Bathroom Magick – Banishing

Bathroom Magick – BANISHING

You may not think of your bathroom as a very magickal place, or a place to do spells other than Ritual Bathing.  Check out my previous post about the Bathroom and see some ideas and tips for thinking of your bathroom as a sacred space (along with tips for cleaning it)

One type of magick that is perfect for the bathroom is Banishing.  As this is where we quite literally wash away dirt and grime, and ermmm… “release waste and toxins” from the body, we already have subconsciously related the bathroom to Banishing.  Let’s bring that correspondence to our conscious mind and utilize this space for some magick!

  • Pretty obviously, you can set the intention to banish or release stress and negativity every time you wash your hands and face or take a shower or bath.  You could even choose a soap that is infused with an oil or herb with banishing qualities and bless that soap with the intention of removing negativity every time you use it.  You can find soaps or face washes with Aloe, Blackberry, Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, Raspberry, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Tumeric, and Witchhazel – all of these have banishing properties as well as benefits for the skin!
  • For washing away a bad habit, get a bar of soap and carve the name of the bad habit deeply into the soap.  Use the soap every day during a waning moon cycle and as the words carved in the soap fade so will your bad habit.  (intention and willpower are also important here!)  When the words have faded completely, throw the remaining soap away.
  • Detox – find some bath salts, face mask, or body mud that have detoxifying properties.  As you use these products, visualize the product not only drawing toxins out of your skin – but drawing out negativity and stress too.  Light some candles and bring some gemstones in your bathroom that absorb negativity – like Obsidian, Onyx, or Black Agate. (check out these awesome detox bath and skin products!)
  • Flush it! For a quick banishing spell, write down what you want to banish on some toilet paper.  Examples; “stress”, “debt”, “illness”, “depression”.  Sprinkle some banishing herbs or spices on the toilet paper, wad it up and Flush it down the toilet!  This can be really empowering as you visualize your problem being flushed away.  Add some power by saying,
    “Problem of mine, you cannot stay
    Problem be gone, flushed away!”
Thanks for reading!  Do you have more ideas for banishing spells that can be done in the bathroom?  Leave a comment!
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Beltane & The Fairy Folk

For the Northern Hemisphere, the Wheel of the year turns now to Beltane – the first celebration of Summer.  (April 30 – May 1)  In the Southern Hemisphere they will be celebrating Samhain and their Beltane celebration occurs on October 31 – November 1. 

Beltane, or May Day is a joyous celebration of life, fertility and growth.  The crops planted in spring are beginning to bud, flowers are blooming, livestock is mating – it’s all about the creation of life in it’s many forms.  It’s no wonder that this special celebration has close ties to the Fairy kingdom and Elementals – as the workings of the guardians of earth, animals, and plant life are so abundantly clear to us at this time.

Beltane is the celebration of the Union of the broadest aspects of nature – the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  Mythology and Archetypical Fairytales tell of the Union between The Maiden Goddess and The Horned One – as the Goddess (Earth) is impregnated by the fertile seed of the God.  Thus, the overwhelming theme of this celebration is Sex, Romance, Fertility, and Union.

