Deck Review: Healing With The Fairies Oracle

This past week on Facebook and Instagram I used the “Healing With The Fairies” oracle card deck for my card of the day posts.  I have had this deck for many years, I think I got it as a gift in 2005 or 2006!  It has been a steady companion for many personal readings in that time.

“Healing With The Fairies Oracle Deck”, by Doreen Virtue is a Hay House Publication and features artwork by Jeffrey Bedrick, Amy Brown, Nancy Chien-Eriksen, Gail Gastfield, Kylie InGold, Christine Kloss, Karen Krangel, Diana Stanley and Corey Wolf. There are 44 cards in this deck, plus a guidebook with meaning of the card and an affirmation for each card.

The beautiful artwork and name of each card makes it very easy to use intuitively without the guidebook, though I love looking at the guidebook for additional guidance and the suggested affirmation for each card!  My favorite way to use this deck is with a simple 1 card drawing such as for a card of the day or to ask what advice the fairies have for me right now.  I also enjoy using a 3 card spread such as Body, Mind, Spirit to get multi-layered guidance from the cards.

This deck is great for spiritual counselling, giving specific advice and ways to move forward to free yourself from certain patterns.  Advice in these cards is inspired by the Fairies and Nature Spirits who are playful, loving, gentle beings – and Masters of Manifestation!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the cards this past week on Instagram and Facebook!  If you want a personalized reading using this deck, you can order a mini reading HERE.


Deal of The Week and a Giveaway!

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Each week I choose a different deck – either an oracle deck or a tarot deck and use that for 7 days.  Each day I ask for a card that has a message not just for me, but also for many others who will see the posts on social media.

This week I will be using the “Healing With The Fairies” oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.
The Fairies and Nature Spirits have clear, precise messages for you each day this week!  This deck tends to have really clear action steps or ideas to help you follow through with the messages, as well as an affirmation for each day!

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Faerie Friday – What does it mean to believe in Faeries?

As I am taking the Fairyologist course and reading many books about Faeries and working with them, my own understanding of them is deepening and expanding.  In discussing Faeries with others, I am often asked the question; What are the faeries?  Well, I think they can be different to everyone!  Depending on what your beliefs are, your experiences with them, and what your preconceived notions of faeries are – your experience of them will be different.  The first step in experiencing the Faeries, is believing in them!  Here is a journal entry I wrote yesterday as I meditated on the concept of believing in faeries.

What Does It Mean To Believe in Faeries?

     To believe in faeries is to believe in the unseen spirit world of plants, animals, water, air, earth, and fire.  It involves a basic animistic belief system which defines all of nature as having spirits – humans, trees, animals, and even rocks – and then a step further from animism even, to acknowledge the existence of other Nature Spirits; unseen entities who are closely bonded with the natural world, yet separate from it in the sense that they lack physical bodies.  These etheric beings can interact with the natural world, yet exist in a slightly different vibrational realm from what we see and know on this physical plane. I should note that I use the word “faeries” as an umbrella term for many different kinds of unseen Nature Spirits, and am not solely referring to beings known as “fairies”.
     Believing in Faeries is to awaken and embrace your Inner Child – seeing magic and wonder in all things around you.  For it is with this sense of wonder and mystery that we experience the world of faeries.  Believeing in faeries is to embrace the stories, myths, and legends – knowing that not only is there a grain of truth to all the old fairytales; but that the stories themselves give a shape and pathway for all the spirit beings to come to us and interact with us.

