Identifying Blocks in your Solar Plexus Chakra

The chakras are part of our Energy Body.  Energy passes through the chakras, which in turn influence the flow of energy though our bodies.  This energy flow and each chakra will affect our emotional, mental, and spiritual well being, as well as our physical organs, glands, and endocrine system.
Today we’ll look at The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as “Manipura” and examine how this chakra influences your body and your energy.  Identify if you have a blockage or imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra easily with this basic guide!

Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra


The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above the navel and beneath the rib cage.  You can visualize it as a bright yellow glowing orb, like a miniature sun glowing right at the core of your being.  Emotionally and Energetically, this chakra rules over the sense of self – your individuality and how you express yourself outwardly.  Physically this chakra rules over the adrenal gland and the digestive system.
Below are common symptoms of the balanced or imbalanced Manipura Chakra.

*The physical and emotional symptoms of each chakra are inter-related, and are both a cause and effect.  While physical symptoms of an imbalanced chakra might be a side effect of the imbalance, they might also be a cause of the imbalance.  Meditation and energy healing can help you work on healing the energetic flow of the chakra, and other steps may be needed to correct or control physical symptoms.  Always talk to a certified health care professional about any health problems or concerns.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Balanced Chakra

When The Solar Plexus is Balanced &  Healthy

When the Solar Plexus is well balanced and healthy, a person will be comfortable with their individuality and have a strong self esteem and confidence in their abilities.  They will have an easy going and relaxed attitude when around other people, easily connecting with others in a positive way.  They are neither too introverted or too extroverted, and their confidence doesn’t overdevelop into a superiority complex.  Generally when the Solar Plexus Chakra is well balanced it is easy to be warm and kind towards others and yourself, and one will have both the energy and motivation to carry out their responsibilities.
Physically the digestive system is healthy and regular, and the adrenal gland operates normally, neither being too active or under active.  One with a balanced solar plexus is not generally over dependent on stimulants such as caffeine.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Blocked Chakra, imbalanced chakra

Emotional and Spiritual signs of an imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra

If The Manipura Chakra is over-active, one may be overly competitive or aggressive, or have anger control issues.  Overactive Solar Plexus may also cause one to be an over-achiever, fixated on winning or being the very best at something no matter what the cost to themselves or others.  And “all or nothing” attitude an be present, as well as a “My way or the highway” state of mind that alienates others.  This over-activity of the Solar Plexus can also make someone become a control freak or power hungry.
When the Solar Plexus is blocked or under-active, a person will usually have a low self-esteem and generally be reclusive, shy, or have social anxiety.  One may lack in motivation or the confidence to go about daily tasks, and always question their self worth.  Lacking in the confidence to make decisions for themselves, because they question or overthink their own decisions and also find it difficult to trust in themselves or other people.  A Blocked Solar Plexus chakra is often found in people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or victims of abuse.  Therapy and meditations aimed at rebuilding confidence and trust can be very helpful.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Blocked Chakra, Imbalanced Chakra

Physical Signs of an Imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra

An under-active or blocked Solar Plexus chakra might be the result of (or cause of) slow digestion, constipation, adrenal gland disorders, fatigue, weight gain, and depression.
An over active Solar Plexus chakra might be indicated by gastrointestinal disorders or IBS, Weight Loss, Adrenal Gland disorder, Hyperactivity, aggression, or anxiety.
Proper diet, getting enough sunlight and vitamin D, getting enough sleep and exercise, and medications or vitamins to help heal or control the physical symptoms will help you re-balance the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Energy work such as Reiki can be helpful as well.

Solar Plexus Chakra, Affirmations, Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Positive Affirmations for the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Choose one or two of these phrases and write them down.  You should say them to yourself frequently every day.  Repeat as a mantra for meditation, or say to yourself in the mirror every day.  Eventually the statement begins to feel true, and then it becomes true!

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Tiger’s Eye – Gemstone Profile

All About Tiger’s Eye – Gemstone Profile – Metaphysical Properties, meanings, and uses

Tiger's Eye, gemstones, metaphysical properties of Tiger's Eye, Tiger's Eye gemstone meaning, Tiger's Eye Gemstone uses
Polished Tiger’s Eye

Appearance: Gold, Yellow, Red, or Brown-Red with bands of metallic gray, black, or dark blue.  Opaque and translucent.  Often found tumbled and polished in pieces smaller than 2″ diameter or carved into shapes.

Geology: A kind of Macrocrystalline Quartz. A Pseudomorphic gemstone (meaning it started as one kind of mineral that has transformed into a different kind of mineral) Tiger’s Eye begins as Crocodolite that becomes embedded with Quartz and eventually the two merge and create Hawk’s Eye.  During the transformation, if more Iron Oxide is present, the stone will gain it’s reddish-brown or gold color, resulting in Tiger’s Eye.  (If less Iron Oxide is present, the blue hue of Crocodolite remains and this is the stone called Hawk’s Eye)

Chakras – Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Root Chakra

Astrological Signs – Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius

Key Words – Protection, Balance, Confidence, Strength, Grounding, Understanding, Wisdom, Discernment

Archangels – Gabriel, Jophiel, Sabrael

Deities – Solar Deities: Apollo (Greece), Ra (Egypt), Amaterasu (Japan)

Tiger's Eye Gemstone metaphysical meaningTiger’s Eye is a powerful combination of Earth Energy and Solar Energy – it is both activating and grounding.  It can help you to either be more grounded, or more active and expressive depending on what you need.  Tiger’s Eye unites the vibrant solar energy of the Solar Plexus, the spiritual wisdom of the third eye, and the grounding and safety of the root chakra.  You can pace it on any chakra to help energize and stabilize that chakra. or place it on the navel at the Solar Plexus Chakra to help balance and unite the upper and lower chakras.  Tiger’s Eye can also help with awakening and activation of Kundalini Energy.

Originally carried as a protective talisman, Tiger’s Eye is said to protect against curses, ill wishes, and the Evil Eye.  It can protect you from being the focus of someone’s anger, and also from your own anger becoming out of control as it helps you balance the anger with wisdom and grounding.