With fires lit across the land, a couple leaps whilst hand in hand, to mark their union and this rite, for they know tonight’s the night! As they run into the darkened wood, and find a grassy glade they should, remember well of who’s around, for bands of faeries all surround, the couple as they consummate, the faeries cheer and seal the fate, of plants and flowers, shrubs and trees, whilst the God’s upon his knees, impregnating the mother to be, from sowing deep his natural seed. And so in time the Goddess will birth, the magic that’s nature, on this Earth.’
Quote from Way of The Faerie Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters
Embracing the powerful flow of the Creative nature of the universe is possible at this time, and in allowing ourselves to truly connect with the Turning of the Wheel we must simply look around at all the new growth happening in nature around us; and then recognize that our own spirit is reflecting that fertile creative landscape.  Ask yourself – what Union within my life am I celebrating?  What growth is happening within me – and what can I do to further help that growth?
Connecting with the Faerie Realm can help us re-connect with this part of the Natural Cycle.  It’s easy in today’s society to feel disconnected from Nature.  Get outside, tend to your garden, yard, or potted plants, and express joy and fascination with the miracle of life happening all around you.  It is said that at Beltane, the veil between the worlds is thin, allowing us to more clearly see and hear the Faery Folk.  Spells and Magick or rituals involving honoring the Fae, calling them, seeing them, and working in harmony with nature – all are perfect for Beltane!  Make sure as part of your ritual, or before your ritual, you spend time in nature tending the plants or picking up litter; or even joyfully singing and dancing!
Beltane Eve Fairy Spell
Perform this ritual at Dusk on Beltane Eve (April 30)
“Gather together violets, clover, and St. John’s Wort.*  Violets are a fairy favorite, clover is for prosperity and luck, and the St. John’s Wort will protect you from falling under a fairy enchantment (or being Fairy-led).  Gather these plants together and tie them with a green ribbon.  Take the bouquet to the garden or a place in nature.  Blow the Fairies and kiss, and leave the plants as a gift.  Sit for awhile in the garden or place in nature, and meditate.  Breathe in the air.  Notice the scents.  The different plants around you.  The temperature, the breeze.  When you feel you are fully connected with the nature around you, say:
Fairies from far and wide,
I offer you a gift.
tied up in green for luck,
and sealed with a kiss.
I can sense you,
if I’m pure of heart.
Bless me with luck and Fairy-Sight
to boost my Healing Art.”
Blow them another kiss, relax and wait to see if they reveal themselves to you.  Don’t fret if you don’t see them this night – try again in the morning and evening of Beltane.  Listen to any messages the fairies may have for you – sometimes they have a special mission or task for you to complete before they will reward you with a visit!”
(Adapted from an article by Ellen Dugan)
*If you can’t find or access the specific plants mentioned here  – substitute something different!  Trust your intuition to guide you to certain plants that you think the Fairies would like – and add any protective plant you can find for good measure!
Celtic Legend of Beltane and the Fey
“This was the Celtic beginning of summer, and also marked an important transition for the people of Faerie, for this was the time when the Milesian Celts landed on the shores of south-west Ireland.  With this, the last of the magical peoples (the Tuatha de Danaan) receded from the world of humans into the Hollow Hills and became the people of the Sidhe.  However, they and the other Fairy folk have not gone very far.”  (from The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)  Legend holds that the veil between the land of the Sidhe and the Human world is thin twice a year – at Beltane and again at Samhain – and these are times when it is easy to see and communicate with the realm of Spirit and Elementals.” (from The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)
Welsh Legend of Beltane and Rhiannon the Fairy Queen
“Welsh legend tells how the hero Pwll saw the Lady Rhiannon riding past him at Beltane and, after pursuing her, he eventually won her.  Rhiannon is one aspect of the Fairy Queen, riding on her white horse between the worlds.  As you sit quietly outside on a bank in the late spring dusk, listen for the sound of her horse’s hooves and open your eyes to the shimmer of her sea-blue cloack.  When Rhiannon touches your hear, she will fill it with love and inspiration.” (from The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)

Sunday Magick

Sundays are ruled by The Sun and are associated with Solar energy. On a Sunday you can empower your life and magick by accessing this masculine, fatherly, solar energy in your rituals or meditations.

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Red
Deities: Apollo, Ra, Horus, Sol, Atum, Helios, Amaterasu

Archangel Michael

For Meditations or Rituals on a Sun-Day focus on: Fathers, Masculine Energy, Authority Figures, Leaders/Leadership, Power, Prosperity, luck, vitality, energy, money/wealth, growth, protection, courage, strength, self preservation, the self/Ego, fire magick, candle magick, solar magick, life force, willpower.

The Sun is the Ego – or the self that we show outwardly to the world. In terms of the home – this is our front yard, the porch, windows, doorways, and entryway. Sundays are a good day to clean up and bless these areas of the home – like cleaning ourselves up before a date or interview; these outer parts of our home are the “first impression” of the home for visitors, friends, family and even yourself!

The windows are where the sunlight enters the home, so cleaning and blessing these can help us welcome Solar energy into our homes. Clean the windows and windowsills while focusing on the intention of your desire flowing into the home (luck, prosperity, protection, etc – choose your intention from the list above!)

Yard Work or a barbeque (if weather permits) are good ways to honor Fire energy while also blessing the home, yard, and self.

Sun-days are also a good day to honor the ancestors – especially male ancestors or strong leaders, soldiers, and fathers on the family tree. Honor the living male family members too – clean up or bless a part of the home they use the most, or cook them a special meal or help them with a project.

