of mind that alienates others.  This over-activity of the Solar Plexus can also make someone become a control freak or power hungry.
When the Solar Plexus is blocked or under-active, a person will usually have a low self-esteem and generally be reclusive, shy, or have social anxiety.  One may lack in motivation or the confidence to go about daily tasks, and always question their self worth.  Lacking in the confidence to make decisions for themselves, because they question or overthink their own decisions and also find it difficult to trust in themselves or other people.  A Blocked Solar Plexus chakra is often found in people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or victims of abuse.  Therapy and meditations aimed at rebuilding confidence and trust can be very helpful.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Blocked Chakra, Imbalanced Chakra

Physical Signs of an Imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra

An under-active or blocked Solar Plexus chakra might be the result of (or cause of) slow digestion, constipation, adrenal gland disorders, fatigue, weight gain, and depression.
An over active Solar Plexus chakra might be indicated by gastrointestinal disorders or IBS, Weight Loss, Adrenal Gland disorder, Hyperactivity, aggression, or anxiety.
Proper diet, getting enough sunlight and vitamin D, getting enough sleep and exercise, and medications or vitamins to help heal or control the physical symptoms will help you re-balance the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Energy work such as Reiki can be helpful as well.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Affirmations, Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Choose one or two of these phrases and write them down.  You should say them to yourself frequently every day.  Repeat as a mantra for meditation, or say to yourself in the mirror every day.  Eventually the statement begins to feel true, and then it becomes true!

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Making Your Self Care More Balanced

You’ve seen me talking a lot about “Self Care” on my blog, website, and social media.  This is because I truly believe that taking these small moments to care for yourself on a regular basis are really important in today’s busy and stressful world.  Most of us spend a lot of time working just to survive, and caring for others.  It seems like there is precious little time for self care, and society somehow has taught us that any time spent not being productive is lazy or selfish.  (This is especially true in American society, though I know other cultures place more value in down time and relaxation.)  I spent many years focused on working and raising my kids, feeling guilty any time that I wasn’t busy or productive.  What did that get me?  I was angry a lot, stressed out all the time, and lacking in a true connection to Spirit and my Higher Self.  I was cut off from my intuition, and thus cut off from being able to see the magick in life all around me. self care, self care tips

Eventually this resulted in both my physical and mental health deteriorating – causing even more stress!  “You need to take care of yourself!” wise people would tell me.  But truthfully, I didn’t know how.  I thought I was taking care of myself . . . but eating and bathing and brushing my teeth just wasn’t enough.  What more did I need?  Vitamins?  Exercise? What really was “Self Care” at it’s core?

self care, meditation, yoga, spirituality, self care tips I spent some time exploring this concept and finding that for me, Self Care needed to be balanced in three different areas.  I needed Spiritual Self Care, Physical Self Care, and Fun or Pampering Self Care.  If I just did one of these but left out the other two then I wasn’t really taking care of my whole self and all the complex needs of human life!  Spiritual Self Care came in the form of Meditations, Tarot or Oracle Card Readings, and learning about the Spiritual and Metaphysical things that interested me. Basically taking time to connect with Spirit, and develop my Spiritual Practice.  The Physical Self Care came by doing something that was healthy for me – exploring different herbal remedies and teas or tinctures, yoga practices, or making sure I was getting enough sleep.

Of course the basic self care of things like bathing, brushing my teeth, drinking water, etc needed to be included too.  For some people these things come easier, but if you have ever battled with clinical depression or anxiety you will understand that sometimes even these basic things get pushed aside and neglected.  Finally, the Fun, or Pampering kind of Self Care is needed too.  This is the kind of Self Care that people think of the most often, but also the kind that an be seen as selfish or a waste of time.  (I think part of that is because a lot of these self care practices have been sensationalized by capitalism and tend to be rather expensive.  Just think of how much it can cost to get a massage, get your hair or nails done, or spend time at a fancy Spa.)  There is also a tendency to think of these things as frivolous or a form of vanity – especially when the media is always pushing these stereotypical images of rich girls going to the salon; girls who are also in some way vapid, selfish, and vain.  This stereotype has made these acts of self care seem taboo or just silly to many working class Americans, but to be honest we all crave these activities on some level too.  This is because we really do need these occasional “treat yo’ self” moments!  We don’t have to shell out the big bucks at a salon or spa to do these things though.  We can take a nice relaxing bath at home, wear some fuzzy socks, drink some yummy tea and paint our fingernails for the same effect.  The thought I used to have was, “I don’t have time for that.”  That’s the trap though, because it doesn’t matter exactly what you do for Pampering – it’s the act of taking time for yourself that really makes a difference!