Tiger's Eye Gemstone Metaphysical MeaningTiger’s Eye can promote confidence and willpower – helping boost your self-esteem and believe in yourself.  It can help with goal setting and give the energy and follow through to accomplish ones goals.  Wear it or hold it when you need a boost of energy, Kundalini stimulation, or the need to “power through” a job or task.

Mentally, Tiger’s Eye helps to heal issues of self-worth, blocked creativity, depression, or “scatter brain”.  It can help to balance and focus the thoughts so you can see your true goal and come up with creative problem solving.  Tiger’s Eye will help provide clarity of intention, and to differentiate between what you really need vs what is wishful thinking.  It can help you recognize your own talents and abilities, and support you in making changes based on your own faults and weaknesses.  It can help stimulate the mind so it is great for studying, learning, active listening, and boosting your creativity.

Tiger’s Eye is said to help one overcome addiction, and combat depression or mood swings.

I hope you enjoy this outline about the many properties of Tiger’s Eye!

Blessed Be ~ Wendy


The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Making Your Self Care More Balanced

You’ve seen me talking a lot about “Self Care” on my blog, website, and social media.  This is because I truly believe that taking these small moments to care for yourself on a regular basis are really important in today’s busy and stressful world.  Most of us spend a lot of time working just to survive, and caring for others.  It seems like there is precious little time for self care, and society somehow has taught us that any time spent not being productive is lazy or selfish.  (This is especially true in American society, though I know other cultures place more value in down time and relaxation.)  I spent many years focused on working and raising my kids, feeling guilty any time that I wasn’t busy or productive.  What did that get me?  I was angry a lot, stressed out all the time, and lacking in a true connection to Spirit and my Higher Self.  I was cut off from my intuition, and thus cut off from being able to see the magick in life all around me. self care, self care tips

Eventually this resulted in both my physical and mental health deteriorating – causing even more stress!  “You need to take care of yourself!” wise people would tell me.  But truthfully, I didn’t know how.  I thought I was taking care of myself . . . but eating and bathing and brushing my teeth just wasn’t enough.  What more did I need?  Vitamins?  Exercise? What really was “Self Care” at it’s core?

self care, meditation, yoga, spirituality, self care tips I spent some time exploring this concept and finding that for me, Self Care needed to be balanced in three different areas.  I needed Spiritual Self Care, Physical Self Care, and Fun or Pampering Self Care.  If I just did one of these but left out the other two then I wasn’t really taking care of my whole self and all the complex needs of human life!  Spiritual Self Care came in the form of Meditations, Tarot or Oracle Card Readings, and learning about the Spiritual and Metaphysical things that interested me. Basically taking time to connect with Spirit, and develop my Spiritual Practice.  The Physical Self Care came by doing something that was healthy for me – exploring different herbal remedies and teas or tinctures, yoga practices, or making sure I was getting enough sleep.

Of course the basic self care of things like bathing, brushing my teeth, drinking water, etc needed to be included too.  For some people these things come easier, but if you have ever battled with clinical depression or anxiety you will understand that sometimes even these basic things get pushed aside and neglected.  Finally, the Fun, or Pampering kind of Self Care is needed too.  This is the kind of Self Care that people think of the most often, but also the kind that an be seen as selfish or a waste of time.  (I think part of that is because a lot of these self care practices have been sensationalized by capitalism and tend to be rather expensive.  Just think of how much it can cost to get a massage, get your hair or nails done, or spend time at a fancy Spa.)  There is also a tendency to think of these things as frivolous or a form of vanity – especially when the media is always pushing these stereotypical images of rich girls going to the salon; girls who are also in some way vapid, selfish, and vain.  This stereotype has made these acts of self care seem taboo or just silly to many working class Americans, but to be honest we all crave these activities on some level too.  This is because we really do need these occasional “treat yo’ self” moments!  We don’t have to shell out the big bucks at a salon or spa to do these things though.  We can take a nice relaxing bath at home, wear some fuzzy socks, drink some yummy tea and paint our fingernails for the same effect.  The thought I used to have was, “I don’t have time for that.”  That’s the trap though, because it doesn’t matter exactly what you do for Pampering – it’s the act of taking time for yourself that really makes a difference!

self care, self care tips, relaxation, stress relief tipsWhen you take the time to incorporate these three kinds of self care into your life on a regular basis, you are saying to yourself, “I am worth spending time with.  I am worthy of love and attention.” You are giving equal value to your Spirit, your Body, and your Self and in that way you are getting a more well-rounded and balanced picture of who you are and what you need.  You’ll still need to work and take care of others as you did before, but you’re more present and more energized for those activities, because you’ve taken time to recharge your batteries.  Not just the physical batteries that recharge with sleep and food.  But all the other parts of your being that need to be recharged too.

self care, tarot card reading, oracle card readingThe thing is, it took me a long time to figure this out, and even then I needed some guidance along the way.  Something to focus on helped, if I had a theme, or a specific challenge to work on or a goal for my self care.  Having accountability, or friends to cheer me on really helped too. I ended up wanting to help others with this self care in some way so I started reading cards professionally.  I also learned Reiki so I could help others with Energy Healing, and I sell and make other Self-care focused items like soaps, bath bombs, and mala necklaces for meditation.  Recently I was inspired!  I was thinking about all these things and how together, they could make a really complete Self Care package.  I know there are people out there like me, who know the importance of self care but may just need that little bit of inspiration and motivation to really take their self care deeper and touch on all three of these main areas each month.

That’s how I was inspired to bring you these Self Care subscription Boxes every month!  Including a card reading and some kind of meditation or ritual each month, along with some tools for Pampering and self care like a Bath Bomb, herbal tea, and possibly more, I want to offer you a well rounded package to help you take your Self Care deeper.  So I’ll be offering four different size packages each month.  You can decide what size package you want each month – or even to order at all that month!  You’ll get your personal card reading (by email) and then your package with other goodies that will encourage you and inspire you to spend some quality time with yourself!