Sun Magick can be done in so many ways around the home. Use the above suggestions to create your own Sun-Day rituals and home blessings.

Bedroom Magick – Sleep & Dreams

Here are some more ideas for further exploration of The Bedroom as a place of Magick. I discussed some of the magickal aspects of the bedroom in a previous post, and have included a post with spells for Sex and one for a Mindfulness while making the bed.  Let’s talk about Sleep!

Sleeping and Dreaming have long been associated with Magick.  They continue to be mysterious to us, even with more and more scientific studies emerging about sleeping and dreaming.   If you approach your time of sleep with an attitude of wonder, respect, and magick, it can increase the spirituality of this time for you.  Here are some correspondences and associations that go along with sleep and dreaming;

Sleep Magickal Correspondences
Colors; Silver, Blue, Purple, Indigo, White
Plants/Herbs; Catnip, Celery seed, Chamomile, Elder, Fennel, Frankincense, Gardenia, Lavender, Mugwort, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Valerian
Gemstones; Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Coral, Jade, Marcasite, Moonstone, Opal, Quartz, Sandstone, Selenite, Turquoise
Astrological Sign; Virgo
Planet; Mercury
Day of the Week; Wednesday
Element; Earth
Direction; North

Dreams Magickal Correspondences
Colors; White, Indigo, Purple, Lavender
Plants/Herbs; Basil, Bay Laurel, Copal, Frankincense, Gardenia, Horehound, Jasmine, Lavender, Mugwort, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sage, Witch Grass, Wormwood
Gemstones; Amethyst, Calcite, carnelian, Emerald, Jade, Mica, Moonstone, Selenite, Turquoise, Ulexite
Astrological Sign; Pisces
Planet; Neptune
Day of the Week; Thursday
Element; Water
Direction; West

Astral Travel
Colors; Silver, Purple, White, Black
Plants; Bay, Benzoin, Frankincense, Mugwort, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Sage, Skullcap, Vervain
Gemstones; Amethyst, Aquamarine, Calcite, Diamond, Ulexite
Astrological Sign; Scorpio
Planet; Pluto
Day of the Week; Tuesday
Element; Water
Direction; West

Make a Dream Pillow or a Sleep Pillow
Using the correspondences above, you can make a Sleep Pillow or a Dream pillow.  Get some cloth of the corresponding color for what you want (you may want to make one for helping you fall asleep, or you may want to make one for helping you remember your dreams or for promoting Lucid Dreaming or Astral Travel.)  Cut two six-inch squares of the fabric and sew them together, leaving one side open to add the stuffing. Fill half full with cotton batting or your fiber of choice.  Then add dried herbs of your choice from the corresponding list above.  You may also wish to tuck a gemstone or two from the list as well.  You can write a simple prayer or the word “Sleep” or “dream” on a small piece of paper and put that in the pillow as well.  Sew it shut after it is filled, visualizing your intent and the energy of sleeping or dreaming flowing into the pillow.  You may wish to place a couple drops of corresponding essential oil on the pillow.  For added effect, create your pillow on the day of the week associated with your intention, or when the moon is in the corresponding astrological sign.  You may also choose to bless or consecrate your pillow as you see fit. Keep the pillow on your bed and sleep with it at night. You can also make one for children for helping them sleep or for promoting peaceful dreams. 

Some recipes for Herb Pillows –

  • For prophetic dreams stuff with dried mugwort and nutmeg and use frankincense oil.  If you are sensitive or have many personal problems you may not want to sleep with this pillow often as it can bring about very intense dreams.
  • For headache relief or to guard against nightmares; 1 oz. lavender flowers, 1/2 oz. verbena, 1/2 oz. lemon balm, 1/2 oz rosemary
  • Men’s sleep pillow; 1 oz. lemon verbena, 1 oz. lavender flowers, a pinch each of thyme and mint
  • Cherokee Dream Pillow
    The following mixture is said to bring prophetic dreams.  Use dried herbs & flowers.  2 oz. lavender flowers, 2 oz. sage, 1 oz. ground orris root, 2 oz. deer tongue herb, 1 oz. cedar shavings, 2 oz. coltsfoot herb, 2 oz. sweet fern, 1 oz. violet flowers

Blessing Your Sheets To Promote Sleep
On a Wednesday or when the Moon is in Virgo, wash your sheets.  When you’re ready to put them in the washer place a couple tea bags of chamomile tea in a clean sock with some dried lavender or drops of lavender oil.  Tie the sock closed or secure it with a string. Place it in the Washer with your sheets and say;
Chamomile, Lavender work as a balm; Bring to my bed Peace and Calm!”
You can place the herb-filled sock in the dryer with the sheets also, and repeat the prayer.