self care, self care tips, relaxation, stress relief tipsWhen you take the time to incorporate these three kinds of self care into your life on a regular basis, you are saying to yourself, “I am worth spending time with.  I am worthy of love and attention.” You are giving equal value to your Spirit, your Body, and your Self and in that way you are getting a more well-rounded and balanced picture of who you are and what you need.  You’ll still need to work and take care of others as you did before, but you’re more present and more energized for those activities, because you’ve taken time to recharge your batteries.  Not just the physical batteries that recharge with sleep and food.  But all the other parts of your being that need to be recharged too.

self care, tarot card reading, oracle card readingThe thing is, it took me a long time to figure this out, and even then I needed some guidance along the way.  Something to focus on helped, if I had a theme, or a specific challenge to work on or a goal for my self care.  Having accountability, or friends to cheer me on really helped too. I ended up wanting to help others with this self care in some way so I started reading cards professionally.  I also learned Reiki so I could help others with Energy Healing, and I sell and make other Self-care focused items like soaps, bath bombs, and mala necklaces for meditation.  Recently I was inspired!  I was thinking about all these things and how together, they could make a really complete Self Care package.  I know there are people out there like me, who know the importance of self care but may just need that little bit of inspiration and motivation to really take their self care deeper and touch on all three of these main areas each month.

That’s how I was inspired to bring you these Self Care subscription Boxes every month!  Including a card reading and some kind of meditation or ritual each month, along with some tools for Pampering and self care like a Bath Bomb, herbal tea, and possibly more, I want to offer you a well rounded package to help you take your Self Care deeper.  So I’ll be offering four different size packages each month.  You can decide what size package you want each month – or even to order at all that month!  You’ll get your personal card reading (by email) and then your package with other goodies that will encourage you and inspire you to spend some quality time with yourself!

I’ll have a fun spiritual theme every month, and special info to help you get the most out of your self care package!  So what do you say?  Are you ready to join me?

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5 Basic Tips for Reiki Students and Practitioners

5 Basic Tips to improve your meditation practice – for Reiki Students and Practitioners of any level!

1. Make time for meditation daily.

Meditation should be a core part of your lifestyle if you are a Reiki student or practitioner of any level. Taking time each day to tune in to your own body, observe your feelings and the flow of energy – this not only helps you be more in the flow of Reiki, but it is also crucial self care for any Light Worker. The type of meditation you do is up to you, and there really isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate! Just find what works best for you and be consistent!

2. Five minutes of meditation is better than not meditating at all!

Life happens, and it would be unrealistic to expect that your life will be predictable every day! So you might set your intention to meditate for 30 minutes a day – but eventually you will hit a day when this just feels impossible! Rather than skip a day completely, just scale back your time. Five minutes to check in with your Energy and get grounded. Heck, even two minutes of focused breathing! Once you skip a day, it is that much easier to skip another day, then the next day and the next…. But if you at least do the minimum, you’re more likely to see this time grow and get back into the swing of things!

3. Fake It Till You Make It!

“I’m just not good at meditating! I get distracted so easily. My mind is too busy, I can’t just turn it off!”  Does this sound familiar? Many people feel this way, you’re not alone! They key is – don’t give up! So what if you got distracted. So your mind wandered. Okay. Notice it, acknowledge that it happened, but don’t beat yourself up. Just resume meditating. Keep sitting there, going through the motions. If you sat on your cushion for 15 minutes, but only really meditated for 5 minutes (and the other 10 were distracted)… its okay! You still sat on your cushion for 15 minutes. Eventually you find you are spending more of your time sitting in meditation, and less of it being distracted. Fake It Till You Make It!

4. Create A Sacred Space in your home.

If you have a certain area that is designated only for meditation and Reiki, you will have an easier time meditating daily. Decorate this area with things that help you feel peaceful and relaxed. Crystals, candles, essential oils, spiritual items, etc. Keep this area clean and organized to avoid excuses for not using it. If you just meditate anywhere in your home, you are more likely to be distracted. Your bed is associated with sleep… and while it is okay to meditate at bedtime, the goal of daily meditations is not to fall asleep but remain awake. If you only meditate in bed you will start to associate meditation with sleep. If you meditate in the same place you pay your bills or do your homework, your mind will probably wander to bills and homework while you are trying to meditate. If you try to meditate on the couch where you also watch TV,  you might start thinking about your favorite show instead of meditating! You get the point. If you have one area dedicated only to meditation, then after using it consistently you train your brain to know, “when I am in this space, it is time to meditate.” Eventually when meditation is easier for you, you can meditate anywhere! But for the beginner who is trying to meditate daily, this tip really helps!