I’ll have a fun spiritual theme every month, and special info to help you get the most out of your self care package!  So what do you say?  Are you ready to join me?

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Death (Tarot) and The Scorpio Full Moon

The Full Moon in Scorpio is coming up on May 10th and this full moon will be a particularly intense time for doing some Shadow Work.  Shadow Work is the concept of taking a close look at the parts of ourselves that we don’t willingly show to others… or even like to admit to ourselves.  Scorpio energy is all about this Shadow aspect of the psyche, as well as the shadowy aspects of culture and life in general.  In Scorpio’s influence, we are drawn to the darker aspects of life – such as death, the occult, endings, and anything that is mysterious or unseen.

Death, Tarot Card, Tarot Card Meaning, Death Tarot Card Meaning, Scorpio
Death – Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The tarot card associated with Scorpio is Death, and the archetypes and symbolism of this card resonate with the Scorpio Energy that we’ll all touch in some way during this full moon.  To make the most of this Full Moon and the deep soul work that can be done here, let’s take a closer look at the meaning of this tarot card.

Key Words: Endings.  Transitions.  Elimination.  Fate.  Inevitable Forces.  Cycles.  Sweeping Change.  Transformation.  The need for Liberation.  Severance.


There are certain changes and transitions in life that cannot be avoided.  The most obvious of these is Death – no matter what we do to try to avoid it, death is inevitable for us all.  Death holds the greatest mystery of all, although we have many theories and ideas about what happens after death – there is no way of knowing until we experience it.  We all die alone – meaning that even if we are surrounded by loved ones, we alone pass over into whatever lies beyond, and no one living can travel that with us.  For these reasons, death is feared . . . if for no other reason than it is a great unknown, and humans tend to fear the unknown.
From what we know of death in this physical world we have ascertained a few key things: 1) it cannot be avoided, and 2) it is part of the great cycle.  As we observe the decay of corpses, we have found that this decaying matter still holds within it energy – that is transformed through the process of decay and eventually becomes something that is useful to new lifeforms.  This basic cycle of life was observed by our ancestors and thus death became also associated with the possibility for new life.
In our lives, there are many cycles and changes that occur that are death-like in their patterns and symbolism… and these changes are what the Death card of the Tarot is usually teaching us about.  Some things are inevitable, and no matter what we did we couldn’t have prevented these things from happening.  But, like death, we usually have to pick up the pieces and move on. Then we usually find that after this profound change we have something new that grows – a new attitude or belief that has grown in the wake of this catastrophe.  Or a new journey of some kind that we wouldn’t have been able to take if the previous one hadn’t ended.  These are the moments embodied in the Death card.

the tornado approaches Dorothy’s House in “The Wizard Of Oz”

If you have ever been caught up in the path of sweeping change, going through the unavoidable and have been left somehow changed after the fact, you have experienced the energy of Scorpio and the Death card.  Perhaps this Full Moon is bringing about the culmination of some of these changes.  Or perhaps this is the perfect time to finish the Soul Work that you have been avoiding or putting off.  Sometimes we have these Death-card like things happen, and we put off really completing the cycle as we cling to what is trying to shift away.  There is that fear of the unknown again…. and as scary as it might be to let go and step in to the unknown, this needs to happen.  Otherwise you just get stuck in the stagnant, stuck in the decay – and don’t let yourself move on to what comes after.  Yes, we have to go through the murky swampy bits first though.

Dorothy steps out of her house, into OZ for the first time. from “The Wizard Of Oz”

So, with this Full Moon there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t get stuck in the murky mess of death, and can help this process move along.  Taking Action:  Ask yourself if you are concluding any unfinished business or bringing something to a close.  What do you need to do to end this chapter?  What do you need to do to eliminate the excess, or throw off old patterns that aren’t serving you anymore?  Do you need to cut ties to certain people, a job, or a goal that just isn’t working out?  How can you get back to the basics and the bare essentials in your life?  In what ways can you “start over”?  In some cases all you are really needing to do is accept your fate.  Accept that this is how things are now, and allow yourself space to grieve or feel the anger and loss, and then you’ll be able to begin to move on later.

You can explore all of this through thought and meditation, but I would encourage you to write things down.  Keep a journal of your thoughts and realizations, make lists of the things you need to DO and commit to doing them.  Work through your thoughts and feelings by writing them down.  Here are some journal prompts you can use to get started (or use the questions from the previous paragraph)

  • What am I feeling very intense feelings about right now?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What is my basic support system through a transition?
  • What is being transformed or changed?
  • What do I need to liberate myself from through the power of change?
  • What new growth will be possible through this transition?

Affirmation:  “I allow transformation and renewal in my life by letting go of all that no longer serves my growth.”

If you’re ready to show up and do the deep work that you need to do for your Soul’s growth, the Universe WILL show up to support you along the way!

If you want some help with this Shadow work, I am available for Tarot Readings!  This Full Moon Reading might be just what you’re looking for in terms of direction and support as you journey.  Be sure you sign up for my free newsletter to get updates about blog posts like this one, and other deals and special offers!

Full Moon Blessings,


5 Basic Tips for Reiki Students and Practitioners

5 Basic Tips to improve your meditation practice – for Reiki Students and Practitioners of any level!

1. Make time for meditation daily.

Meditation should be a core part of your lifestyle if you are a Reiki student or practitioner of any level. Taking time each day to tune in to your own body, observe your feelings and the flow of energy – this not only helps you be more in the flow of Reiki, but it is also crucial self care for any Light Worker. The type of meditation you do is up to you, and there really isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate! Just find what works best for you and be consistent!

2. Five minutes of meditation is better than not meditating at all!

Life happens, and it would be unrealistic to expect that your life will be predictable every day! So you might set your intention to meditate for 30 minutes a day – but eventually you will hit a day when this just feels impossible! Rather than skip a day completely, just scale back your time. Five minutes to check in with your Energy and get grounded. Heck, even two minutes of focused breathing! Once you skip a day, it is that much easier to skip another day, then the next day and the next…. But if you at least do the minimum, you’re more likely to see this time grow and get back into the swing of things!