Tea for Clairvoyant Dreams
You may want to drink this tea to accompany your Dream Pillow.
1 tsp. chamomile
1 tsp. mugwort
1 tsp. thyme
1 tsp. rosemary

Tea For Peaceful Sleep
You may want to drink this tea to accompany your sleep pillow, or any night right before bed.
equal parts (about 1 tsp. each)
peppermint, chamomile, catnip, valerian, skullcap, passionflower, strawberry leaf

Sleep Prayer
If you are having trouble falling asleep, you can repeat this prayer at bedtime or as you lay in bed
Sleep Come Easy
Sleep Come Fast
Sleep Come Tonight
and Through The Night Last

Some Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
If you have trouble sleeping, falling asleep, or experience insomnia, here are some tips to help.

  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.  Also avoid foods with added sugar.  Drink a calming, relaxing tea such as chamomile or passionflower.
  • Have a clean, tidy bedroom.  The energy in the room will be much more peaceful and help promote sleep if the space is free of clutter.  Also having your kitchen sink clean and empty before bed is said to help promote sleep.
  • If the “things I need to do tomorrow” keep you awake, make a list of things you need to do before you go to bed.  Having a list will help ease your mind and you won’t be so worried about forgetting these things. 
  • Take a walk, do yoga, stretch or do some Tai Ji before bed.  Peaceful movement will help bring your body to a more relaxed peaceful state.
  • Meditation.  Meditate for 10 to 15 minutes before bed.  With or without music, just dedicate some time to peacefully sitting in silence.  Focus on your breathing and relaxing your body.  The more you practice this the easier it will become.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night.  This helps your body establish a set sleep schedule.
  • Have a routine.  If you practice some or all of the above tips consistently before bed, then when you do them you’re sending the message to your mind and body that it is time for sleep.  If they don’t help the first few nights, keep going and be persistent and consistent.  Eventually when you have established a routine and keep a regular bedtime, you should have a much easier time falling asleep.

Spell; Invoke The Great Mother Goddess for Wisdom
You’ll need;
A blue or purple candle in a fireproof holder
Essential oil of Lotus (or Jasmine or Myrrh)
A small statue of an Owl (or a picture of an owl)
A journal and pen
A deck of tarot cards or a set of runes
optional; a dream pillow made with the correspondences above and cup of dream-promoting tea

Anoint the candle with the essential oil and place it in the candle holder.  Place the owl next to the candle and your deck of cards or set of runes on the other side of the candle.  Cast your circle or set the boundaries as you wish.  Call upon any Mother Goddess of Wisdom that you choose, (Isis, Hera, Athene, Frejya, etc) or simply call the Great Mother Goddess.  Meditate and simply talk with the Goddess awhile about why you seek wisdom and for what areas of your life you are seeking wisdom.  Write down in your journal these intentions and desires.

Light the candle and say;
Wise Mother, great counselor,
Teach me waking and sleeping.
Send me omens true and dreams wise.
Instruct me in your great wisdom.
I open my heart and mind to you, Wise Mother.
I ask for your all-knowing counsel and guidance
that Wisdom may come to me quickly!”

Lay out three tarot cards or runes in front of the candle and owl.  Write down any impressions, thoughts, and feelings that you receive while studying the cards.  When you are finished journaling your thoughts on your reading say;
Grant me skills of Clarity and Wisdom.
Great Mother, make me wise.
You who are both skillful and strong,
guide my steps, keep me from wrong.”

If you are including a Dream Tea in your ritual, drink it now.  When you are done, extinguish the candle.  Place the tarot cards or runes in a cloth bag and sleep with them under your pillow.  When you wake up, immediately write down anything you remember from your dreams.  Even if you don’t understand what the images meant.  You may choose to draw one tarot card or rune each day, and continue to journal your readings and your dreams for as long as you want.  You may light the candle and repeat the prayer each night before bed for as long as you like or until you feel like you have received the insight you are looking for. 