5. Keep a journal.

Write down your experiences. Record your successes, as well as the days meditation was harder. You can also track things like stress levels, health, your diet and exercise, etc. You will eventually start to notice some patterns that can help you understand yourself. For example you might notice meditation is easier for you at a certain time of day, or on days you have had enough excersize. You may find you have difficulty meditating too soon after ingesting caffeine or sugar. Women may discover there is a certain time of the month that your meditations naturally go deeper – and another time of the month that you just can’t seem to sit still for very long! All of these are important clues on your journey of self discovery and energy work. As you understand and notice the natural ebb and flow of energy in your personal life, you will begin to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. This will make you a better Healer and Reiki practitioner, as you will be able to set boundaries for yourself and others. Example, you’ve noticed it is harder for you to meditate the week after your menstrual cycle. Perhaps when your friend wants to schedule a Healing Session, you will know that’s probably not the best week for you to send energy, so you schedule for a few days later. You notice that your Energy is scattered if you have had caffeine within the last two hours. So when you have a Healing session scheduled,  you avoid caffeine for at least two and a half hours before your session. In this way, tracking your meditation with journaling can be extremely beneficial for Reiki Practitioners – not just for yourself, but for others!

I hope these tips help you with your Reiki practice! What other tips do you have? Share in a comment below! Meditation, meditation tips, Reiki, Reiki Tips, Reiki Course, Reiki Student, Reiki practioner, how to meditate

Meditation With Taurus

The sun is in Taurus from April 20th to May 20th and whether you are an astrological Taurus or not, this can be a good time to explore Taurus energy within your life.

Taurus Energy Profile:
Polarity: Yin, Receptive
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus (Beauty, Arts, Pleasure, Romance)
Astrological House: 2nd House (House of Money and Possessions)
Symbol: The Bull (strong, stubborn, protective, also gentle)
Tarot Cards: The Hierophant (Taurus) and The Empress (Venus)
Key Phrase: “I HAVE”

Taurus Key Words:
Affectionate, patient, stable, determined, practical, stubborn, resistant to change, sensuous, loyal, possessive, materialistic, preserving, established, reliable.

Ideas and Tools for your Taurus Meditation:
You may want to accentuate your Taurus Meditation with some of the following.  These can be placed on your meditation altar or around your bath tub if you are meditating in the bath.

Taurus, Venus, Astrology, Altar, Tarot Cards, meditation
my altar set up for meditation with Taurus and Venus
  • the beginnings of my Taurus Altar.
  • A journal and pen to write down your thoughts or experiences
  • Light Blue or Pale Green Candles
  • Image of a Bull or small figurine of a Bull
  • Image or figurine of the Goddess of Beauty, Venus
  • Flowers: Roses, Violet, Poppy, Honeysuckle or Apple Blossom
  • Incense or Essential oil of any of the above scents
  • The Major Arcana Tarot Cards of The Hierophant and The Empress
  • Gemstones: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine
  • This Taurus Bath Bomb if you are meditating in the Bath
Taurus,  Astrology, bath bomb, Green Aventurine
Taurus bath bomb with Green Aventurine gemstone inside

For your meditation, you can simply relax and think about the energies of Taurus and how you relate to those energies.  Do you relate to any of the key words in the Taurus Energy Profile?  Do you need to be more like a Taurus in some areas of your life?  Or could you perhaps be less like a Taurus in some ways?
Think about and listen to the messages of The Hierophant and The Empress.  The Hierophant cherishes structures and institutions, and he’ll protect these if necessary. He asks us to recognize that life, knowledge, and society is preserved within certain structures or institutions, and he looks to the past and his elders for guidance.  The Hierophant also values money and the process of gaining and saving wealth.  The Empress on the other hand finds value in things that are beautiful, artistic, and sensual.  The Empress is guided by her senses and seeks out things which bring her pleasure.  (Taurus can tend to be self-indulgent and often deal with addictions, cravings, or emotional eating).  What do these two cards have to teach you?  How do these two cards interact with each other and change each other, if the aspects were melded into one?