     The tiny Nature Spirits that watch over flowers existed long before the popular artistic images of tiny human-shaped beings with butterfly wings.  But the human imagination and capacity for story telling encountered these beings and felt their presence – and likened the essence of that presence to the image of a light, fluttering and delicate butterfly on the breeze, flying from flower to flower.  Through stories and art the “picture” of a Flower Fairy grew.  The image aligned itself with other people’s intuitive encounters, and then became broadly accepted because it worked!  The imagery fit with what others’ intuitive and empathic encounters with these Nature Spirits felt like.  So, through story and art; a fairy-shaped niche appeared in the cosmic consciousness and these Flower Fairies (Nature Spirits of flowering plants) found a relationship with humans. 
     The same pattern can be applied to all the Elementals or common Nature Spirits of the Faerie Realm.  The Faerie Royalty felt similar to our Gods and Goddesses, so those Fae took on the shape and form of Gods and Goddesses.  The dragons spirit form existed before humans, and indeed before humans described them as large, powerful, reptilian creatures.  Encounters with Dragon Energy leave people feeling awestruck; something that could only be described as “Big, powerful, wise”, maybe “temperamental,” and certainly “not human” – thus the dinousaur/reptile shape of the story rather than the small, humanoid story.  And thus, a dragon-shaped niche entered the human consciousness and gave us a way to describe yet another kind of Nature Spirit we encountered.
     As the human relationship with nature has changed, so did how we see the Nature Spirits.  When nature was something wild and untamable and humans struggled to survive vast forests, harsh winters, and were still heavily connected to agriculture and farming or hunting – this was refleceted in the way people saw Faeries / nature Spirits.  They were beautiful, respected, revered; and also feared.  The forest is beautiful and enchanting – but if you don’t respect it and understand it – you can easily become lost, wounded or even die. (That sentence almost perfectly describes many ancient tales of the faeries)  With the growth and expansion of Christianity, our relationship with nature changed.  It became popular belief that the salvation of your body from the harsh winter was less important than the salvation of your eternal soul; and that salvation came not from your relationship with the land and an animistic view, but from the forgiveness of a far-away God.  As Christianity spread, the old beliefs were frowned upon so the darker side of the faerie stories were used as “proof” that the Fey were demonic beings doing the workings of the Devil.  What may have once been a story of a deep connection and respect for the land and nature, became twisted into a warning to not stray from the emerging Monotheistic faith and it’s sole ability to save your soul. 
     Then as humanity advanced further into an industrialized world with technology and science – we further separated our consciousness from Nature and the natural world.  I think it is very interesting that as nature became something humans “conquered” with massive agricultural growth, shelter from the elements, and less direct dependence of the land (we still need the land, but our consciousness has separated from it as we can go to the grocery store for food instead of hunting for it) ; this is when the popular image of fairies as small, delicate creatures of flowers and wings became popular.  Nature became something we saw as under our control or less harmful and needing our care instead of something mysterious and even dangerous.
     Today, I think our relationship with nature should be a blend of respectful reverence and nurturing caretakers.  Thus, the way we see Faeries and relate to the Nature Spirits should also reflect this.  If we allow ourselves to experience the broad range of nature’s moods and personas we should encounter an equally broad range of types of nature spirits.  As we garden and care for the land in loving, nurturing ways, we will encounter the small Flower Fairies, pixies, and nymphs.  As we walk in wonder and reverence in a wild place such as a forest or mountain, we can encounter larger beings that share the wild deep untamed nature of that forest or mountain – such as Faerie Queens, Green Man, Dragons and Elves.
     To believe in Faeries is to look at the fairytales, myths, and legends in a new light – to see the truth and magick in them – and to make and tell our own stories!  Recognizing that story-telling and creating art is another way of communing with these spirit beings and welcoming them into our lives though imagination and inspiration. 

     To believe in faeries is the see and experience faeries!  Our beliefs shape our reality, and someone who doesn’t believe in faeries or says; “those are just stories and myths” will likely not experience encounters with the fae – as logic and ego can explain away the movement in the trees as a “breeze” and the light in the corner of our vision as “just a bug”.  But those who believe in faeries will see these things – Bugs and Breezes – as part of how the spirit world interacts with the physical world.  When you expect magic and believe in magic, you’ll see it and feel it all around you!
     Mostly the fae will appear to you in the way you believe that these encounters will happen.  Some people report actually seeing fairies, gnomes, leprachauns etc – an image that they swear is a being right there in front of them!  Some people may feel the presence of faeries and see them in their mind’s eye, or encounter them in meditations and dreams.  Other people may see faeries as encounters with nature itself; the feeling roused by a certain breeze, a feather or leaf falling in their path at a certain moment, a bird swooping close overhead or some other animal encounter.  All of these are valid and real ways of seeing and encountering faeries – and believing in faeries will mean that you are aware and in-tune enough with the natural world and the unseen Spirit realm that you will see, feel, and hear the faeries often!