Natural Magick by Sally Dubats, The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington, Moon Magick by D.J. Conway, Mrs. B’s Guide To Household Witchery by Kris Bradley

Bedroom Magick – Sex

Since I wrote about The Bedroom last week – and the many spiritual aspects of the bedroom, I thought I’d make a couple posts including spells that apply.  So here are a few Sex & Romance spells for your bedroom!

First, here’s a list of correspondences for Sex – you can create your own spell, sachet, craft, or ritual based on these – just gather what you want to use and be creative!

Sex Magick Correspondences*
Colors; Red, Orange
Astrological Sign; Scorpio  (or choose the astrological sign of your partner)
Planets; Pluto and Venus
Day of the Week; Friday
Elements; Water & Fire
Direction; West or South
Gods; Ares, Eros, Pan, Bes, Enzo, Freyr, Cupid
Goddesses; Aphrodite, Bastet, Hathor, Xochiquetzal, Astarte, Aine, Parvati, Rati,Freya, Venus,
Plants / Herbs; Apple, cinnamon, Clove, Copal, Gardenia, Garlic, Ginger, Lavender, Nuts, Patchouli, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rose, Saffron, Tonka Beans, Valerian, Yarrow
Gemstones; Agate, Amber, Carnelian, Cat’s Eye, Copper, Garnet, Moonstone, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Smoky Quartz
       * not a “complete” list!  You may find other associations that are not listed here!

With any kind of Magick – but especially with Sex Magick – be careful what you wish for!  You don’t want your partner to be overly attracted to you – resulting in you getting tired of the advances or risk hurting their feelings if you reject their advances.  You don’t want to interfere with anyone’s free will – it’s best to use these spells to “spice up” the sex life of existing relationships, or to just make you more open and comfortable with your own sexuality – not to convince an otherwise unwilling partner into the bed with you!  Also – a lot of correspondences relating to sex are also related to Fertility!  If you or your partner are not wanting to get pregnant, use precautions!  Be very clear in your intentions about what you want!

Keeping Things Sexy Spell
from Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery by Kris Bradley
“As the years go by, as children join the family, and as schedules get more and more complicated, passion can sometimes take a backseat to all the other things going on in your life.  If you find that you want to try to heat things up a bit, use this simple spell.
Supplies; Red Ribbon, Rose Petals, a pair of your underwear, a pair of your partner’s underwear
1. Grab a pair of your underwear (The sexier the better!) and a pair of your partner’s
2. Lay out one pair and sprinkle the rose petals on top.
3. Lay the other pair of underwear on top of that one.  Then fold them both into a small bundle with the rose petals inside.  Wrap them tight with the red ribbon, tying three knots while saying;
Knot of one, bring on the fun.  Second knot, get things hot.  Knot of three; Passionate sex for me and thee. (visualizing you and your partner)
4.  Place the bundle under the bed.  Then make the effort to go to bed before you’re too tired to do anything about it!”
* you can add a crystal or another herb or two to this spell from the list at the top of this post!  Make sure your bedroom is clean and your bed is made with nice clean sheets so the energy of your spell doesn’t get lost in the clutter or a mess!

Simple Friday Sex Spell
Fidays are sacred to Freya, Frigg, and Venus or Aphrodite.  Find a red candle and gather roses, cinnamon, and any other plants or gemstones you want to include.  On a Friday Morning or, set these items on a table or altar.  You may also wish to have incense or essential oil of rose, lavender, or cinnamon.  Arrange the altar with these items and light the candle.  Sit for a few minutes with the Goddess of your choice, and just talk to her.  What are your fears?  What do you think is blocking your sex life from being what you want it to be?  What exactly do you want your sex life to be like?  Be honest.  Ask the Goddess to help remove any obstacles and clear the way for intimacy in your life.  State your desire and then say “So Mote It Be” and swiftly blow out the candle like you’re blowing out a candle on a birthday cake (making a wish).  Go about the rest of your day as usual, but be open to any inspiration from your Goddess.  You might be inspired to have a conversation with your partner, clean up your room, buy new sexy underwear, change the appearance of your hair, make a “date night” with your partner, etc . . . just follow those promptings and keep in mind your goal and your conversation with the Goddess from the morning.  In the Evening try to find Venus rising in the sky – usually the first bright star in the evening sky.  Thank her for her continued blessings and go have some fun!

