Making Your Self Care More Balanced

You’ve seen me talking a lot about “Self Care” on my blog, website, and social media.  This is because I truly believe that taking these small moments to care for yourself on a regular basis are really important in today’s busy and stressful world.  Most of us spend a lot of time working just to survive, and caring for others.  It seems like there is precious little time for self care, and society somehow has taught us that any time spent not being productive is lazy or selfish.  (This is especially true in American society, though I know other cultures place more value in down time and relaxation.)  I spent many years focused on working and raising my kids, feeling guilty any time that I wasn’t busy or productive.  What did that get me?  I was angry a lot, stressed out all the time, and lacking in a true connection to Spirit and my Higher Self.  I was cut off from my intuition, and thus cut off from being able to see the magick in life all around me. self care, self care tips

Eventually this resulted in both my physical and mental health deteriorating – causing even more stress!  “You need to take care of yourself!” wise people would tell me.  But truthfully, I didn’t know how.  I thought I was taking care of myself . . . but eating and bathing and brushing my teeth just wasn’t enough.  What more did I need?  Vitamins?  Exercise? What really was “Self Care” at it’s core?

self care, meditation, yoga, spirituality, self care tips I spent some time exploring this concept and finding that for me, Self Care needed to be balanced in three different areas.  I needed Spiritual Self Care, Physical Self Care, and Fun or Pampering Self Care.  If I just did one of these but left out the other two then I wasn’t really taking care of my whole self and all the complex needs of human life!  Spiritual Self Care came in the form of Meditations, Tarot or Oracle Card Readings, and learning about the Spiritual and Metaphysical things that interested me. Basically taking time to connect with Spirit, and develop my Spiritual Practice.  The Physical Self Care came by doing something that was healthy for me – exploring different herbal remedies and teas or tinctures, yoga practices, or making sure I was getting enough sleep.

Of course the basic self care of things like bathing, brushing my teeth, drinking water, etc needed to be included too.  For some people these things come easier, but if you have ever battled with clinical depression or anxiety you will understand that sometimes even these basic things get pushed aside and neglected.  Finally, the Fun, or Pampering kind of Self Care is needed too.  This is the kind of Self Care that people think of the most often, but also the kind that an be seen as selfish or a waste of time.  (I think part of that is because a lot of these self care practices have been sensationalized by capitalism and tend to be rather expensive.  Just think of how much it can cost to get a massage, get your hair or nails done, or spend time at a fancy Spa.)  There is also a tendency to think of these things as frivolous or a form of vanity – especially when the media is always pushing these stereotypical images of rich girls going to the salon; girls who are also in some way vapid, selfish, and vain.  This stereotype has made these acts of self care seem taboo or just silly to many working class Americans, but to be honest we all crave these activities on some level too.  This is because we really do need these occasional “treat yo’ self” moments!  We don’t have to shell out the big bucks at a salon or spa to do these things though.  We can take a nice relaxing bath at home, wear some fuzzy socks, drink some yummy tea and paint our fingernails for the same effect.  The thought I used to have was, “I don’t have time for that.”  That’s the trap though, because it doesn’t matter exactly what you do for Pampering – it’s the act of taking time for yourself that really makes a difference!

self care, self care tips, relaxation, stress relief tipsWhen you take the time to incorporate these three kinds of self care into your life on a regular basis, you are saying to yourself, “I am worth spending time with.  I am worthy of love and attention.” You are giving equal value to your Spirit, your Body, and your Self and in that way you are getting a more well-rounded and balanced picture of who you are and what you need.  You’ll still need to work and take care of others as you did before, but you’re more present and more energized for those activities, because you’ve taken time to recharge your batteries.  Not just the physical batteries that recharge with sleep and food.  But all the other parts of your being that need to be recharged too.

self care, tarot card reading, oracle card readingThe thing is, it took me a long time to figure this out, and even then I needed some guidance along the way.  Something to focus on helped, if I had a theme, or a specific challenge to work on or a goal for my self care.  Having accountability, or friends to cheer me on really helped too. I ended up wanting to help others with this self care in some way so I started reading cards professionally.  I also learned Reiki so I could help others with Energy Healing, and I sell and make other Self-care focused items like soaps, bath bombs, and mala necklaces for meditation.  Recently I was inspired!  I was thinking about all these things and how together, they could make a really complete Self Care package.  I know there are people out there like me, who know the importance of self care but may just need that little bit of inspiration and motivation to really take their self care deeper and touch on all three of these main areas each month.

