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Life is a series of cycles and growth, and indeed the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said it best; “The only constant in life is change“.

You Are Here
       We’ve all been here – when we find ourselves in a period of transition and change in our life and we need to re-direct our focus in some way.  You may need to shift your priorities or adjust where you are putting your energy and time.  You may need to re-evaluate many things in your life such as your work, your relationships, and even your personal path of self awareness or spiritual growth.          We’ve all been there, and we’ll all be there again at some point!  In your busy day, doing the things you need to do to survive, it can seem like there is little time to spend really being present with these changes.  It can seem overwhelming as time keeps marching forward whether you are ready to march along with it or not!  How does one get through these changes and cycles?  As constant as change may be in our lives – most people’s reaction to change is Stress or Avoidance. How has that worked out for you in the past?  I know from my personal experience that avoidance just seems to create more chaos and stress.  And stress in itself can be so damaging to our health, our relationships, and our spiritual and mental well being.  That’s no way to live!
       Or perhaps you have found yourself stuck in a rut.  (Another place where we’ve all been).  You want life to change, but things seem to just stay the same.  You know that some parts of your life need to change, but what? How?  Perhaps your Spirit or Higher Self has been nudging you to make a change in your life, but those intuitive urges and feelings can be so vague!  Uhg!  Where do you start??

What next?  Gaining Clarity
       The thing is – you don’t have to navigate through these transitions on your own!  A Tarot or Oracle card reading can help provide you with guidance and clarity for these times in your life.  How would it feel to have someone else help you examine the energies and situations in your life and provide you with some clarity and a sense of direction?  What would you give to have some help creating specific goals or action steps that will help you become more focused and confident about “what to do next”?

Why A Tarot Reading?
       A lot of the time, the stress and avoidance that causes us to avoid or resist change is based in fear.  Fear of the unknown, a lack of clarity or confidence, and fears or anxieties about the future.  Many people spend a lot of money seeing psychologists and therapists to help them overcome large fears that hold them back  Did you know that a lot of people are now seeking out Tarot Readers, Spiritual Counselors, and Life Coaches in place of the traditional psychotherapist or psychiatrist?  This is because sometimes we just need a small push in the right direction and a little bit of clarity around what we should focus on.  Tarot and Oracle cards work with the Law Of Attraction – we trust that the cards drawn are exactly what we need to hear and see at this time.  Combined with the intuitive abilities of the card reader and the open mind and heart of the client, the meanings of the cards can provide some really specific insights to the underlying energies in your life and what you can do from here.  A lot of times, you already know what is best for you…. but that pesky fear and ego causes you to question your own intuition.  When you get confirmation on these intuitive gut feelings or ideas from an Outsider or a Higher Source – the relief is tangible!  In that moment or the days after, you find your confidence and motivation again!

Tarot Or Oracle Card Readings with Me
In my tarot and oracle card readings I ask The Universe, the Angels, and Your Spirit Guides to show us some cards that will help give you clarity, guidance, and confidence to help you move forward in the best possible way at this time.  I use my intuition along with knowledge of the cards to interpret this advice and pass it directly to you without judgement.  It is always up to you what you do with the advice you receive from your reading.  The future is not set in stone, and your own actions, words, and attitudes will have an affect on the outcome of your life and this current stage you are traveling through.  A reading with me is like a Spiritual Counselling session. It is part of my life’s purpose to help guide people through life’s transitions; helping them clarify their situation, make informed and heart-centered choices, and move to a more peaceful state of being. I would be honored to do a reading for you to help you move forward on your life’s path!

Location is not an obstacle!  Readings are available online (sent to you via email or done thru video chat) or in person if you live in Olympia, WA.

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