New Moon in Leo – Strength & The Sun

The New Moon on Saturday will be in the fiery solar sign of Leo!  This can be a powerful time for manifesting your wishes – specifically those wishes surrounding personal goals that really embrace and highlight your personality.  Leo energy says “What do you really want?  Oh – that?  YES, GO GET IT, GIRL!”  If you can tap into the royal lion energy of Leo this new moon, you’ll not only know what you truly want, but that you deserve it.  This creative power resides within all of us at all times, and it will be amplified during this New Moon.  The down-side of Leo energy is that there is a tendency towards selfish or self-absorbed behaviors.  During this new moon, take time to examine your motivations and double check that you aren’t inadvertently pushing others into the dirt in your race to the finish line.  Also be aware of others possibly exhibiting this behavior, and give them a break by seeing that they are just seeking the same happiness and success that you are.  Forgiveness and Compassion will empower your creative manifestation at this time much more than greed or selfishness!

To help you understand the energy of Leo, you can learn about and meditate on these two Tarot cards – Strength and The Sun.

Tarot card meaning, Strength, LEO, astrology and tarot, tarot and leo Strength Key Words:
Strength, Patience, Compassion, Endurance, Confidence, Soft Control, Acceptance, Stamina, Trust, Control over Base Instincts, Perseverance

Leo Key Characteristics:
Generous, Honest, Courageous, Fun Loving, Self Expressive, Warm, Passionate, Attention seeking, Spotlight Lover, Dominating, Overbearing, Manipulative


    “The card Strength is related to the sign Leo, which, like the heart that represents it, symbolizes the center where the life force emanates, from which all energy flows and returns.  It is the creative individual energizing potential into reality.
As the natural occupant of the 5th house, which concerns creativity as well as children and pleasures, Leo is the sign of the personal ego, with strong needs for self expression and admiration.  As a fire sign, Leo refers to energy, action, and creative talent.  As the Fixed Fire Sign, Leo represents the Eternal Flame.
Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a natural leader, not easily discouraged, who will follow up with a great deal of persistence and devotion.  The Lion has long been an imperial symbol, appearing on the royal coats of arms and many noble houses of Europe.  Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents individuality, or the essence of Spirit.  In metaphysical terms it is significant of each person’s individual connection to the Light Source of the Divine.  Psychologically, the Sun represents the archetypal Father concept.”
~ M. J. Abadie, “The Everything Tarot Book”

In the imagery of the Strength card, a young maiden seems to be fearlessly harnessing and taming a Lion.  In some ways, the Lion represents our Ego and our base human instincts.  We all have within us some base survival instincts, as well as an Ego that distinctly experiences life through the lens of individuality.  (Thinking in terms of I, ME, MY, and how to achieve, succeed, grow, and WIN)  The Maiden in the card is the part of our inner self that can experience gentle discernment.  While there are certainly times that the natural survival instincts and competitive nature of our Inner Lion are useful and appropriate – there are other times when these reactions are less appropriate.  That’s where Strength comes in.  It’s the strength of self-control and personal responsibility.  Sometimes denying the “I, Me, My” mindset because there is a recognition in the need for the greater good of the community, the family, or others.  Other times the Lion may represent external hardships that we encounter – structures of society, boundaries that we must overcome, or perhaps authority figures.  It is important to note that the strength to overcome these boundaries or hardships represented in this card isn’t the brute and violent strength of the wild lion… it is the gentle strength of the Maiden.  Compassion, Gentleness, Faith, Trust, Creativity, Fearlessness and Courage.  This is how we overcome with Strength.  These traits are how we overcome the hardships that we face – both the inner battles and the external ones.

Leo is Ruled by The Sun, and the tarot card related to this celestial body is… The Sun!

The Sun, tarot card the sun, tarot card meaning, tarot and astrology

The Sun (tarot) Keywords:
Enlightenment, Greatness, Success, Vitality, Assurance, Freedom, Clarity, Rejuvenation, Child Like Happiness

The Sun (astrological) Key Characteristics:
Individuality, Father Spirit, Consciousness, Vitality, Willpower, Drive, Creativity, Grandiose, Prideful, Ego


“Astrologically speaking, The Sun represents individuality, or the essence of spirit – it is called The Light of the Soul.  In metaphysical terms, it is significant of each person’s individual connection to the Light Source of the Divine.  Psychologically, the Sun represents the archetypal Father concept, which may or may not have a direct relationship to the actual parent.  In physical terms, it is vitality.  The Sun is Life, energy, ego, and the desire to attain.
The sun is at the center of the solar system, and it is at the heart of the astrological chart, telling us what we are potentially, not necessarily what we are or what we will become.  The Sun determines the conscious sense of self, which is concerned with the life purpose derived from the life-giving energy of the divine Source.  The process of coming to consciousness is one that lasts a lifetime.  The Sun is at the heart of WHY you think you are here on Earth, WHERE you are going in your life, WHAT makes you feel important.  It speaks to your purpose in life, the sense of “I AM”.  ”
~ M.J. Abadie, “The Everything Tarot Book”