Sun-Day Shower Spell for Protection

This is a simple shower spell that you can do every week to provide protection through the week.  I choose to do it on Sundays because they are ruled by the Sun – which has powerful energy of protection.

First you’ll want to find a bottle of body wash or shampoo to bless and charge for this purpose.  It can be any brand of shampoo or body wash you want, or even better – a kind you make yourself!  I chose this one because of it’s name and scent!

I drew symbols of the Sun, Leo, Aries, Mars, and Fire on the bottle.  Believe it or not, I designed this as a Fire Element spell!  You can think of it as both a Water element and a Fire element spell because of it’s focus in the shower.  Water for cleansing and blessing, and Fire for protection and energy.

I placed the bottle with symbols drawn on it outside in the sun for a full day.  I surrounded it with some fire element crystals and gemstones, and visualized the sun and the crystals infusing the shampoo with the energy of protection.  I did this on a Sunday and a Tuesday in April – the Sun was in Aries and Tuesday’s are ruled by Mars and Sundays ruled by the Sun.  You don’t have to wait until the sun is in Aries again, but it may be helpful to do this on either a Sunday or a Tuesday, or look for a day when the moon will be in either Leo or Aries.  Just remember, using the moon phase and days of the week can help boost your spell, but they aren’t 100% requirements.  All you really need is a good sunny day and clear intentions!

Once your bottle is blessed, use it every Sunday for a shower!  While you shower, visualize the soap leaving a bright golden light of protection around your body.  Visualize that this light will stay in place all week, protecting you.  I like to say this prayer;

“Mind and Body I do ward;
Protection from the mob and horde.
No spirit or person of baneful sway
May harm me now in any way.”
(I wrote it on the bottle so I can remember it while I’m in the shower!)

Bathroom Blessings and Spells

Last week I started a De-Cluttering project – to get rid of clutter in the home.  Both for practical purposes and spiritual purposes.  I started in the Bathroom.

I created a sacred space in my bathroom by making a small altar in this window ledge.  Candles, seashells, a clay Goddess figurine, and my Yemaya Mojo Bag.

I cleaned my countertops and went through the cabinets and drawers and managed to get rid of quite a bit of clutter that had been hiding there!  It is amazing how much stuff just gets put aside to use or deal with “later”.  And “later” never really comes!  It felt good to let go of and release some things, and re-organize other things.  My bathroom truly feels like a relaxing retreat now!

An example of Before & After under the sink:





With my cleansing and blessing of the space, now when I go in my bathroom I am reminded of the importance of self-care.  And I’m reminded that many acts of self-care can be so magickal!  You can turn the act of bathing, showering, or washing your face into a simple ritual of cleanising, releasing, and banishing.  You can turn the acts of brushing your hair or applying make-up into simple rituals of beauty and self love!

If you’re interested in spells or rituals for your bathroom, here are a few links:

A really great book; Enchantments: 200 spells for Bath and Beauty

Here I have a Detox bath and Meditation with Yemaya

Cleansing Bath

Another Book; Wicca Spiritual Bath Spells

Book; Crossroads Mama 105 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion

Book: Magical Herbal Baths of Santeria

If I add other Bath/Beauty type spells or rituals here after this blog post, they will be tagged under “bathroom” so you’ll be able to find them!  I have a few I want to share, I’ll add them when I have time! 

Ritual For Releasing The Past

The days of the Waning Moon (from right after the Full Moon to the New Moon) is the perfect time to think about releasing anything in your life that is holding you back.  This can be a thought pattern or attitude, an addiction, or even a toxic relationship that has come to an end.  It can be really helpful to symbolically enact the release and removal of this from your life with a ritual.  The more days in a row you can perform the ritual the better – your attachments didn’t form in one day so it will take more than one day to release them!  Here’s a simple ritual that includes candles, visualization, meditation, and affirmations.  I’d say start this at least 7 days before the New Moon, but if you wanted to go for longer than that it will work just as well (I’m feeling that magick number 13 would be perfect – a 13 day ritual for releasing the past sounds very witchy and powerful!)