Faerie Friday: Meeting The Faeries

Faerie Friday Blessings to you!
I recently signed up for a new course by Doreen Virtue; Fairyology!  It is a video course and certification.  I am so excited about having another Certification – and I know in the future I will be leading workshops, teaching classes, doing readings and many more things because of the relationship I am developing with the Faeries and all I am learning.  I want to share some of my thoughts and discoveries with you every week so I will be trying to post a new blog every Friday (Thus; “Faerie Fridays” is born!) 

So this past week has been intense but beautiful.  I started watching the video course, but also felt guided to read more books to my studying.  My guides encouraged me to take this course deeper, learn on a very deep and personal level from more than one teacher.  So I downloaded several other books and have been reading those as well.  (I will be sharing more on those books later on.)

I have worked with Faeries and Elementals before, but am going to spend more time developing a closer working relationship with them, and getting to know the particular Faeries of the land where I live.  For Clarification – let me define who I feel the faeries are.  I use Faerie as an umbrella term for Elemental Spirits and Elementals.  Elemental spirits are spirits connected to nature.  (Not ghosts!)  They are spiritual beings that don’t quite live on this physical plane, but they do interact with it.  Some of them are like guardians of certain areas.  Rivers, lakes, and forests might have a strong Elemental guardian, as well as many “smaller” elementals living in that area.  Elementals are called such because they are related to the Four elements, or Forces of nature; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  There is a large variety of these nature Spirits and are many names for these:  Elementals, Nature Angels, Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Pixies, Sylphs, Salamanders, Dragons, Plant and Tree Spirits… the list goes on and on!

One of the first things I did was create a Faerie Garden!  I chose a spot in my herb garden near the front door to make a faerie ring and add decorations.  I spent some time pulling weeds, pruning the plants, picking up trash and debris, and really just working outside a lot.  The first step in connecting with the spirits of nature (faeries of all kinds) is by connecting directly with nature.  The faeries appreciate your efforts to help them care for the land and the planet.  Here are a couple pictures from my Faerie Garden;

I was blessed with such a feeling of satisfaction and love after spending a lot of time working on my garden!  In fact, I was so drawn to being outside that I hardly worked on my video course at all – just doing reading at night and gardening all day!  (Again, my faerie guides have told me this is what they want me to do in developing a deeply personal relationship with them)  And I do feel like the Plant Faeries of my garden are very happy with this place made just for them!

Then, on Beltane Eve, I prepared and went out to the forest by my house to a particularly magickal feeling place by the creek, and did the Beltane Eve Fairy Spell (from my blog post about Beltane)  I brought the Faeries gifts of flowers, fruit, tea and honey and spent a lovely time meditating, listening to the forest, and celebrating.

While I was there, I became aware of many Spirit beings in the forest with me.  Several Tree Spirits and Plant Faeries, as well  as other Elementals and Nature Spirits.  They were delighted that I came and brought them food to share!  When I first entered the forest, I asked permission to join them.  There was a sense of surprise and also wariness; a human had never asked permission to walk on this land before.  At least not in many, many years.  I told them I brought food to share with them, and wanted to celebrate with them and the mood instantly lifted!  I felt like I was surrounded by laughter!  The rest of my time sitting out there that Beltane Eve, I did have other encounters and revelations, but those are not for sharing at this time.