As you can see from these two tarot cards, this New Moon is a time of really digging deeper into who we are, what we want out of life, and how we determine to set out and achieve those goals.  Within this powerful space and time when the Moon and Sun are both in Leo, I hope you will find the courage and strength to say, “I AM” and then move forward with patience, compassion, and gentleness to embrace and embody all that you are!

Moon Journey With Tarot – Aries 3/27 – 4/25

We’re coming up on the New Moon in Aries on March 27th/28th and I wanted to share a look at this upcoming moon cycle.  Astrologically, the solar year begins when the sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.  The sun entering the New Year is the first day of the Vedic New Year as well. (This year the sun entered Aries on March 21 and it will soon be followed by the New Moon in Aries on March 28th.
As the earth awakens from her long winter slumber, now is a time for new beginnings.  Did your new year’s resolutions in January quickly fade away?  Now is a time to re-evaluate those goals and start anew.  You can look back on what didn’t work, and then breathe new life into those goals, or reframe them in a more suitable way.  Then get ready to breathe new life into those goals on the New Moon of April 26th!

When the Moon is in Aries, it is a great time for magic or rituals concerning matters of the self and your personality, beginnings of things and personal empowerment.  In the Tarot, Aries is embodied by The Emperor, who is a commanding authority figure with great confidence and wisdom.  The New Moon in Aries is an opportunity for us to connect with our own self-mastery or find ways to take control and be a leader of our own destiny.  The Emperor reflected in this New Moon can teach us to be Rulers of our own life; taking responsibility for our actions, being assertive when needed, and leading by example.

You can meditate or journal with this card or on archetypes of Aries to see what parts of your life you need to step into your power – or what areas you perhaps need to relinquish some power (A good Emperor knows he cannot control everything and everyone, but allows individual freedoms within his kingdom and delegates tasks or jobs to others).  Your intentions for this New Moon should be centered around ways you can find your own courage and strength to take charge of your life in new ways and access your inner fiery Mars energy.

Moving forward with the Waxing Moon, we find the First Quarter Moon in Cancer around April 3rd.  As the moon builds and grows more each night on it’s way to the full moon, our intentions from the New Moon are moving forward along with it.  At the First Quarter Moon we hit a sort of waystation between New Moon and Full Moon.  Here we find some balance as Cancer brings her watery and feminine energy in to temper some of that Aries fire.  Moon in Cancer is a good time to focus on matters of family, home life, and maternity issues such as fertility, nurturing, creativity and fertility.

The tarot card related to Cancer is The Chariot – which interestingly has a lot of Mars type energy in it too in the sense of determination, drive, and motivation.  Our chariot driver may be a warrior, but he is driven more by his emotions and instincts – rather than the hard control of the Aries Emperor.  At this time it is beneficial to ask yourself how you feel about the direction you are going, and let your creative and intuitive aspects take the reigns from here to the Full Moon.  You still have your goal and intention set at the New Moon, but now rather than pushing for this goal with strength and courage, you can more easily “go with the flow”.  Step out of your own way, and trust in the process – remembering that the journey is just as important as the destination.

April 10th brings the Full Moon in Libra- the astrological opposition of Aries.  While Aries is about Personal power and individuality, Libra is all about Partnerships and matters that involve other people.  Agreements we have made with others come under scrutiny as the light of the moon is shined down upon them, particularly highlighting places that lack balance or justice.  Your intentions from the New Moon will be manifesting here at the New Moon if you have worked on them and taken actions to bring them to fruition.  However, the Libra Full Moon will point out any imbalance in the power structure you have created, and urges you to make sure that your goals didn’t just benefit YOU – but also the whole and the greater good.  Libra is personified in the Tarot with the Justice card, who weighs the scales.  If you feel you have been knocked off your horse during this full moon, take some time to honestly look at your goals and the journey from the New Moon to the Full Moon.  If you stepped on anyone or upset the balance along your way, now is the time to right those wrongs.  Continue with your intentions and goals of the New Moon, integrating the lessons of Libra and Justice to bring about a more sound and sustainable outcome.