3. Fake It Till You Make It!

“I’m just not good at meditating! I get distracted so easily. My mind is too busy, I can’t just turn it off!”  Does this sound familiar? Many people feel this way, you’re not alone! They key is – don’t give up! So what if you got distracted. So your mind wandered. Okay. Notice it, acknowledge that it happened, but don’t beat yourself up. Just resume meditating. Keep sitting there, going through the motions. If you sat on your cushion for 15 minutes, but only really meditated for 5 minutes (and the other 10 were distracted)… its okay! You still sat on your cushion for 15 minutes. Eventually you find you are spending more of your time sitting in meditation, and less of it being distracted. Fake It Till You Make It!

4. Create A Sacred Space in your home.

If you have a certain area that is designated only for meditation and Reiki, you will have an easier time meditating daily. Decorate this area with things that help you feel peaceful and relaxed. Crystals, candles, essential oils, spiritual items, etc. Keep this area clean and organized to avoid excuses for not using it. If you just meditate anywhere in your home, you are more likely to be distracted. Your bed is associated with sleep… and while it is okay to meditate at bedtime, the goal of daily meditations is not to fall asleep but remain awake. If you only meditate in bed you will start to associate meditation with sleep. If you meditate in the same place you pay your bills or do your homework, your mind will probably wander to bills and homework while you are trying to meditate. If you try to meditate on the couch where you also watch TV,  you might start thinking about your favorite show instead of meditating! You get the point. If you have one area dedicated only to meditation, then after using it consistently you train your brain to know, “when I am in this space, it is time to meditate.” Eventually when meditation is easier for you, you can meditate anywhere! But for the beginner who is trying to meditate daily, this tip really helps!

5. Keep a journal.

Write down your experiences. Record your successes, as well as the days meditation was harder. You can also track things like stress levels, health, your diet and exercise, etc. You will eventually start to notice some patterns that can help you understand yourself. For example you might notice meditation is easier for you at a certain time of day, or on days you have had enough excersize. You may find you have difficulty meditating too soon after ingesting caffeine or sugar. Women may discover there is a certain time of the month that your meditations naturally go deeper – and another time of the month that you just can’t seem to sit still for very long! All of these are important clues on your journey of self discovery and energy work. As you understand and notice the natural ebb and flow of energy in your personal life, you will begin to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. This will make you a better Healer and Reiki practitioner, as you will be able to set boundaries for yourself and others. Example, you’ve noticed it is harder for you to meditate the week after your menstrual cycle. Perhaps when your friend wants to schedule a Healing Session, you will know that’s probably not the best week for you to send energy, so you schedule for a few days later. You notice that your Energy is scattered if you have had caffeine within the last two hours. So when you have a Healing session scheduled,  you avoid caffeine for at least two and a half hours before your session. In this way, tracking your meditation with journaling can be extremely beneficial for Reiki Practitioners – not just for yourself, but for others!

I hope these tips help you with your Reiki practice! What other tips do you have? Share in a comment below! Meditation, meditation tips, Reiki, Reiki Tips, Reiki Course, Reiki Student, Reiki practioner, how to meditate

Meditation With Taurus

The sun is in Taurus from April 20th to May 20th and whether you are an astrological Taurus or not, this can be a good time to explore Taurus energy within your life.

Taurus Energy Profile:
Polarity: Yin, Receptive
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus (Beauty, Arts, Pleasure, Romance)
Astrological House: 2nd House (House of Money and Possessions)
Symbol: The Bull (strong, stubborn, protective, also gentle)
Tarot Cards: The Hierophant (Taurus) and The Empress (Venus)
Key Phrase: “I HAVE”

Taurus Key Words:
Affectionate, patient, stable, determined, practical, stubborn, resistant to change, sensuous, loyal, possessive, materialistic, preserving, established, reliable.

Ideas and Tools for your Taurus Meditation:
You may want to accentuate your Taurus Meditation with some of the following.  These can be placed on your meditation altar or around your bath tub if you are meditating in the bath.

Taurus, Venus, Astrology, Altar, Tarot Cards, meditation
my altar set up for meditation with Taurus and Venus
  • the beginnings of my Taurus Altar.
  • A journal and pen to write down your thoughts or experiences
  • Light Blue or Pale Green Candles
  • Image of a Bull or small figurine of a Bull
  • Image or figurine of the Goddess of Beauty, Venus
  • Flowers: Roses, Violet, Poppy, Honeysuckle or Apple Blossom
  • Incense or Essential oil of any of the above scents
  • The Major Arcana Tarot Cards of The Hierophant and The Empress
  • Gemstones: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine
  • This Taurus Bath Bomb if you are meditating in the Bath
Taurus,  Astrology, bath bomb, Green Aventurine
Taurus bath bomb with Green Aventurine gemstone inside

For your meditation, you can simply relax and think about the energies of Taurus and how you relate to those energies.  Do you relate to any of the key words in the Taurus Energy Profile?  Do you need to be more like a Taurus in some areas of your life?  Or could you perhaps be less like a Taurus in some ways?
Think about and listen to the messages of The Hierophant and The Empress.  The Hierophant cherishes structures and institutions, and he’ll protect these if necessary. He asks us to recognize that life, knowledge, and society is preserved within certain structures or institutions, and he looks to the past and his elders for guidance.  The Hierophant also values money and the process of gaining and saving wealth.  The Empress on the other hand finds value in things that are beautiful, artistic, and sensual.  The Empress is guided by her senses and seeks out things which bring her pleasure.  (Taurus can tend to be self-indulgent and often deal with addictions, cravings, or emotional eating).  What do these two cards have to teach you?  How do these two cards interact with each other and change each other, if the aspects were melded into one?