I have had a couple other moments this past week in which I just felt the presence of the Faeries and magick in my life!  I posted this in a facebook group I am in on Tuesday;

“My life is immersed in magic and fae energy. Watching a couple videos here and there, (but I’m still only on video 5 lol) and reading a few different books on faeries at night. In the day just connecting with them as much as I can. Today I was sitting in my kitchen, making jewelry (I’m vending at a craft fair on Sunday so I was busy making sparkly things) I had some of my favorite music playing and was feeling especially happy while I made a fairy necklace with rainbow fluorite. I kept seeing movement outside and looking up to see the wind blowing the trees, birds, butterflies, etc. I saw a huge blue dragonfly! I’ve always associated dragonflies with faeries!! It flew by the sliding glass door three times! So I went and opened the door and felt the faeries cheering “we like your music”! So I turned it up and left the door open so they could hear it. The dragonfly came back and was just swooping in crazy circles all over the yard like it was dancing! Then another one joined it, and another… Until there were 5 blue dragonflies dancing around my yard! I sat on the porch watching them and laughing. I looked up to the trees and clear as day saw Green Man’s face in the tree looking right at me! I looked away because I saw a bird or something, looked back at the tree but now the face is looking sideways instead of at me. Then I notice another face in another tree, and another! Look away and look back – they’re all gone!”

I’m so excited to see what else I will learn, and what other encounters and Adventures I will have in working with the Faeries and Elementals!

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Beltane & The Fairy Folk

For the Northern Hemisphere, the Wheel of the year turns now to Beltane – the first celebration of Summer.  (April 30 – May 1)  In the Southern Hemisphere they will be celebrating Samhain and their Beltane celebration occurs on October 31 – November 1. 

Beltane, or May Day is a joyous celebration of life, fertility and growth.  The crops planted in spring are beginning to bud, flowers are blooming, livestock is mating – it’s all about the creation of life in it’s many forms.  It’s no wonder that this special celebration has close ties to the Fairy kingdom and Elementals – as the workings of the guardians of earth, animals, and plant life are so abundantly clear to us at this time.

Beltane is the celebration of the Union of the broadest aspects of nature – the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  Mythology and Archetypical Fairytales tell of the Union between The Maiden Goddess and The Horned One – as the Goddess (Earth) is impregnated by the fertile seed of the God.  Thus, the overwhelming theme of this celebration is Sex, Romance, Fertility, and Union.

