Deal Of The Week 3/20 – 3/26

Spring Equinox Tarot and Oracle Card Reading
The Vernal Equinox is a great time for setting new goals, starting over, and evaluating your dreams for the future. What seeds are you planting in your life as you move into spring? What patterns or energies do you need to let go of to “weed out of the garden”? What energies do you need to bring into your life to “fertilize the soil”? We will examine these concepts in a multi-deck reading. I will use The Fairy Tarot and the Earth Magic Oracle cards to conduct your reading. After chatting with you via email or instant messenger, I will consult the cards and write your full reading in a report which I will send to your email, complete with pictures of the cards!
I am so honored to help you take an in depth look at your current path and to share insights for you to be able to move forward with clarity and empowerment. Blessed Be! Happy Spring Equinox!


Good Hydrations In-shower Lotion

$1.00 off this amazing Lavender Body lotion this week only!  Warm water from your shower or bath opens up your pores so they soak up all the nutrients from this lotion.  It is very concentrated, so you spread it on while your skin is still wet!  Soothing scent of lavender relaxes your senses, while coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and Cupuaçu butter soften, heal, and moisturize your skin.
Grab yours today here –

Deal of The Week and a Giveaway!

Are you following me on Facebook and Instagram?  If not, make sure you are following because that’s where I post a “card of the day”!
Each week I choose a different deck – either an oracle deck or a tarot deck and use that for 7 days.  Each day I ask for a card that has a message not just for me, but also for many others who will see the posts on social media.

This week I will be using the “Healing With The Fairies” oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.
The Fairies and Nature Spirits have clear, precise messages for you each day this week!  This deck tends to have really clear action steps or ideas to help you follow through with the messages, as well as an affirmation for each day!

I am offering mini readings with this deck all week for just $8.00!
You can get a mini reading from me for $10.45 with other decks I use.  This special price on a 3 card reading with Healing With The Fairies is available from March 13 through 18th.  EMAIL ME to order your reading, which will be sent to you by email within 48 hours of your payment.

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Featured Mala Necklace of the Week – this Kokopelli Mala Necklace with Purple Jasper and Amethyst Gemstone beads is on SALE for $15 this week only!  You can order it from my Etsy Shop – Hurry there is only one!

Perfectly Posh featured product of the week – Just Chillin’!
If you’ve got tired, sore muscles, it’s time to chillax. Just Chillin’ features peppermint and menthol for a cooling sensation, and caffeine, aloe, and cucumber to help reduce inflammation and soothe tension. Just glide over achy muscles and massage in for relief. Great safe and naturally based way to ease muscle pain or headaches! Shop now:


My Favorite Things 1-15-17

I want to share with you some things that currently make me happy!  Perhaps you will find something here that makes you happy as well!


This week I read the first book in the Reverians series by Sarah Noffke, “Defects“.  It’s the start of a Dystopian adventure series with The Dream Travelers – a race of people who can travel anywhere they want in their dreams and also have other supernatural powers.  This secluded community of Dream Travelers seems to be the perfect place to live, but one “Defect” (a Dream Traveler who never developed her Supernatural Powers) is learning that things are not what they seem.  Check out Sarah Noffke – I love all her books so much!

My favorite body scrub is the Feature of the Week at Perfectly Posh!! When you go dark, you’ll reveal soft, clean skin. Our Love the Dark Body Scrub features black sea salt to exfoliate, and activated charcoal to help detox and rid your skin of dirt and other impurities. Then moisturizing shea butter and honey soften and calm your skin so it’s gorgeous and smooth. And if that isn’t enough to make you fall in love with the dark, its captivating sea breeze scent will have you hooked. Get yours on sale this week for just $23!

My brother got me the 2017 Herbal Almanac for my birthday and I am really enjoying browsing through the many articles, recipes, and herbal based crafts here.  Great for herbalists of any level (beginner or advanced).

I love meditating with Turquoise.  This gemstone is a master Healer and has soothing energy while also opening up pathways for Visualizations and Spirit Journeys.  Sacred to Native Americans and also to the Ancient Egyptians it is one of my favorite gemstones!  This mala necklace with Turquoise gemstone accent beads and a dream catcher pendant & feather pendant is on sale in my etsy shop for just $15.  You or someone you love could use this mala as a meditation tool or wear it as beautiful jewelry and take the healing energy of Turquoise with you wherever you go!


My Favorite Things 9/8/16

I missed posting this on Sunday, and didn’t want to wait until next Sunday to share, so here are My Favorite Things!