The energy of Taurus always reminds me of the Cartoon, “Ferdinand The Bull”.  Taurus has that sensual vibe of venus, and would love to spend their day relaxing in the sun and smelling flowers.  They don’t really like change, and will resist changes in their life – especially if these changes result in less time for them to do what they really enjoy.  Taurus isn’t really violent or angry – they won’t instigate conflict (because that’s not relaxing and doesn’t feel good!)  However, if they are provoked, they will react!  And then the offender better watch out!  Because if you have disturbed the Bull’s harmony, family, partner, or feelings of security they will trample you.  (And then go right back to enjoying their nap in the sun, smelling the flowers)

Tarot Card, The Empress Tarot Card, Meaning of The Empress Tarot Card, The Empress Tarot Card Astrology Tarot Card, Tarot, The Hierophant Tarot, Meaning of The Hierophant Tarot Card, The Hierophant Astrology

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and Journal about as you explore the energy of Taurus.
Journal With The Hierophant:
What rule or law do you feel you have transgressed?  How are you holding yourself accountable? Or who around you do you feel has broken a law or rule, and how do you hold them accountable for that? What traditions are you upholding? Why? What traditions or institutions are you rebelling against, and why?  What are you learning or what would you like to learn more about?
Journal with The Empress:
How are you indulging your senses?  Are you over-indulging or becoming dependent on something that feels good?  Do you need to pamper yourself or indulge your senses a bit more?  Who is inspiring or nurturing you?  Are you inspiring and nurturing others?  What creative projects are you working on?

Taurus, Astrology, Taurus Astrology, Astrology Reading, Astrology Chart

Want to take your Taurus Meditations even deeper?  You can order this in depth Tarot and Astrology Reading from me!  Explore the energy of Taurus and Venus in your life – whether you are a Taurus or not! A 7 card Tarot reading detailing how you relate to Taurus energies in your life, such as Sensuality, Money and Possessions, Creative Talents, Patience and Stability, and Jealousy. I will also look at your Astrological Chart to see what aspects of your life are most impacted by the energy of Taurus and Venus. This astrology reading will look at your 2nd house, planets that are in Taurus, the placement of Venus in your chart, and any important aspects to Venus or Taurus. Includes affirmations and Journal prompts for you to use for personal development, and a free bonus of digital coloring pages that you can print out to color as a meditation and creative release.  Order Now!

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Intensive Study Hall with the Planetary Retrogrades

I know that some people are looking forward to the end of Mercury Retrograde, and also feeling a bit apprehensive about the other planetary retrogrades we have going on right now.

Jupiter went retrograde on Feb 6th and will go direct again on June 9th.
Mercury went retrograde April 9th and goes direct on May 3.
Saturn joined went retrograde on April 16th and will go direct again on August 25th.
And Pluto joined the Retrograde party on April 20th and will stay that way until September 28th.

This can all seem like a great cosmic traffic jam at times, but don’t panic!

“Sorry About The Inconvenience” – Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Retrogrades provide us with an excellent time to slow down and dig a little deeper into our lives, rooting out the sources of problems, fears, or setbacks.  Each planet has lessons for us, and the Retrograde brings a magnifying glass to each planet’s lesson while simultaneously slowing down the progress within that lesson.  If life is a school and the planets are our teachers, a retrograde may be like getting an extra hour of study hall with that teacher (planet) to really help us zero in on our failings or issues within that class.  If we pay attention and make the most of that extra time, we should be able to improve our understanding of that class, bring up our grade, and develop a better relationship with that teacher.  So right now we’ve got FOUR different teachers pulling us into study hall for some extra work.  Retrogrades are also a time we can focus on Shadow Work – going within and examining the parts of ourselves that we repress, fear, and hide away.

Study Hall With Mercury

LEAN ON ME, Karen Malina White, Morgan Freeman, 1989, (c)Warner Bros.

Mercury is the most famous, as this planet goes retrograde three times a year.  The Inner planets (closer to the sun) have more affect on our day to day lives so the energy of a Mercury retrograde is strongly noticed.  As the planet of communication, day to day travel, and information, this retrograde has a bad rap for retrogrades resulting in computer problems, car or transportation problems, or missing important details.  As a teacher, Mercury’s lessons are about finding our voice, self expression, communicating clearly, planning efficiently for our travels and tasks, and activating our Throat chakra.  Professor Mercury may be bringing you in for extra lessons during this time to help you with one or all of these important life skills.  It’s a one on one class where you are being asked to do some shadow work and look at why you are struggling in these areas.  Why are you afraid of speaking your truth?  Why are you consistently late to events?  Why do you feel you are not a good public speaker or teacher to others?  Why are you always putting off following up with your clients, procrastinating with your paperwork, and generally lacking organization skills? Mercury wants to know why you don’t have your shit together, and will point out the ways you are self-sabotaging your own life. (these are just some examples of what Professor Mercury might be asking you in Study Hall, and he wants a thoughtful and honest answer.

Study Hall with Jupiter

Robin Williams in the movie “Dead Poets Society”

Jupiter is the planet of Luck, Expansion, and Growth, dealing with our biggest ambitions and goals. Always pushing the boundaries, Jupiter is like the Teacher that has some fun in the classroom, or takes the class out of the classroom to learn in a different environment.  They don’t always stick to the lesson plan, but encourage students to think big, express individuality, and challenge the norms of society.  Your Study Hall with Professor Jupiter is a time when they are asking you why you aren’t successful in your projects right now?  When you started this project it seemed great, you were inspired and motivated, so what happened?  Something obviously isn’t working because you used to love this class but now you dread it.  So with Jupiter Study Hall we’re gonna look at what isn’t working anymore, and see if there is a totally new and different way we can go about achieving our goal.  This might not mean scrapping the whole project and starting over, but you need to look at it again with fresh eyes and a new perspective.  Jupiter is one of those teachers that might ask you to stand on your desk, stand on your head, or take a jog around campus to get your creative juices flowing.  They’re gonna try to mix things up a bit to get your attention and get you engaged again.  This might not always be fun, and sometimes it will be messy, but the Shadow work with Jupiter Retrograde should leave you more focused and more excited about your dreams and life goals.