What you’ll need;
  • 2 candles (one black and one white is preferred, but two white candles will work just as well)
  • a lighter
  • a safe place to burn your candles and meditate (altar space)
  • a paper & pen to write your affirmations

You may decide to add a few things, but remember it’s your intention that matters the most!  If you feel like you want to add a few things here’s what I would recommend:

  • Black gemstones to absorb negativity and provide protection
  • A picture or other representations of the person/attitude/activity that you are trying to release.
  • A picture or representation of yourself – ideally something that represents you as being free, healthy, happy!
  • Banishing incense or banishing oil
  • A journal to write down thoughts and feelings as they arise.

On the first night of your ritual, think about what it is you want to release or remove.  Think about how the energy of that experience brings you down, and how you will be more free or happy when it is removed from your life.  Define in your mind very clearly WHY you need to release this.  As I said before – it could be anything from a toxic relationship, an addiction, a negative behavior or a negative thought pattern.  Chances are you already know what it is you want to release if you’re reading this!  Just take some time to define and clarify WHY you need to do this.

Take one candle and hold it as you think of what or whom you are releasing.  Send all of those “yuck” feelings of frustration, fear, anger, etc into that candle.  You can inscribe a word or some initials on the candle if you want to.  (helpful if both your candles are the same color, you don’t want to get them mixed up!)  Will call this the “Past Candle”.  Think of an affirmation that helps empower you to release everything that is represented by that candle.  It should be a positive affirmation.  Something like “I release all desires to smoke”, or “I fully let go of this toxic relationship”.  Give yourself time to think of a good affirmation to affirm that you are letting go of this.  Write it down on a piece of paper and set it on your altar next to the “past” candle.

Next, take the other candle, the one that will represent you being free.  Hold the candle and think about all the positives that can come from releasing the past.  The health from releasing an addiction, or the freedom from releasing a toxic relationship, and the happiness from embracing a more positive thought pattern or attitude. You can write a word or your initials on this candle as well.  We’ll call this the “Free Self” candle. Think of another affirmation that empowers you to embrace this new energy.  Something like “I Am Free”, or “My positive attitude carries me forward”.  Place this paper on the altar next to the Free Self candle on your altar. 

All of this is just done the first night.  After the first night you will already have your affirmations and the candles infused with your intentions

Now you’re ready to move forward.  Place both candles side by side on the altar.  Your “Free Self” candle should be on the dominant side (your right side if you’re right handed) and the “Past” candle on the non-dominant side.  Place the affirmations next to or in front of the candles where you can read them.  If you have other representations, place them on the altar too, on the side that goes with the candle of what they represent.  (example; the picture that represents your free/happy/healthy self goes on the side with the “Free Self” candle)

When you are ready, light both the candles.  Sit and meditate again on what you are releasing and why. Light any incense you might have.

Carefully move the Past candle about 1/2 an inch away from the Free Self candle.  As you move it, read the affirmation you wrote out loud.  Focus on the feeling of relief that should occur as you move the candle away and say the affirmation.  Breathe and repeat the affirmation as many times as you feel necessary.

Next, move the Free Self candle 1/2 inch in the opposite direction, away from the Past candle and read that affirmation out loud.  Again, focus on the feeling of relief as you move the candle and speak the affirmation.  Repeat the affirmation as many times as you feel necessary. 
If you want to, and you have them, you can place one or two black gemstones between the two candles, creating a barrier between the two. 

Meditate for a couple minutes on your desired outcome – the relief, the freedom, the positivity.  Inhale the positivity, and when you exhale focus on letting go of the negativity.  You may journal your thoughts and feelings at this time.

When you feel you are done, say a simple prayer.  Ask God/Goddess, or your Guardian Angels, your Spirit Guides, or your Ancestors to support and protect you.  Ask that this releasing of the past harm none, and affirm that this is for the best for all people involved.  Extinguish the candles, but ask that they remain burning on the Astral plane until you return.  Leave everything as it is on the altar.  The next night, you will return and repeat this exercise.  (Light the candles, move the Past candle 1/2 inch away and say the affirmation, move the Free Self candle the opposite direction 1/2 inch and say the affirmation)  Don’t forget to visualize, and focus on the feeling of relief!

Repeat every night until the New Moon.  It should take about 10 to 15 minutes each night, just a bit longer on the first night to prepare.  On the last night, take the affirmation you used with the  “Past” candle, and burn it.  Say the affirmation one last time and extinguish the candle.  Take the ashes of the burned paper, and the extinguished Past candle outside.  Bury them both in the earth,  preferably at a crossroads where their energy will be scattered and carried away from you.  Imagine this like a funeral, and say your final goodbyes to the Past!