That’s how I was inspired to bring you these Self Care subscription Boxes every month!  Including a card reading and some kind of meditation or ritual each month, along with some tools for Pampering and self care like a Bath Bomb, herbal tea, and possibly more, I want to offer you a well rounded package to help you take your Self Care deeper.  So I’ll be offering four different size packages each month.  You can decide what size package you want each month – or even to order at all that month!  You’ll get your personal card reading (by email) and then your package with other goodies that will encourage you and inspire you to spend some quality time with yourself!

I’ll have a fun spiritual theme every month, and special info to help you get the most out of your self care package!  So what do you say?  Are you ready to join me?

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The Perfect Lavender Bedtime Routine!

Oh lovely Lavender!  Lavender flowers and essential oils have so many benefits and are certainly among my favorite plant.  It is widely recognized as a relaxing and calming scent and recommended often as aromatherapy treatment for anxiety and insomnia.  (With scientific based studies backing up the claim that it helps slow the heart rate and promote better sleep)  For sleep, improved mood, and decreased anxiety or nervous tension, Lavender has been proven to significantly promote relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system, reduce heart rate, reduce pain levels, and improve cognitive function.

There are other perhaps less well known benefits to lavender as well.  It has also shown to be beneficial to the skin as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which can help soothe, protect, and heal the skin and even help treat and prevent acne.  Lavender can help improve digestion, restore hormonal imbalances, improve urinary tract function, reduce muscle pain, and it is even a natural bug repellent! (Read this article for more details.)

I love nothing more than Lavender aromatherapy before bed time to help me wind down and prepare for sleep.  I thought I would share with you the “Ultimate” Lavender Bedtime experience that you can have at home!  (This would be my ideal Lavender Pampering Routine, though I may not do all the steps included here all the time, so pick and choose what you’d like to try!)

I would begin by putting some lavender essential oil in a diffuser in my bedroom (or light some lavender incense) so that my bedroom will smell nice and lavender-y when I am done with my bath or shower.  Jade Bloom has a fantastic Lavender essential oil.  A couple drops on your pillow case are a nice touch as well (or add a few drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle of water and lightly mist your sheets and pillow).

Grab your favorite clean pair of pajamas, you can even spray a light mist of water with lavender oil onto your pj’s to have them smelling nice too.  (Pro Tip – Put a couple drops of lavender essential oil on a clean sock and put it in the dryer with your load of laundry!  It will make your whole load of clothes smell like lavender!)

Get some hot water going and a tea cup for your favorite bedtime tea!  For the ultimate Lavender bedtime experience I would use Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Lavender tea (yum!)  I usually get my tea ready before my bath or shower so it can steep and be ready for me to drink afterwards.   I use a thermos style mug with a lid so it stays warm.

When you’re ready for your shower or bath, grab your Field Better Soon Chunk Bar from Perfectly Posh.  I love this chunk bar so much!  It’s a BIG, vegan bar of soap made with Palm Kernel Oil, Glycerin, Lavender essential oil, lavender flowers, and oatmeal.  I don’t leave mine in the shower or edge of the tub, it will last longer if you take it out and store it in a cool dry place between uses.  In the shower or bath, I use a Shower Pouf sponge with the chunk bar and it makes SO MUCH foamy lather!  Wash from head to toe including your face and let the lavender and oatmeal soothe and calm the skin while the relaxing aroma helps calm your senses.  Your skin wil be so soft and nourished from this amazing chunk bar.  If you shave, you can use the chunk bar for that too!  Just use the lather from the soap instead of shaving cream and you’ll get a nice smooth shave every time.

If you are taking a bath and not a shower, check out these Lavender Bath Bombs hand made by yours truly!  With nourishing mineral oil, and skin softening epsom salts this bath bomb makes your bath water silky soft.  Loaded with pure Lavender Essential Oil and some glitter just for fun, this takes your Lavender bath experience to the next level!

If you have a favorite lavender scented shampoo and conditioner, you could add that to this routine too.  I love layering on the lavender scent in every possible way, so that’s just an idea if you are going for the Ultimate Lavender experience!  If you don’t have that, just use your regular shampoo and conditioner.