The energy of Taurus always reminds me of the Cartoon, “Ferdinand The Bull”.  Taurus has that sensual vibe of venus, and would love to spend their day relaxing in the sun and smelling flowers.  They don’t really like change, and will resist changes in their life – especially if these changes result in less time for them to do what they really enjoy.  Taurus isn’t really violent or angry – they won’t instigate conflict (because that’s not relaxing and doesn’t feel good!)  However, if they are provoked, they will react!  And then the offender better watch out!  Because if you have disturbed the Bull’s harmony, family, partner, or feelings of security they will trample you.  (And then go right back to enjoying their nap in the sun, smelling the flowers)

Tarot Card, The Empress Tarot Card, Meaning of The Empress Tarot Card, The Empress Tarot Card Astrology Tarot Card, Tarot, The Hierophant Tarot, Meaning of The Hierophant Tarot Card, The Hierophant Astrology

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and Journal about as you explore the energy of Taurus.
Journal With The Hierophant:
What rule or law do you feel you have transgressed?  How are you holding yourself accountable? Or who around you do you feel has broken a law or rule, and how do you hold them accountable for that? What traditions are you upholding? Why? What traditions or institutions are you rebelling against, and why?  What are you learning or what would you like to learn more about?
Journal with The Empress:
How are you indulging your senses?  Are you over-indulging or becoming dependent on something that feels good?  Do you need to pamper yourself or indulge your senses a bit more?  Who is inspiring or nurturing you?  Are you inspiring and nurturing others?  What creative projects are you working on?

Taurus, Astrology, Taurus Astrology, Astrology Reading, Astrology Chart

Want to take your Taurus Meditations even deeper?  You can order this in depth Tarot and Astrology Reading from me!  Explore the energy of Taurus and Venus in your life – whether you are a Taurus or not! A 7 card Tarot reading detailing how you relate to Taurus energies in your life, such as Sensuality, Money and Possessions, Creative Talents, Patience and Stability, and Jealousy. I will also look at your Astrological Chart to see what aspects of your life are most impacted by the energy of Taurus and Venus. This astrology reading will look at your 2nd house, planets that are in Taurus, the placement of Venus in your chart, and any important aspects to Venus or Taurus. Includes affirmations and Journal prompts for you to use for personal development, and a free bonus of digital coloring pages that you can print out to color as a meditation and creative release.  Order Now!

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The Perfect Lavender Bedtime Routine!

Oh lovely Lavender!  Lavender flowers and essential oils have so many benefits and are certainly among my favorite plant.  It is widely recognized as a relaxing and calming scent and recommended often as aromatherapy treatment for anxiety and insomnia.  (With scientific based studies backing up the claim that it helps slow the heart rate and promote better sleep)  For sleep, improved mood, and decreased anxiety or nervous tension, Lavender has been proven to significantly promote relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system, reduce heart rate, reduce pain levels, and improve cognitive function.

There are other perhaps less well known benefits to lavender as well.  It has also shown to be beneficial to the skin as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which can help soothe, protect, and heal the skin and even help treat and prevent acne.  Lavender can help improve digestion, restore hormonal imbalances, improve urinary tract function, reduce muscle pain, and it is even a natural bug repellent! (Read this article for more details.)

I love nothing more than Lavender aromatherapy before bed time to help me wind down and prepare for sleep.  I thought I would share with you the “Ultimate” Lavender Bedtime experience that you can have at home!  (This would be my ideal Lavender Pampering Routine, though I may not do all the steps included here all the time, so pick and choose what you’d like to try!)

I would begin by putting some lavender essential oil in a diffuser in my bedroom (or light some lavender incense) so that my bedroom will smell nice and lavender-y when I am done with my bath or shower.  Jade Bloom has a fantastic Lavender essential oil.  A couple drops on your pillow case are a nice touch as well (or add a few drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle of water and lightly mist your sheets and pillow).

Grab your favorite clean pair of pajamas, you can even spray a light mist of water with lavender oil onto your pj’s to have them smelling nice too.  (Pro Tip – Put a couple drops of lavender essential oil on a clean sock and put it in the dryer with your load of laundry!  It will make your whole load of clothes smell like lavender!)

