Faery Reiki Healing Session

Faery Reiki Healing Session*

This form of Reiki was channeled by Violet Paille as she was visiting the Isle of Avalon and other British isles while studying Celtic lore and Magick. Faery Reiki deepens your connection to nature, the elements, and the Faeries – and provides a profound energy clearing and healing on a spiritual and emotional level. Faery Reiki is a playful and fun energy to experience and also a powerful cleansing for the aura and chakras.  This form of Energy Therapy is even more beneficial when recieved regularly (Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)  I will provide an email with a .pdf file explaining what to expect and how to prepare for your Faery Reiki session.

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Faery Reiki Distance Session with a Faery Reading – $30
I will give you a mini Faery Oracle Card reading along with your Faery Reiki Session.  This is a Distance session – meaning you enjoy the healing session from the comfort of your home!  A Distance session is the same as an in person session, except your Reiki Healer is not physically in the room with you. You will simply schedule a time that you can be at home relaxing for about 30 minutes! Many people prefer the distance sessions because they can remain in the comfort of their own home and do not have to travel. Both are effective and both forms benefit from you approaching the session with openness, trust, and the intention of receiving and integrating the healing energy of Reiki.  The distance sessions are also less expensive as I do not have to rent a space or travel, and they do not include aromatherapy or sound therapy. (though you can implement these on your own during your session!)


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Local to Olympia, WA?  

I will be offering Reiki Healing sessions and card readings at The Back Door Medicine Collective, in Downtown Olympia once or twice a month.  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter (below) and follow me on Facebook so that you are aware of the days and times I will be there!  It is a lovely healing space, apothecary, and advocacy center.  If you cannot make it to The Back Door Medicine Collective on days I am there, please feel free to contact me and we can make other arrangements (most likely involving you coming to my home for your session).

Reviews on Faery Reiki Sessions:
Susie says:
“Wow this is so very amazing and powerful!  I just exerienced the distance Faery Reiki session with Wendy.  I’ve never had an experience like this before that I can recall.  I was actually able to see the healing occuring!  What a gifted practitioner she is!  Take her up on this deal, as I’m sure it won’t last.  It was worth much more than $20!  As a Faeriologist, I endorse this practitioner.”
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Joy says:

“I just want to say I just had the most incredible Reiki session done with Wendy!  Not only do I feel better, from what started out as a stressful day, but she has enlightened me on so much more than I could have imagined.  Finally putting a lot of missing pieces of the puzzle in place for me.  I highly recommend both the reading and Reiki sessions!  Thank You so much Wendy you are amazing!”
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