Study Hall With Saturn

Allen Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter

Yeah, Saturn is already known as “The Great Teacher”, and also “The Great Tester” and the Lord of Karma.  Study hall with Saturn can feel a bit more like detention at times.  Saturn’s lesson’s are about taking responsibility for the choices we have made, and learning life’s deepest lessons that we are here to learn.  There is some real important shadow work to be done here in terms of taking a close look at what we naturally avoid and the lessons held within.  With Saturn in retrograde, we may feel like we have already learned this lesson before.  “I did this already.  I turned it in last month”, you say.  “DO IT AGAIN” is Saturn’s stern reply.  Why are we facing the same road blocks, doubts, or fears again?  Why does it seem like this particular problem keeps coming up in our relationships, our job, or our psyche?  Because we haven’t truly finished with the lesson yet.  We may have solved the circumstances surrounding the problem in the past, but we didn’t finish doing the deeper work.  This is the work that actually shifts how we see ourselves and the world – and how we interact with the world changes once that shift is made.  Only then are we truly free of this repeating pattern of obstacles.  Saturn in Retrograde is urging this shadow work to happen now.  As frustrated and resistant as you may feel – keep in mind the Professor Saturn really has our best interest in mind as he pushes us through the dark corridor.

Study Hall With Pluto

Master Yoda – Star Wars

Ahh, yes, the very old, very diminutive teacher that is Pluto.  Speaking in riddles of the great mysteries of the intangible and spiritual realm, Pluto must be the Professor of Occult Mysteries and Ancient Spiritual teachings.  The far outer planets tend to teach us at a global level rather than a personal level, and Pluto’s movements through the cosmos will very much affect global attitudes and trends.  Pluto in retrograde causes some deep subconscious shifts that can transform us to new levels of power.  I chose the photograph of Yoda for this concept because as Luke finds himself in a murky underground bog learning the ways of The Force from Master Yoda this is a perfect metaphor for a Study Hall session with Pluto.  The skills and changes we learn here transform us, and we must face some fears along the way.  Meanwhile, the Empire seems to be getting more evil and more oppressive every day, and we may wonder what we are doing stuck here in this swamp with our meditation teacher when we should be out there doing something.  Pluto in Retrograde will give us all an opportunity to unlearn something we have learned – to let go of a belief or idea that is simply a construct which has held us back.  Once we complete this process, we can transcend the fears that society has taught us, and go back out into the world – now better able to be the teacher, guide, healer, light worker, or warrior that we are meant to be.

So are you ready to do some Shadow work with the teachers Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto?  I recommend A LOT of journaling, meditation, yoga, and self care over the next few months!  Write it out, dance it out, and follow up with bubble baths and tea.  Get out in nature as often as you can, with a pen and notebook.  Reiki can help greatly during this time, to help clear the energy meridians and chakras to make sure that you are really able to absorb and process the lessons of the great Cosmic Teachers.  Click here to learn more about the Reiki Healing sessions I offer (locally or distance sessions).  A Tarot or Oracle Card reading could also help you identify some of these lessons and how they are manifesting in your life, or some specific advice to help you make the most of your Study Hall!

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Faerie Friday – What does it mean to believe in Faeries?

As I am taking the Fairyologist course and reading many books about Faeries and working with them, my own understanding of them is deepening and expanding.  In discussing Faeries with others, I am often asked the question; What are the faeries?  Well, I think they can be different to everyone!  Depending on what your beliefs are, your experiences with them, and what your preconceived notions of faeries are – your experience of them will be different.  The first step in experiencing the Faeries, is believing in them!  Here is a journal entry I wrote yesterday as I meditated on the concept of believing in faeries.

What Does It Mean To Believe in Faeries?

     To believe in faeries is to believe in the unseen spirit world of plants, animals, water, air, earth, and fire.  It involves a basic animistic belief system which defines all of nature as having spirits – humans, trees, animals, and even rocks – and then a step further from animism even, to acknowledge the existence of other Nature Spirits; unseen entities who are closely bonded with the natural world, yet separate from it in the sense that they lack physical bodies.  These etheric beings can interact with the natural world, yet exist in a slightly different vibrational realm from what we see and know on this physical plane. I should note that I use the word “faeries” as an umbrella term for many different kinds of unseen Nature Spirits, and am not solely referring to beings known as “fairies”.
     Believing in Faeries is to awaken and embrace your Inner Child – seeing magic and wonder in all things around you.  For it is with this sense of wonder and mystery that we experience the world of faeries.  Believeing in faeries is to embrace the stories, myths, and legends – knowing that not only is there a grain of truth to all the old fairytales; but that the stories themselves give a shape and pathway for all the spirit beings to come to us and interact with us.