Get some hot water going and a tea cup for your favorite bedtime tea!  For the ultimate Lavender bedtime experience I would use Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Lavender tea (yum!)  I usually get my tea ready before my bath or shower so it can steep and be ready for me to drink afterwards.   I use a thermos style mug with a lid so it stays warm.

When you’re ready for your shower or bath, grab your Field Better Soon Chunk Bar from Perfectly Posh.  I love this chunk bar so much!  It’s a BIG, vegan bar of soap made with Palm Kernel Oil, Glycerin, Lavender essential oil, lavender flowers, and oatmeal.  I don’t leave mine in the shower or edge of the tub, it will last longer if you take it out and store it in a cool dry place between uses.  In the shower or bath, I use a Shower Pouf sponge with the chunk bar and it makes SO MUCH foamy lather!  Wash from head to toe including your face and let the lavender and oatmeal soothe and calm the skin while the relaxing aroma helps calm your senses.  Your skin wil be so soft and nourished from this amazing chunk bar.  If you shave, you can use the chunk bar for that too!  Just use the lather from the soap instead of shaving cream and you’ll get a nice smooth shave every time.

If you are taking a bath and not a shower, check out these Lavender Bath Bombs hand made by yours truly!  With nourishing mineral oil, and skin softening epsom salts this bath bomb makes your bath water silky soft.  Loaded with pure Lavender Essential Oil and some glitter just for fun, this takes your Lavender bath experience to the next level!

If you have a favorite lavender scented shampoo and conditioner, you could add that to this routine too.  I love layering on the lavender scent in every possible way, so that’s just an idea if you are going for the Ultimate Lavender experience!  If you don’t have that, just use your regular shampoo and conditioner.

The next step comes after your shower or bath, but before you dry off! Good Hydrations In Shower Body lotion is a really unique moisturizer!  It is a lotion that works best when applied to wet skin!  Did I mention it is Lavender scented?  This concentrated and thick body lotion has coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, and lavender essential oil to nourish your skin and lock in all the moisture from your bath or shower.  The warm water has opened up your pores to let all the goodness in, so grab this lotion before you grab your towel!  Smooth generously all over for baby soft skin and another blast of lavender aromatherapy – you’ll feel pretty close to lavender bliss at this point!

Now you can grab your towel and dry off, dry your hair  (I blow dry my hair so I don’t get cold in bed with wet hair) and put on your favorite pajamas you had selected.  Mine are a lavender purple fleece pair of pajamas and yes, I am that person who wants to wear the color lavender to match the lavender scent of my pampering night!  Once you are dry, you’ll want to make sure you pamper your face with a nice face creme or moisturizing oil, since the Good Hydrations was a body lotion but not a face lotion. A face moisturizer is a great compliment to your daily face care rourtine as it helps improve elasticity, prevents premature aging, keeps the skin on your face from drying out, and actual helps balance the natural oils in your skin to prevent acne and correct overly oily skin.   Night & Day You Are The One is an amazing vegan facial moisturizer with Aloe Vera, Lavender essential oil, glycerin, and olive oil.  You can smooth just a tiny amount of this on your face before bed and let those healing ingredients do thier work while you sleep! Or you might like Call It A Night Nighttime Face oil.  This face oil is a blend of essential oils and botanical extracts perfectly blended to create the perfect gentle overnight moisturizer for the delicate skin on your face.  With ingredients like Evening Primrose oil, rosemary, lime, lavender, jojoba, ginger root, and sunflower seed oil, a small amount of this oil spread over your face before bed will soak into your pores overnight for extra smooth, healed skin in the morning.

Now you’re all Lavender blissed out and probably feeling cozy and relaxed, ready for bed!  Your tea is waiting for you, and your bedroom should be filled with nice lavender scent from the incense or oil diffuser you started before your shower.  Here is just one more thing you might like to use before you crawl into bed (I actually like to keep mine right next to my bed!)
It’s the Sleepy Sleep Skin stick!  This is a solid lotion bar of shea butter, beeswax, and Lavender Essential oil.  You can slide the stick over any dry patches of skin, on the bottoms of your feet, on your pulse points, over your forehead and temples, or on your chest.  The lavender scent will slowly release with the warmth of your body, and it will soak into your skin to soothe away muscle pain, dry skin, and help you relax even further down into a peaceful night’s sleep.  You can also apply the skin stick during the day any time you are feeling anxious and just need a little lavender to help calm you.  Great for kids and babies too, as a safe and natural lotion to hep them relax before bed or a nap.