Featured This Week:
Life Purpose Angel Card Reading $15.00 (Normally $20.00)
The Angels have beautiful, loving advice for you in this gentle therapy session. I am honored to hold this space of intent for healing for you as I listen to you and then impart messages of wisdom from the Angelic realm to you – to help you move forward with clarity and purpose. This is a 6 card reading combining The Angel Tarot Cards and the Life Purpose Oracle Cards. You will receive specific advice, clarity and guidance related to your Life Purpose. This reading can help you identify your life’s purpose, and/or learn what actions to take to help you achieve it . The only requirement of you is that you are open to receiving the messages! Purchase this reading with from Etsy or email me to pay directly via PayPal.  Schedule your reading here

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level?  Do you want to learn energy healing with Reiki?  My Reiki course is now open!  You’ll learn the basics of Usui Reiki, get your attunement and certificate, plus more!  My course is designed to be personalized for you as a Spiritual Awakening Course.  You will receive tarot and Oracle card readings, Reiki healing sessions, and access to a private facebook group with information and support.  All of this is available to you now at the introductory price of ONLY $50.00.  Click here to learn more.

Other Things I Love:

What I’m Currently Obsessed With:

I started reading a new Fantasy Series!  I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the rest in the series.  When Kara Magari accidentally stumbles through some kind of Portal, she ends up in another world.  This world has magic and mystical creatures, different kingdoms of people who all pretty much hate each other.  And Kara is told she’s been chosen to unite the kingdoms!  The fate of this magical realm seems to rest in the reluctant hands of a woman who would rather just go home.
Hey, guess what?  you can grab this book for FREE… right here!
Also – the Author is hosting a Reading Marathon on facebook, with more giveaways!  Want to read the series with me and other people?  With insights and conversations with the author – and possibly win more free stuff?  Yes?  I will see you HERE  The reading marathon for this book starts on MONDAY!
If you’re on Facebook joining the book marathon, I have another group for you to check out!  As you may know, my oldest child and I are consultants for Perfectly Posh.  Natural, non toxic pampering products?  With Vegan options?  YES PLEASE!  We have a group where you can learn about all the latest deals, request free samples, participate in contests and giveaways, etc.  Come join the fun!
The latest thing at Posh I am excited about is the Pamper Your Cold set.  This is a limited time special product to prepare for Cold and Flu season.  Pamper your Cold with essential oils to help you breathe easier and relax.  The Skin Stick is a lotion bar made with Shea Butter and loaded with Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Pink Grapefruit essential oils.  You can apply it on your nose, upper lip, temples, neck, and chest to help relieve your cold symptoms.  The set also comes with Pamper Your Cold Shower Tablets – throw one of these in your bath tub or shower and breathe in the essential oils as they are released in the steam.  Opening up your sinuses and promoting a sense of relaxation will help you get better faster!  Order now at   This is a Limited item so I am not sure how long it will last!  Get yours while you can!
Meanwhile, Kenzi and I want to thank our customers!  Everyone who places an order BEFORE September 15th (that’s Thursday!) will get entered into a drawing to win this Chunk Bar.
Get clean and feel Enlightened with this lightly scented soap bar made with Palm Oil, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil.  Lightly scented, VEGAN, high quality soap that will last you a LONG TIME!
Enter to win by placing an order of any amount at by 8 pm PST , Wednesday September 14
Thinking of Cold and Flu Season coming up reminded me I should probably stock up on some other herbal remedies.  While I was searching, I found this and I just wanted to share it here for anyone interested.  I don’t know this shop owner, I’m just sharing something I think is awesome!
from OrganicHerbals on Etsy

My Favorite Things 8/21

Every week on Sunday I want to make a blog post called “My Favorite Things” and share some special offers on products and services (and tell you about things I have tried that I love) So here we go, my first installment of “My Favorite Things”!

The first thing I want to tell you about is my new website! Check out ! I am now offering Reiki, Reiki Attunements, Tarot/Oracle card readings, and my Jewelry all in one place! If you want to order Reiki or a Reading – use the contact form on my website. Mention this blog post and I’ll give you a 10% discount!

My next special offer for this week is this mala necklace in my etsy shop. This mala features a Kokopelli charm, wood beads, amethyst, and purple Jasper. Kokopelli is from Native American myth and legend – this joyful spirit loves music and dancing, and is known as a playful trickster! The Amethyst and Jasper enhance this light-hearted energy. Normally $18.00, I am offering this necklace for $15.00 THIS WEEK ONLY. Hurry, because there is only ONE! 
Next on the list is one of my favorite Pampering products! Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? They are a company selling pampering products – like scented soaps, lotion, face wash, and more. My oldest child is a distributor/consultant for this company. We love them because their products are made in the USA, Cruelty-Free, with Natural ingredients. And they have vegan options! Even the stuff that isn’t 100% vegan is pretty great – the only animal byproducts they use are Milk, Beeswax, or Honey.
This week’s special is the “Happy Dance” Hand Creme. 
This hand lotion is made with coconut oil and apricot kernel oil, scented with Pomegranate and Bergamot. Available for $8 this week only! (Usually $9)
If you want to order this, or look at other products, use this link –
If you order something from Posh (using the link above) send me an e-mail at and I’ll give you a discount code for my etsy shop or Reiki! 
Right now I am reading a book series that I am REALLY enjoying! If you like Dystopian fiction, check out the Slip trilogy by David Estes. The first book, Slip, is available on kindle edition for $2.99
That’s it for this week! Check back next Sunday for more of my Favorite Things and Deals of the week! I sincerely hope you have a great week! Blessed Be!