     The tiny Nature Spirits that watch over flowers existed long before the popular artistic images of tiny human-shaped beings with butterfly wings.  But the human imagination and capacity for story telling encountered these beings and felt their presence – and likened the essence of that presence to the image of a light, fluttering and delicate butterfly on the breeze, flying from flower to flower.  Through stories and art the “picture” of a Flower Fairy grew.  The image aligned itself with other people’s intuitive encounters, and then became broadly accepted because it worked!  The imagery fit with what others’ intuitive and empathic encounters with these Nature Spirits felt like.  So, through story and art; a fairy-shaped niche appeared in the cosmic consciousness and these Flower Fairies (Nature Spirits of flowering plants) found a relationship with humans. 
     The same pattern can be applied to all the Elementals or common Nature Spirits of the Faerie Realm.  The Faerie Royalty felt similar to our Gods and Goddesses, so those Fae took on the shape and form of Gods and Goddesses.  The dragons spirit form existed before humans, and indeed before humans described them as large, powerful, reptilian creatures.  Encounters with Dragon Energy leave people feeling awestruck; something that could only be described as “Big, powerful, wise”, maybe “temperamental,” and certainly “not human” – thus the dinousaur/reptile shape of the story rather than the small, humanoid story.  And thus, a dragon-shaped niche entered the human consciousness and gave us a way to describe yet another kind of Nature Spirit we encountered.
     As the human relationship with nature has changed, so did how we see the Nature Spirits.  When nature was something wild and untamable and humans struggled to survive vast forests, harsh winters, and were still heavily connected to agriculture and farming or hunting – this was refleceted in the way people saw Faeries / nature Spirits.  They were beautiful, respected, revered; and also feared.  The forest is beautiful and enchanting – but if you don’t respect it and understand it – you can easily become lost, wounded or even die. (That sentence almost perfectly describes many ancient tales of the faeries)  With the growth and expansion of Christianity, our relationship with nature changed.  It became popular belief that the salvation of your body from the harsh winter was less important than the salvation of your eternal soul; and that salvation came not from your relationship with the land and an animistic view, but from the forgiveness of a far-away God.  As Christianity spread, the old beliefs were frowned upon so the darker side of the faerie stories were used as “proof” that the Fey were demonic beings doing the workings of the Devil.  What may have once been a story of a deep connection and respect for the land and nature, became twisted into a warning to not stray from the emerging Monotheistic faith and it’s sole ability to save your soul. 
     Then as humanity advanced further into an industrialized world with technology and science – we further separated our consciousness from Nature and the natural world.  I think it is very interesting that as nature became something humans “conquered” with massive agricultural growth, shelter from the elements, and less direct dependence of the land (we still need the land, but our consciousness has separated from it as we can go to the grocery store for food instead of hunting for it) ; this is when the popular image of fairies as small, delicate creatures of flowers and wings became popular.  Nature became something we saw as under our control or less harmful and needing our care instead of something mysterious and even dangerous.
     Today, I think our relationship with nature should be a blend of respectful reverence and nurturing caretakers.  Thus, the way we see Faeries and relate to the Nature Spirits should also reflect this.  If we allow ourselves to experience the broad range of nature’s moods and personas we should encounter an equally broad range of types of nature spirits.  As we garden and care for the land in loving, nurturing ways, we will encounter the small Flower Fairies, pixies, and nymphs.  As we walk in wonder and reverence in a wild place such as a forest or mountain, we can encounter larger beings that share the wild deep untamed nature of that forest or mountain – such as Faerie Queens, Green Man, Dragons and Elves.
     To believe in Faeries is to look at the fairytales, myths, and legends in a new light – to see the truth and magick in them – and to make and tell our own stories!  Recognizing that story-telling and creating art is another way of communing with these spirit beings and welcoming them into our lives though imagination and inspiration. 

     To believe in faeries is the see and experience faeries!  Our beliefs shape our reality, and someone who doesn’t believe in faeries or says; “those are just stories and myths” will likely not experience encounters with the fae – as logic and ego can explain away the movement in the trees as a “breeze” and the light in the corner of our vision as “just a bug”.  But those who believe in faeries will see these things – Bugs and Breezes – as part of how the spirit world interacts with the physical world.  When you expect magic and believe in magic, you’ll see it and feel it all around you!
     Mostly the fae will appear to you in the way you believe that these encounters will happen.  Some people report actually seeing fairies, gnomes, leprachauns etc – an image that they swear is a being right there in front of them!  Some people may feel the presence of faeries and see them in their mind’s eye, or encounter them in meditations and dreams.  Other people may see faeries as encounters with nature itself; the feeling roused by a certain breeze, a feather or leaf falling in their path at a certain moment, a bird swooping close overhead or some other animal encounter.  All of these are valid and real ways of seeing and encountering faeries – and believing in faeries will mean that you are aware and in-tune enough with the natural world and the unseen Spirit realm that you will see, feel, and hear the faeries often!

Bedroom Magick – Sleep & Dreams

Here are some more ideas for further exploration of The Bedroom as a place of Magick. I discussed some of the magickal aspects of the bedroom in a previous post, and have included a post with spells for Sex and one for a Mindfulness while making the bed.  Let’s talk about Sleep!

Sleeping and Dreaming have long been associated with Magick.  They continue to be mysterious to us, even with more and more scientific studies emerging about sleeping and dreaming.   If you approach your time of sleep with an attitude of wonder, respect, and magick, it can increase the spirituality of this time for you.  Here are some correspondences and associations that go along with sleep and dreaming;

Sleep Magickal Correspondences
Colors; Silver, Blue, Purple, Indigo, White
Plants/Herbs; Catnip, Celery seed, Chamomile, Elder, Fennel, Frankincense, Gardenia, Lavender, Mugwort, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Valerian
Gemstones; Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Coral, Jade, Marcasite, Moonstone, Opal, Quartz, Sandstone, Selenite, Turquoise
Astrological Sign; Virgo
Planet; Mercury
Day of the Week; Wednesday
Element; Earth
Direction; North

Dreams Magickal Correspondences
Colors; White, Indigo, Purple, Lavender
Plants/Herbs; Basil, Bay Laurel, Copal, Frankincense, Gardenia, Horehound, Jasmine, Lavender, Mugwort, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sage, Witch Grass, Wormwood
Gemstones; Amethyst, Calcite, carnelian, Emerald, Jade, Mica, Moonstone, Selenite, Turquoise, Ulexite
Astrological Sign; Pisces
Planet; Neptune
Day of the Week; Thursday
Element; Water
Direction; West

Astral Travel
Colors; Silver, Purple, White, Black
Plants; Bay, Benzoin, Frankincense, Mugwort, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Sage, Skullcap, Vervain
Gemstones; Amethyst, Aquamarine, Calcite, Diamond, Ulexite
Astrological Sign; Scorpio
Planet; Pluto
Day of the Week; Tuesday
Element; Water
Direction; West

Make a Dream Pillow or a Sleep Pillow
Using the correspondences above, you can make a Sleep Pillow or a Dream pillow.  Get some cloth of the corresponding color for what you want (you may want to make one for helping you fall asleep, or you may want to make one for helping you remember your dreams or for promoting Lucid Dreaming or Astral Travel.)  Cut two six-inch squares of the fabric and sew them together, leaving one side open to add the stuffing. Fill half full with cotton batting or your fiber of choice.  Then add dried herbs of your choice from the corresponding list above.  You may also wish to tuck a gemstone or two from the list as well.  You can write a simple prayer or the word “Sleep” or “dream” on a small piece of paper and put that in the pillow as well.  Sew it shut after it is filled, visualizing your intent and the energy of sleeping or dreaming flowing into the pillow.  You may wish to place a couple drops of corresponding essential oil on the pillow.  For added effect, create your pillow on the day of the week associated with your intention, or when the moon is in the corresponding astrological sign.  You may also choose to bless or consecrate your pillow as you see fit. Keep the pillow on your bed and sleep with it at night. You can also make one for children for helping them sleep or for promoting peaceful dreams. 