Crawl into bed with your tea and your book, and enjoy the time that you are feeling so relaxed before you drift off to sleep!
* I do hope you will try out some of these products (or go “ultimate” and try them all)!  You deserve to have a night of pampered Lavender Bliss, and with these products you could have a great many nights like this one!  Orders from Perfectly Posh help support me directly too – as an independent consultant I get paid a commission for your orders!  This is used for regular life stuff like helping me pay the bills and feed the kids, so that’s another way reason you can feel good about this purchase!  Just make sure you use the links provided in this blog post, and it should show “Wendy McDowell” as your consultant on the Posh website!  You also support me directly with orders from my Etsy shop (such as the bath bomb listed above)

Spring Cleaning for Witches & Pagans

Confession time: I hate cleaning house.  Or at least, I hate cleaning house when it is just for no other purpose but to clean the house.  I need a better reason to clean, which is why I have found creating rituals and building a spiritual practice around my housework makes it much more rewarding.  When I remind myself that there are energetic and spiritual benefits to doing these “chores” I am much more likely to get them done.  So here I will share with you a few key concepts and ideas that help motivate me when it comes to Spring Cleaning.

With the season of spring comes a refreshed energy vibration that often leaves many people feeling the need to start new projects and ventures.  As a Pagan observing the Wheel of The Year, the Spring Sabbats such as Imbolc and Beltane can fill my mind with sometimes lofty dreams about my goals for the future.  After months of rain and cold weather, I will often feel like I am waking up from a long slumber – and I’m suddenly hyper aware of the state of my house.  Where did all this stuff come from?

Connect With Your Ancestors.  The sudden need to purge and refresh the home isn’t new or modern.  “Spring Cleaning” is a practice that can be traced back many years to our ancestors of almost all cultures.  The tendency towards hoarding and saving things in your home can probably be traced back to some basic survival instincts of our ancestors,  along with the process of then emptying out the store houses and preparing the home for busier spring and summer work projects.  Opening up the shutters and letting in fresh air was a welcome change after long and dark winter months.   Use your time cleaning to intentionally connect with your ancestors and the changing of the seasons, embracing the time of spring as a time to refresh, renew, and bless your living space for future months.

Removing Stagnant Energy.  Energy flows freely throughout your home and while smudging with sage or other energetic clearing practices can be beneficial, just the act of moving things around can help break up stagnant energy.  You’ve probably spent more time indoors during the winter, and remnants of your shifting moods have gotten “stuck” on objects around your home.  Piles of clutter can create something like a black hole or vortex of negative energy. Need to change the energy in a room?  Straighten up, get rid of some clutter, and move at least 7 things around the room to different locations.  (for example try the lamp on the other side of the desk, move some pictures on the walls to different places, and move your favorite decorative cat to a different location in the room.) You will immediately feel a shift in the energy flow in that room.  Follow up with some smudging with sage and the ringing of a bell to help purify the space.  If the room needs a BIG energy shift, rearrange the furniture and get rid of as much clutter as possible.

Ritualize a Cleaning Project. You may have that one project you have been putting off: cleaning out the closet or the desk drawers that have just become a place where stuff gets shoved when no one wants to put it away or knows where to put it.  Try to look at this project from a different perspective.  What do you wish this space could be used for?  Do you want your desk to be a place where you work on your home budget, homework, or running your small business?  Set this as your intention.  Now, which God or Goddess do you want to call on to help you with this goal?  Is there a certain Deity you will work with if you are a student, or one that you will call on to help your business be more successful?  Gather the tools and offerings you will need to work with this chosen Deity and then create a ritual around the work you will do.  In many cases, the work itself can be the offering – as you spend your time cleaning this space and turning it into a more effective space for its chosen purpose, this work is your devotional offering to your chosen Deity.  (If it is cleaning a child’s bedroom, you may wish to work with a Mother Goddess such as Demeter.  For a couple’s master bedroom maybe a God or Goddess of Love would be chosen, etc.)  Once you have gathered your supplies and created your ritual, you can cast your circle as usual, expanding the circle to include the space you will be cleaning.  Then just go about your cleaning project, staying mindful and focused on your intention and devotion while you work.  Try to remove anything that doesn’t fit with the intended purpose of this space.  If the project will take more than one day, just close the circle each time you are done for the day, and open it again when you have time to continue.  When you have completed your project, devote the space to your chosen Deity and ask them to bless the space for it’s intended purpose.  This may also help motivate you to keep the area clean and clutter free as it is now more than just a desk or a bedroom, but also serves as a shrine and an area with a purpose.  Perhaps decorate the area with an object that is related to this Deity in some way as a visual reminder of the work you have done to honor them and the blessing you have asked for.

