Home made, one of a kind jewelry for Meditation and Spiritual Devotion!

mala, mala necklace, pagan prayer beads, meditation necklace, goddess jewelry, divine feminine, gemstone jewelryI love to create meditation malas and Pagan Prayer beads, as well as other things!  My mala necklaces are inspired by traditional Buddhist mala beads – but I like to add a twist!  I make each mala with a specific type of energy and blessing in mind – Goddesses and Gods, Angels, Animal Spirit Guides, etc.  I match up the theme of the mala withmala, mala necklace, meditation necklace, meditation mala, pagan prayer beads, pagan devotion jewelry, gemstone jewelry Gemstones that also are associated with that energy to create a unique piece of jewelry perfect for your meditations, rituals – or simply to wear as a talisman.

To learn more about my jewelry and purchase your own  unique piece, visit my etsy page! I am constantly updating my inventory with new pieces and can make one to fit your needs. Contact Me to request a custom made mala necklace for a specific Goddess, God, Archangel, or Spirit Animal!

mala necklace, mala, meditation necklace, meditation mala, pagan prayer beads, angel jewelry, gemstone jewelry, archangel michael
This mala necklace is made to connect with Archangel Michael and promote feelings of peace and safety.
phases of the moon, New Moon, Full Moon, Gemstone jewelry, pagan jewelry, moon phase bracelet
This Bracelet represents the phases of the moon, moving from bright white beads with the full moon and gradually getting darker to the New Moon and then cycling around to loght again.
mala necklace, Egyptian Goddess Isis, Turqouise gemstone, mala, meditation necklace, pagan prayer beads, spiritual devotion necklace, gemstone jewelry, goddess jewelry
This mala necklace was made with the Egyptian Goddess Isis in mind. Turqouise gemstone accents