With fires lit across the land, a couple leaps whilst hand in hand, to mark their union and this rite, for they know tonight’s the night! As they run into the darkened wood, and find a grassy glade they should, remember well of who’s around, for bands of faeries all surround, the couple as they consummate, the faeries cheer and seal the fate, of plants and flowers, shrubs and trees, whilst the God’s upon his knees, impregnating the mother to be, from sowing deep his natural seed. And so in time the Goddess will birth, the magic that’s nature, on this Earth.’
Quote from Way of The Faerie Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters
Embracing the powerful flow of the Creative nature of the universe is possible at this time, and in allowing ourselves to truly connect with the Turning of the Wheel we must simply look around at all the new growth happening in nature around us; and then recognize that our own spirit is reflecting that fertile creative landscape.  Ask yourself – what Union within my life am I celebrating?  What growth is happening within me – and what can I do to further help that growth?
Connecting with the Faerie Realm can help us re-connect with this part of the Natural Cycle.  It’s easy in today’s society to feel disconnected from Nature.  Get outside, tend to your garden, yard, or potted plants, and express joy and fascination with the miracle of life happening all around you.  It is said that at Beltane, the veil between the worlds is thin, allowing us to more clearly see and hear the Faery Folk.  Spells and Magick or rituals involving honoring the Fae, calling them, seeing them, and working in harmony with nature – all are perfect for Beltane!  Make sure as part of your ritual, or before your ritual, you spend time in nature tending the plants or picking up litter; or even joyfully singing and dancing!
Beltane Eve Fairy Spell
Perform this ritual at Dusk on Beltane Eve (April 30)
“Gather together violets, clover, and St. John’s Wort.*  Violets are a fairy favorite, clover is for prosperity and luck, and the St. John’s Wort will protect you from falling under a fairy enchantment (or being Fairy-led).  Gather these plants together and tie them with a green ribbon.  Take the bouquet to the garden or a place in nature.  Blow the Fairies and kiss, and leave the plants as a gift.  Sit for awhile in the garden or place in nature, and meditate.  Breathe in the air.  Notice the scents.  The different plants around you.  The temperature, the breeze.  When you feel you are fully connected with the nature around you, say:
Fairies from far and wide,
I offer you a gift.
tied up in green for luck,
and sealed with a kiss.
I can sense you,
if I’m pure of heart.
Bless me with luck and Fairy-Sight
to boost my Healing Art.”
Blow them another kiss, relax and wait to see if they reveal themselves to you.  Don’t fret if you don’t see them this night – try again in the morning and evening of Beltane.  Listen to any messages the fairies may have for you – sometimes they have a special mission or task for you to complete before they will reward you with a visit!”
(Adapted from an article by Ellen Dugan)
*If you can’t find or access the specific plants mentioned here  – substitute something different!  Trust your intuition to guide you to certain plants that you think the Fairies would like – and add any protective plant you can find for good measure!
Celtic Legend of Beltane and the Fey
“This was the Celtic beginning of summer, and also marked an important transition for the people of Faerie, for this was the time when the Milesian Celts landed on the shores of south-west Ireland.  With this, the last of the magical peoples (the Tuatha de Danaan) receded from the world of humans into the Hollow Hills and became the people of the Sidhe.  However, they and the other Fairy folk have not gone very far.”  (from The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)  Legend holds that the veil between the land of the Sidhe and the Human world is thin twice a year – at Beltane and again at Samhain – and these are times when it is easy to see and communicate with the realm of Spirit and Elementals.” (from The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)
Welsh Legend of Beltane and Rhiannon the Fairy Queen
“Welsh legend tells how the hero Pwll saw the Lady Rhiannon riding past him at Beltane and, after pursuing her, he eventually won her.  Rhiannon is one aspect of the Fairy Queen, riding on her white horse between the worlds.  As you sit quietly outside on a bank in the late spring dusk, listen for the sound of her horse’s hooves and open your eyes to the shimmer of her sea-blue cloack.  When Rhiannon touches your hear, she will fill it with love and inspiration.” (from The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)

Whimsical Wednesday; Quiet Time

I am working on building morning and evening routines that include meditation. I often give the excuse that I don’t have time for meditation, but have realized I must make time! Meditation should be like brushing my teeth or bathing, it is an element of self-care that should be part of a daily routine!
I am working on turning this into a habit! I thought of one of my favorite three card tarot spreads: Body, Mind, Spirit. In that spread you draw 3 cards and each one has specific advice for Body (physical being) Mind (mental being) and Spirit (spiritual being). I thought this would be a good way to also break down my morning & evening routines! For Example;

Morning Routine;
BODY – take Vitamins, do yoga, brush teeth and hair.
MIND – check my calander and to-do list, read or write in my journal/blog
SPIRIT – draw a tarot or oracle card for the day, meditation

If I make sure to ask myself every day; what have I done to care for myself, Body, Mind, and Spirit, then eventually the practice of meditation becomes just as second-nature as making myself a cup of coffee in the morning! The above routine is similar to the evening routine, but I also include writing in my gratitude journal in that one. Gratitude is also an important habit to develop!

Today I decided to use the oracle deck, “Healing With The Fairies” by Doreen Virtue for my daily card. Sitting at my meditation altar, I shuffle and ask the Fairies, what is the most important thing for me to do this week to promote healing and harmony in my life? The card I drew: “Quiet Time”

This card is affirming the importance of taking time each day for meditation! With 3 kids, my life can be hectic and noisy! Purposefully and intentionally spending time each day with quiet, silence; alone with my thoughts and feelings . . . this will be essential to my healing and overall well-being! Quiet time will benefit all three aspects of my being; the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit!
I share this with you, and hope you will be inspired and encouraged to carve out some quiet time in your life! 
Namaste and Blessed Be!