I hope these ideas have you excited for taking on your Spring Cleaning projects (though they are certainly not limited to the spring season and can be implemented at any time!)

JOIN ME for a Mercury Retrograde Decluttering Challenge!  Sign Up Now to get a simple daily challenge delivered to your email and we’ll embrace the Mercury Retrograde energy or review, release and renewal by getting rid of clutter in our homes, one day at a time!  Starting Monday, April 10th!


Deal Of The Week 3/20 – 3/26

Spring Equinox Tarot and Oracle Card Reading
The Vernal Equinox is a great time for setting new goals, starting over, and evaluating your dreams for the future. What seeds are you planting in your life as you move into spring? What patterns or energies do you need to let go of to “weed out of the garden”? What energies do you need to bring into your life to “fertilize the soil”? We will examine these concepts in a multi-deck reading. I will use The Fairy Tarot and the Earth Magic Oracle cards to conduct your reading. After chatting with you via email or instant messenger, I will consult the cards and write your full reading in a report which I will send to your email, complete with pictures of the cards!
I am so honored to help you take an in depth look at your current path and to share insights for you to be able to move forward with clarity and empowerment. Blessed Be! Happy Spring Equinox!


Good Hydrations In-shower Lotion

$1.00 off this amazing Lavender Body lotion this week only!  Warm water from your shower or bath opens up your pores so they soak up all the nutrients from this lotion.  It is very concentrated, so you spread it on while your skin is still wet!  Soothing scent of lavender relaxes your senses, while coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and Cupuaçu butter soften, heal, and moisturize your skin.
Grab yours today here – https://wendyjoe.po.sh/good-hydrations-shower-lotion

The Kitchen as a Sacred Space? YES!

This week on my facebook page and instagram page you may have seen my “Room Of The Week” posts that have been focused on The Kitchen.  While our modern kitchen is a far stretch away from our ancestor’s kitchens, we can struggle to see it as the “Hearth” of a home.  Without the open fire, is the kitchen still a Hearth?  My answer is yes.  Much of our daily life is still centered around this part of our home where we store food, prepare food, and wash the dishes.  Some people might feel that the Oven is their new Hearth, while others may find it to be the Kitchen sink – or even just the kitchen as a whole.  For someone who is spiritually minded (meaning spiritual but not pinning this down to just one religion or spiritual path)  The kitchen can be seen as a room of nourishment and healing, as well as alchemy and devotion. We find nourishment for our bodies (and also for those cravings that feed our spirit) We can cook up a batch of soup for a sick family member, or comfort food to take to someone who is grieving.  We watch as magic-like alchemy takes place in pots on the stovetop and rising dough on the countertop.  We can also express a form of devotion and commitment to our home and family by cleaning the kitchen.

I asked everyone on Sunday to determine what their kitchen needs most in order to begin feeling like a sacred space.  Does it need to be Decluttered?  (That’s where I am starting and recommend If you have too much stuff in your kitchen or many things that don’t belong there.)  Or you could be at the Organizing Stage, where “too much stuff” isn’t the problem as much as “where does it go”?  Finally, if your kitchen is already clutter free and organized, you can move on to Deep Cleaning – these are the tasks you don’t do every day like cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the small appliances and backs of cabinets, etc.

When your kitchen is cleaner and more organized it is much easier to connect with it as a sacred space.  Clutter or mess causes stress and blocks our intuitive guidance.

Here is part of a blog post I wrote in 2015 (from the post titled “Starting Over”

“Confession Time; I’m a horrible housekeeper.
Ironic, since my Matron Goddess is Hestia – Keeper of the Hearth.  But this is exactly why She’s my Matron; I return to her when I need the motivation to care for my home properly.  She reminds me that caring for my household is a great act of Love – for myself and for my family.

In mythology, Hestia volunteered to keep watch over the Fire of the Gods.  Instead of returning to Olympus with her brothers and sisters to reign and rule, she chose a life of service; keeping the Fire of the Gods lit and tended.  In ancient times it was important to keep the hearth fire of the home lit and ready at all times.  It was the source of heat, light, cooking, and other preparations and activities that went on through the day.  If the fire went out or was untended and dwindled – precious time would be needed to get it going again; time that could have been used being more productive.  One never knew when the fire would be needed, so it was best to keep it steadily going.  As Hestia watched over the Fire of The Gods in this way, she became the Goddess of The Hearth and Home, representing the service of the housekeepers that blessed the household and kept it running smoothly.  