As the moon wanes and approaches darkness, it is a time of letting go of that which no longer serves us.  What have you learned in this moon cycle so far?  Manifesting isn’t just about attracting good into our life, but also letting go of the old in order to make room for the new.  On April 19th we encounter the waystation of the 4th quarter moon in Capricorn.  Earthy, wise Capricorn brings a big dose of practicality to the picture.  Think back to New Year and the resolutions we made at that time (The New Moon was in Capricorn just before January 1st).  What happened to those resolutions?  At this time with the Waning moon we can look at what has held us back and take steps to release those habits or attitudes that don’t serve us.  The moon in Capricorn particularly highlights aspects of life involving work or career, work ethic, and status.  Who or what is supporting us in our journey?  What can we do to prop up or give a signal boost to those things or people who help us?  What or who is holding us back, tripping us up, or causing us to lose our focus on the end goal?  What can we do to eliminate those from our life?  The World really is at our fingertips, and we need careful discernment and deliberation to decide exactly what we need and what we don’t need.  The lessons of The Emperor, The Chariot, and Justice can help us in this discernment process.

Finally, April 24th and 25th, we come full circle.  The Dark Moon (final stage of waning moon before the New Moon) is in Aries again.  Here we can encounter the shadow aspects of The Emperor.  What have we learned about power, control, and strength that made us uncomfortable?  Do we feel that we were successful in manifesting our goal at the New Moon?  Did you access your own inner Emperor, that Fiery Mars persona within you?  Did you find aspects of your life that needed this energy?  Did you find aspects of your life that resisted this energy, or needed balance and less control?  These are all things to consider as your meditate or journal through the Dark Moon.  Another New Moon is approaching and you will set a new goal – this new goal will be shaped by what you learned during this journey as well as the astrological influences of that coming cycle.


I hope you revisit this post often through this coming Cycle, and I look forward to hearing back from you as you process and experience this in your own way! If you want to really get in touch with Aries and Mars energy, I made these ARIES Astrological Bath Bombs!  They are reddish in color, like Mars.  The scent of Geranium Essential oil is both relaxing and mood lifting, promoting courage and vitality.  (Geranium are red flowers associated with Aries and Mars.  Inside of each bath bomb is a Carnelian gemstone which can be added to your altar or carried in your pocket to promote courage, self confidence, and vitality.  ORDER HERE.


New Moon In Capricorn and our New Year’s Resolutions

New Moon Blessings!  The moon entered it’s New phase around 1:00 am Thursday morning, in the sign of Capricorn.  I made this graphic to show some highlights of the Moon Cycle we just entered.

Time for dreaming and planning! Dream Big! This New Moon is a good one for your dreams & intentions for the whole year. Especially with things regarding your personal growth and pushing yourself to be your very best. You know that feeling of being motivated to change or better yourself that happens around New Year every year? It is largely from the Capricorn new Moon that happens right around our calendar new year.

Capricorn energy is all about self improvement – pushing yourself to do better, achieve more, and improve your status in life.  Go ahead and dream big and set those lofty goals for the New Year!  Capricorn lets you see your ultimate potential.  However, it is good the remember the Capricorn method of achievement is not one of instant gratification.  “Slow and steady wins the race” seems like a very Capricornian phrase.  Build on your goals and habits slowly.  Perhaps think in terms of what small changes you can make, and then work on adding one small change or habit every couple of weeks.  Give yourself time to solidify one habit before jumping into the next. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is known as the great tester or the lord of Karma, so don’t expect these goals to go unchallenged!  Capricorn’s lesson is often about flexibility and adaptability.  If one method isn’t working, ditch it and try a new approach.  If one habit isn’t sticking, change that up too.

January is named after the Roman God Janus, who is guardian of doorways. He has two faces – one looking back to the past, and one looking forward to the future. As we pass thru the door from one year to the next, we look back with a degree of honesty about what didn’t work. And look forward and see potential within ourselves and want to push ourselves to be our very best. (a very Capricorn mode of thinking)

But to use the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” it is good to remember as we set goals that positive changes that stick are made slowly and gradually with great care.
Mercury is still retrograde, but will go direct again a few days before the full moon. That will be the perfect time to begin making changes or starting new things that relate to your goals.  From now until the January 9th, focus on pinning down exactly what your goals are.  Create some positive affirmations or a sankalpa to repeat daily to help you feel good about your goal.  You may even want to create a Vision Board or Dream Board… it’s up to you.

Write down your goals and then write down a list of the small changes you can make to acheive this goal.  Don’t try to jump in fully and make all these changes at once!  Just pick a starting point and be ready for it once Mercury goes direct!  Meanwhile your positive thinking and dreaming is planting the seeds during the new moon.

I found this great graphic at Energy Muse showing how to follow your intention and goal setting process through the moon phase… starting at the new moon and ending at the dark moon (and then repeating again.

Best Wishes for a lovely Moon Cylce and a Happy New Year!