Lavender Flame of Kuan Yin Healing Session

Lavender Flame of Kuan Yin Healing Session*
This is a healing session focused on emotional healing, self-love, forgiveness, and releasing emotional blocks.  It also helps to transmute our karma and prepare us for the next stage of our spiritual journey. Calling upon the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin and her Lavender Flame; and utilizing techniques for emotional healing from Usui Reiki – this Healing session focuses on self love, forgiveness, compassion, and releasing the past. I combine Usui Reiki with the Lavender Flame of Kuan Yin energy healing system in this session.  Includes a mini reading from the beautiful Kuan Yin Oracle cards, the healing session, and a guided meditation for you to practice on your own.
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This Healing Session and Reading are a Distance session- you Receive the Healing Energy from the comfort of your home! – A Distance session is the same as an in person session, except your Reiki Healer is not physically in the room with you. You will simply schedule a time that you can be at home relaxing for about 30 minutes! Some people prefer the in-person sessions as the presence and touch of the Healer can be very comforting. Many people prefer the distance sessions because they can remain in the comfort of their own home with no travel before or after the session. It is still effective and  as always, it will benefit you to approach the session with openness, trust, and the intention of receiving and integrating the healing energy of Reiki.  The distance sessions are also less expensive as I do not have to rent a space or travel, and they do not include aromatherapy or sound therapy. (though you can implement these on your own during your session!)

Distance Lavender Flame of Kuan Yin Reiki Session with mini reading:  $30

Local to Olympia, WA?  

I will be offering Reiki Healing sessions and card readings at The Back Door Medicine Collective, in Downtown Olympia once or twice a month.  Make sure you sign up for my newsletter (below) and follow me on Facebook so that you are aware of the days and times I will be there!  It is a lovely healing space, apothecary, and advocacy center.  If you cannot make it to The Back Door Medicine Collective on days I am there, please feel free to contact me and we can make other arrangements (most likely involving you coming to my home for your session).