Usui Reiki Level 1 Course

Usui Reiki Level 1 Course and Attunement

Online Reiki Course starting October 9, 2017
Deadline to enroll is October 8, 2017
Only FIVE spots available, Enroll now to ensure your place!
Are you ready to begin your Reiki Journey? 

Online Reiki Course, Online Reiki Training, Reiki Course Olympia, Reiki Course Seattle, Usui Reiki Level 1 Course, Reiki Attunement         Are you seeking a spiritual journey to become more in tune with your Higher Self?  Ready to begin the healing work on yourself for the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of life so that you can then share this healing with those closest to you?  Are you an empath or intuitive person who has felt a calling to Energy Worker or Light Worker and want to receive training and certification in Reiki to help yourself and others?

If you answered yes to the above, you are ready to take your healing work, energy work, and meditations to the next level and this self-paced online Reiki Course is going to be perfect for you!

This course is a Combination of a class and a Personal Spiritual Coaching series.  Allow me to be your guide on this spiritual journey where I have broken down all you need to know about Reiki Level 1 (or The First Degree) into simple daily lessons and meditations that span over a four week period.  You will receive Reiki healing sessions and card readings from me, designed to help you along your path of learning and self-healing.  You will also receive all the official training to become proficient at sending Reiki healing to yourself, loved ones, friends, pets, and the planet.  I have broken this course down into a four-week program so as to not be too overwhelming and give you time to process all the information more fully, and connect with yourself, your body, and your spirit in a deeper way alongside your Reiki Attunement.  You are welcome to take more than 4 weeks to go through the course, as I understand sometimes life gets hectic and you might need more time.  We’ll be flexible and communicate openly to find what best works for you!

What makes this Reiki Course different from others? 

Reiki Class, Online Reiki Course, Online Reiki Training, Reiki Course Olympia, Reiki Course Seattle, Usui Reiki Level 1 Course, Reiki Attunement        I aim to offer a more inclusive and personalized approach to your Reiki training, including your own Reiki Healing sessions and card readings as your Spiritual Life Coach while you learn.  If you search for other Reiki training and attunements, you will find that most are offered as a one to two day training program.  For in-person training you will generally find a Reiki Master in your area that is offering a workshop and you will meet them at a bookstore or community center, usually with a few other people.  You will spend the day with them and they will give you the basic information about what Reiki is and how to use it, and then they will give you your attunement.  This in-person Reiki training is usually around $150 for Usui Reiki Level 1.  If you find an online Reiki Teacher it is generally less expensive (around $20 to $50), and they will generally send you a .pdf file of the Reiki Manual for you to read, and then schedule your distant attunement for a time after you have read through the manual.        Both those kinds of courses are valid and useful, and the Reiki Master will generally tell you that they are available if you have any questions – but if you don’t know them personally it can be hard to reach out and ask.  In my experience (I have taken both kinds of classes), I felt like there was something lacking.  I wanted more from my training than just the attunement and basic information.  In the weeks after my attunement I was reading as many books as I could find on Reiki, but the books couldn’t address the personal changes and shifts I could feel happening inside me as I practiced Reiki on my own.  I didn’t have a personal relationship with my teachers that made me feel comfortable reaching out and asking for help. (To clarify, both my teachers were wonderful and I am so grateful for them!  These are not complaints about them; but just what I felt like I needed in my training, and found that these are the most common formats for Reiki classes.  I felt inspired to offer something different!)  Your Reiki attunement and the process of beginning to use Reiki on yourself and others creates a vibrational shift in your life, and it’s a journey that you don’t have to take by yourself!
For each day you will have a small amount of reading, and then a meditation which will grow to become your core Reiki practice.  I have broken down the information from your Reiki Manual into “bite sized” chunks that give you time to fully absorb the information and incorporate it into your own life.  You will get a Reading and Reiki Session in the first week, followed by a Reading and your Attunement in your second week, and one more Reading and Reiki session in your third or fourth week,  (these can always be spaced out more if you are taking longer with the course, and we will communicate regularly to talk about how things are going.)  You will also have access to my private Facebook group with other Reiki students.  Some will be taking the course along with you, and others have already completed the course.  You are all encouraged to talk to each other and discuss what you are learning and experiencing.

Are You Ready?  You have found yourself here, reading this information probably because you have felt drawn to learning Reiki for a long time.  Before, perhaps you couldn’t find a teacher in your area, or you had financial restraints holding you back.  Or perhaps you worried that Reiki wasn’t for you, telling yourself that all these Reiki Practitioners must be people who really have their life together!  I’m here to tell you, Reiki is for anyone and everyone!  My goal was to create a course that is affordable and accessible no matter what your lifestyle – but to also create a course that is personalized and more supportive of you and your spiritual journey.  I hope you will join me in this unique opportunity for you to learn Reiki with this self-paced course and Spiritual Coaching package!

The next course session will begin on July 3rd, 2017.  I am limiting this course to TEN students per session, so act now to enroll and guarantee your spot in the class!

Course is only $75.00!  This includes 3 Readings, Two Reiki Healing Sessions, Your Attunement, Email course, Reiki Manual, and Access to the Private Facebook Group!  You can take this course from anywhere in the world as your Readings, Reiki sessions, and attunement can all be done as distance sessions no matter where you are!

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Online Reiki Course, Online Reiki Training, Reiki Course Olympia, Reiki Course Seattle, Usui Reiki Level 1 Course, Reiki Attunement, Reiki Class, Online Reiki Class, Reiki Healing Association
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Online Reiki Course, Online Reiki Training, Reiki Course Olympia, Reiki Course Seattle, Usui Reiki Level 1 Course, Reiki Attunement, Reiki Class, Online Reiki Class

Reviews form students who have taken this course:

Zach Smith says:
“I am a distant student of Hestia’s Muse Energy Healing Academy and I completed the Reiki Level 1 course and enjoyed it quite well.  I love Wendy as a teacher, she shares wonderful tips on getting Reiki integrated into our daily lives: providing a variety of resources for various learning styles with uploaded videos.  One may be skeptical on distant sessions – not all feel the same to each individual of course, it is always better in person but it really is no different in the effectiveness of the attunement or even maintenance work.  I would recommend this course through Hestia’s Muse Healing Academy to everyone showing interest or looking for recommendations!”


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