The next step comes after your shower or bath, but before you dry off! Good Hydrations In Shower Body lotion is a really unique moisturizer!  It is a lotion that works best when applied to wet skin!  Did I mention it is Lavender scented?  This concentrated and thick body lotion has coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, and lavender essential oil to nourish your skin and lock in all the moisture from your bath or shower.  The warm water has opened up your pores to let all the goodness in, so grab this lotion before you grab your towel!  Smooth generously all over for baby soft skin and another blast of lavender aromatherapy – you’ll feel pretty close to lavender bliss at this point!

Now you can grab your towel and dry off, dry your hair  (I blow dry my hair so I don’t get cold in bed with wet hair) and put on your favorite pajamas you had selected.  Mine are a lavender purple fleece pair of pajamas and yes, I am that person who wants to wear the color lavender to match the lavender scent of my pampering night!  Once you are dry, you’ll want to make sure you pamper your face with a nice face creme or moisturizing oil, since the Good Hydrations was a body lotion but not a face lotion. A face moisturizer is a great compliment to your daily face care rourtine as it helps improve elasticity, prevents premature aging, keeps the skin on your face from drying out, and actual helps balance the natural oils in your skin to prevent acne and correct overly oily skin.   Night & Day You Are The One is an amazing vegan facial moisturizer with Aloe Vera, Lavender essential oil, glycerin, and olive oil.  You can smooth just a tiny amount of this on your face before bed and let those healing ingredients do thier work while you sleep! Or you might like Call It A Night Nighttime Face oil.  This face oil is a blend of essential oils and botanical extracts perfectly blended to create the perfect gentle overnight moisturizer for the delicate skin on your face.  With ingredients like Evening Primrose oil, rosemary, lime, lavender, jojoba, ginger root, and sunflower seed oil, a small amount of this oil spread over your face before bed will soak into your pores overnight for extra smooth, healed skin in the morning.

Now you’re all Lavender blissed out and probably feeling cozy and relaxed, ready for bed!  Your tea is waiting for you, and your bedroom should be filled with nice lavender scent from the incense or oil diffuser you started before your shower.  Here is just one more thing you might like to use before you crawl into bed (I actually like to keep mine right next to my bed!)
It’s the Sleepy Sleep Skin stick!  This is a solid lotion bar of shea butter, beeswax, and Lavender Essential oil.  You can slide the stick over any dry patches of skin, on the bottoms of your feet, on your pulse points, over your forehead and temples, or on your chest.  The lavender scent will slowly release with the warmth of your body, and it will soak into your skin to soothe away muscle pain, dry skin, and help you relax even further down into a peaceful night’s sleep.  You can also apply the skin stick during the day any time you are feeling anxious and just need a little lavender to help calm you.  Great for kids and babies too, as a safe and natural lotion to hep them relax before bed or a nap.

Crawl into bed with your tea and your book, and enjoy the time that you are feeling so relaxed before you drift off to sleep!
* I do hope you will try out some of these products (or go “ultimate” and try them all)!  You deserve to have a night of pampered Lavender Bliss, and with these products you could have a great many nights like this one!  Orders from Perfectly Posh help support me directly too – as an independent consultant I get paid a commission for your orders!  This is used for regular life stuff like helping me pay the bills and feed the kids, so that’s another way reason you can feel good about this purchase!  Just make sure you use the links provided in this blog post, and it should show “Wendy McDowell” as your consultant on the Posh website!  You also support me directly with orders from my Etsy shop (such as the bath bomb listed above)

Deal Of The Week 3/20 – 3/26

Spring Equinox Tarot and Oracle Card Reading
The Vernal Equinox is a great time for setting new goals, starting over, and evaluating your dreams for the future. What seeds are you planting in your life as you move into spring? What patterns or energies do you need to let go of to “weed out of the garden”? What energies do you need to bring into your life to “fertilize the soil”? We will examine these concepts in a multi-deck reading. I will use The Fairy Tarot and the Earth Magic Oracle cards to conduct your reading. After chatting with you via email or instant messenger, I will consult the cards and write your full reading in a report which I will send to your email, complete with pictures of the cards!
I am so honored to help you take an in depth look at your current path and to share insights for you to be able to move forward with clarity and empowerment. Blessed Be! Happy Spring Equinox!


Good Hydrations In-shower Lotion

$1.00 off this amazing Lavender Body lotion this week only!  Warm water from your shower or bath opens up your pores so they soak up all the nutrients from this lotion.  It is very concentrated, so you spread it on while your skin is still wet!  Soothing scent of lavender relaxes your senses, while coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, and Cupuaçu butter soften, heal, and moisturize your skin.
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