Below are some reviews from people who have received a reading from me.

Colleen Sheptock says – ” I had the wonderful opportunity of getting a reading of health and healing from Wendy. She was very good at telling me what I needed to know to become more healthy and areas of need that I should focus on for healing. She did a great job.”

Marnie Simmonds says – “I had a tarot reading today given by Wendy McDowell. I am no stranger to readings having had many over a number of oracle 2decades I can say without hesitation that this was the best reading I ever had done. It was very insightful and guided me exactly where I needed to go. She described my situation and thinking processes to a T. She actually did 2 readings for different aspects of my situation and both were a powerful healing tool. I am very impressed and recommend her highly.”

Pamela Cross says – “I would highly recommend a reading from Wendy. She gave me a reading using two decks one for healing and one for romance/relationships. Her reading was designed to give clarity and any advice pertaining to my situation and it did just that. The reading was spot on and helped me a lot. It helped confirm things I knew, but forgot or lost sight of. It also gave me a bigger picture of everything and it made perfect sense. Her reading had both insight and accuracy. I would definitely seek her out for a reading again in the future.”

Amber Young says – “I got a reading recently from Wendy with two decks, that was to help me with my life purpose. The answers I got from the reading were amazing and informative. I would highly recommend a reading from Wendy if you are needing honest answers and true advice.”

April Stewart-Treadwell says – “I  won a free Angel Therapy Oracle Card Reading from Wendy in a gifting group on Facebook, the reading was set up at a time that was covienient for me. Wendy was very helpful in assisting me to connect with my Angels and was able to translate messages to me to help in my current situation, she was very thorough and specific. The cards that were chosen through out the reading fit in perfect with the situation at hand and Wendy was able to give me very specific advice to help me resolve my delimas. I highly recommend Wendy and the Angel Therapy reading! I was able to have a breakthrough that was way past due and was given a clear path on how to move forward in my life and I could literally feel a connection with my Angels through Wendy. My experience with this reading was absolutely AMAZING and I am very Thankful and Grateful to have had the opportunity to recieve guidance from Wendy as well as my Angels through her, she is wonderful!!! If you are seeking guidance on a specific situation and want detailed information and advice I highly recommend you consult with Wendy for your needs.”