In our modern world, we don’t need to keep a fire lit in our homes at all times.  Yet we do take actions that keep the household running smoothly and keep our family safe, fed, and protected.  Paying the electric bill.  Preparing the meals.  Cleaning and Maintaining the home.  Hestia reminds me that these acts of service are a loving choice I make for my family – not an evil chore that I am tied down to or required to do as a slave, but an act of love.”

….. and continued….

“My starting point is the Kitchen Sink.  As I mentioned, we don’t really have a “Hearth” in modern homes.  Even homes that have a fireplace – that fireplace Hearth does not necessarily play the role of center of the home.  So what place in the home does serve as the central focus?  For me, it’s the Kitchen Sink.  This is probably because of FlyLady’s teachings of Starting with the Kitchen Sink.  Her theory is that if you keep your kitchen sink shiny, the rest comes easier.  It’s easier to keep up with the dishes if you’re not letting them pile up.  It’s easier to be motivated to keep the rest of the kitchen clean and shiny if the sink is clean and shiny.  It’s easier to be motivated to keep the other rooms of the house clean if the kitchen is clean.  Then the other things you need to do come easier too, because you don’t have to clean before you cook, or you don’t have to clean up the living room just because you want to sit down and relax.  In theory, if you keep your kitchen sink shiny, the rest will fall into place (it still takes work, but that’s the basic idea)  You can read FlyLady’s Kitchen Sink lesson HERE

So for me, the kitchen sink is becoming my “Hearth Fire”.  It is the place to focus on, it is the place to start and the place to end.  Hestia is considered ‘The First and The Last” and it was traditional to honor her first thing every morning and the last thing every night.  Incidentally – FlyLady says to shine the kitchen sink first thing every morning and the last thing every night.  So this just works!  ”

So thinking of the kitchen as a central focus of our home, we absolutely must also think of it as a sacred space.  It can’t really be one and not the other.  So as we have done in other rooms, we can Clear The Space and make sure that our kitchen is filled with things that serve a purpose or match our intention for that space.  You can read my full post on How to Declutter your home with a spiritual intention here – Clutter As A Block To Spiritual Flow. and make sure you follow my facebook page for some more tips and challenges through the week!

Self Care Sunday – Stay Gold

It is late afternoon on a Sunday this first day of the New Year.  On Sundays I like to set aside some time for self care and relaxation with intentions of nurturing my spirit, mind, and body.

My card of the day (shared daily on my facebook page and instagram) was The Calendar from The Kitchen Tarot (which is Major Arcana 18 THE MOON) and so today I have worked on filling out my new 2017 weekly planner.  I have taken some time to schedule out my work, housekeeping and also some self care activites. Our intuition can be way off kilter if we don’t take time for rest and self care!
I am thinking I will spend some time this evening coloring this picture of The Wheel of the Year Tarot Card.  Numerologically, 2017 is a “10” year so this is our collective Card of The Year.  A lot may be left to chance but there will be some opportunities for great luck and expansion through this year!  But you have to play to win, and sometimes there will be losses or upsets.  I’ll allow my mind to wander and relax on the themes and symbols of this card as I color…. which will also nourish my spirit’s need for creativity!  I’ll have a hot cup of chamomile by mu side and some relaxing music in headphones…..
Later this evening, before bed I am going to have some pampering self care!  I am going to use this moisturizing face mask called “Stay Gold” – this cold winter weather is threatening to dry out my skin!  This face mask moisturizes and heals with Tumeric, Milk, Honey, and Lemon and is so nourishing on my skin!I wash my face and apply this to clean, dry face and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse it off.  I will follow up with the “Good As Gold” skin stick – which has shea butter, beeswax, argan oil, pear and apple extract, and other nourishing ingredients that both help lock in moisture and fight the signs of aging by improving skin glow and elasticity.  I love using it as an overnight face moisturizer!  If you want to try these out and add them to your own self-care routine you can help support my small business here – www.perfectlyposh.com/wendyjoe
I hope you all have had a great start to 2017, and wish you a very happy New Year!  Take some time tonite or this week for some self care!  You Deserve It!