Some recipes for Herb Pillows –

  • For prophetic dreams stuff with dried mugwort and nutmeg and use frankincense oil.  If you are sensitive or have many personal problems you may not want to sleep with this pillow often as it can bring about very intense dreams.
  • For headache relief or to guard against nightmares; 1 oz. lavender flowers, 1/2 oz. verbena, 1/2 oz. lemon balm, 1/2 oz rosemary
  • Men’s sleep pillow; 1 oz. lemon verbena, 1 oz. lavender flowers, a pinch each of thyme and mint
  • Cherokee Dream Pillow
    The following mixture is said to bring prophetic dreams.  Use dried herbs & flowers.  2 oz. lavender flowers, 2 oz. sage, 1 oz. ground orris root, 2 oz. deer tongue herb, 1 oz. cedar shavings, 2 oz. coltsfoot herb, 2 oz. sweet fern, 1 oz. violet flowers

Blessing Your Sheets To Promote Sleep
On a Wednesday or when the Moon is in Virgo, wash your sheets.  When you’re ready to put them in the washer place a couple tea bags of chamomile tea in a clean sock with some dried lavender or drops of lavender oil.  Tie the sock closed or secure it with a string. Place it in the Washer with your sheets and say;
Chamomile, Lavender work as a balm; Bring to my bed Peace and Calm!”
You can place the herb-filled sock in the dryer with the sheets also, and repeat the prayer.

Tea for Clairvoyant Dreams
You may want to drink this tea to accompany your Dream Pillow.
1 tsp. chamomile
1 tsp. mugwort
1 tsp. thyme
1 tsp. rosemary

Tea For Peaceful Sleep
You may want to drink this tea to accompany your sleep pillow, or any night right before bed.
equal parts (about 1 tsp. each)
peppermint, chamomile, catnip, valerian, skullcap, passionflower, strawberry leaf

Sleep Prayer
If you are having trouble falling asleep, you can repeat this prayer at bedtime or as you lay in bed
Sleep Come Easy
Sleep Come Fast
Sleep Come Tonight
and Through The Night Last

Some Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
If you have trouble sleeping, falling asleep, or experience insomnia, here are some tips to help.

  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.  Also avoid foods with added sugar.  Drink a calming, relaxing tea such as chamomile or passionflower.
  • Have a clean, tidy bedroom.  The energy in the room will be much more peaceful and help promote sleep if the space is free of clutter.  Also having your kitchen sink clean and empty before bed is said to help promote sleep.
  • If the “things I need to do tomorrow” keep you awake, make a list of things you need to do before you go to bed.  Having a list will help ease your mind and you won’t be so worried about forgetting these things. 
  • Take a walk, do yoga, stretch or do some Tai Ji before bed.  Peaceful movement will help bring your body to a more relaxed peaceful state.
  • Meditation.  Meditate for 10 to 15 minutes before bed.  With or without music, just dedicate some time to peacefully sitting in silence.  Focus on your breathing and relaxing your body.  The more you practice this the easier it will become.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night.  This helps your body establish a set sleep schedule.
  • Have a routine.  If you practice some or all of the above tips consistently before bed, then when you do them you’re sending the message to your mind and body that it is time for sleep.  If they don’t help the first few nights, keep going and be persistent and consistent.  Eventually when you have established a routine and keep a regular bedtime, you should have a much easier time falling asleep.

Spell; Invoke The Great Mother Goddess for Wisdom
You’ll need;
A blue or purple candle in a fireproof holder
Essential oil of Lotus (or Jasmine or Myrrh)
A small statue of an Owl (or a picture of an owl)
A journal and pen
A deck of tarot cards or a set of runes
optional; a dream pillow made with the correspondences above and cup of dream-promoting tea

Anoint the candle with the essential oil and place it in the candle holder.  Place the owl next to the candle and your deck of cards or set of runes on the other side of the candle.  Cast your circle or set the boundaries as you wish.  Call upon any Mother Goddess of Wisdom that you choose, (Isis, Hera, Athene, Frejya, etc) or simply call the Great Mother Goddess.  Meditate and simply talk with the Goddess awhile about why you seek wisdom and for what areas of your life you are seeking wisdom.  Write down in your journal these intentions and desires.

Light the candle and say;
Wise Mother, great counselor,
Teach me waking and sleeping.
Send me omens true and dreams wise.
Instruct me in your great wisdom.
I open my heart and mind to you, Wise Mother.
I ask for your all-knowing counsel and guidance
that Wisdom may come to me quickly!”

Lay out three tarot cards or runes in front of the candle and owl.  Write down any impressions, thoughts, and feelings that you receive while studying the cards.  When you are finished journaling your thoughts on your reading say;
Grant me skills of Clarity and Wisdom.
Great Mother, make me wise.
You who are both skillful and strong,
guide my steps, keep me from wrong.”

If you are including a Dream Tea in your ritual, drink it now.  When you are done, extinguish the candle.  Place the tarot cards or runes in a cloth bag and sleep with them under your pillow.  When you wake up, immediately write down anything you remember from your dreams.  Even if you don’t understand what the images meant.  You may choose to draw one tarot card or rune each day, and continue to journal your readings and your dreams for as long as you want.  You may light the candle and repeat the prayer each night before bed for as long as you like or until you feel like you have received the insight you are looking for. 

Natural Magick by Sally Dubats, The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington, Moon Magick by D.J. Conway, Mrs. B’s Guide To Household Witchery by Kris Bradley