Remaining on your altar is the “Free Self” candle and affirmation.  You may continue to meditate with this candle and affirmation after the New Moon, but now you can surround it with flowers, brightly colored gemstones, and representations of your freedom and new beginnings.

Detox Bath and Meditation with Yemaya

A warm bath can be the perfect place to unwind, relax, and meditate.  Combining the physical benefits of a detox bath with the intention and focus of cleansing and healing can be quite a spiritual experience.  I love taking a bath every week for a time of pampering, self love, and purification.

This week I have been working with Yemaya, a Santerian Goddess of the Ocean.  I thought that my bath would be a great way to connect with her without actually going to the beach or creek.  It’s winter and cold outside!  With the Sea Salt in this detoxifying bath recipe, it’s as if you are enjoying the blessings of ocean water, from the comfort of your own home!

Basic Recipe For A Detox Bath:

1/2 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Sea Salt
1 cup Epsom Salt
optional; 2 – 3 drops of essential oil of your choice

Mix well in warm bath water and soak for about 30 minutes.  The combination of Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Baking Soda helps to relax your muscles and open the pores of your skin to draw out toxins.  Drink a full glass (8 – 10 oz) of cool water after your bath to help continue the detox and prevent muscle soreness and dehydration.

Setting the Mood

Here are some ways you can make your bathroom a scared space to call upon Yemaya for her healing and nurturing.  All of these are optional; do what feels right to you based on what you already have or can easily get.

* Sea Shells – arrange around the edge of the bathtub or near the tub
* Candles – White, Blue, Sea-Foam type colors would be best
* Figurines of Dolphins or Mermaids – arranged near the bath or around the edges.  Be careful not to knock them into the tub or onto the floor!
* Your Yemaya Mojo bag
* Prayer Beads / Mala Necklace
* A cd player or mp3 player with speakers (Kept away from the water, of course!)
* Sounds of the ocean or flowing water.  Many meditation CDs have tracks with sounds of ocean waves or rain.

Set your bathroom up however you like.  Make sure you have clean towels and fresh clothes for when you get out.  Run your bath and add the Bath Detox ingredients. 

Light the candles, turn on the music.  If there is enough candle light and/or a night light, you may want to turn off the lights in the bathroom.  Just be sure you can see well enough to get in and out of the tub safely!

Sit or kneel by the tub and swirl the water with your hand.  Call on Yemaya and ask her to enter your sacred space, to be with you.  When you feel ready, you may get in your bath.

Relax!  Enjoy!

While you are enjoying your bath, you may choose to meditate, pray, or chant.  Ask Yemaya to bless you and cleanse you, she will help boost the detoxifying energy of the bath.  If you wish, you may visualize yourself with Yemaya on a beach.  She holds you gently and lovingly, the way a mother holds a child, and she slowly lowers you into the ocean, where you feel safe and loved. 

While I was visualizing this and feeling her loving presence close to me, I found myself chanting;

“Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya
Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya
Bless me, bless me, bless me, Yemaya
Mother, Mother, Morther, Yemaya.”

and then I found myself singing;

“We all come from The Goddess,
and unto Her we shall return.
Like a drop of water,
flowing to the Ocean.”

As you pray and meditate, ask for the Great Mother’s guidance.  She may give you a message pertaining to your healing, or how to rebalance some aspect of your life.  This guidance may come in the form of a thought, idea, or an urge to do something differently or change some aspect of your life.  Notice that this guidance does not come with judgment, but with the love of a Mother who truly wants what is best for you.

Spend as long as you like in the bath, praying, singing, meditating.  30 minutes is the recommended time for the Detox bath to have full effect, but listen to your body and if you need longer or less time, honor yourself and do what is best for you. 

When you are done;

Carefully get out of the bath, dry yourself.  Thank Yemaya for her blessings, healing, and guidance.  Turn on the lights and blow out the candles, but let them cool before moving them.  You may wish to dress yourself in blues or sea-green colors for the rest of the day to continue feeling Yemaya’s ocean presence with you.  Take a small step to do something to improve your life or your health – even if it is just making a to-do list or writing down the things you were guided to work on.

May your days be blessed! 

For your enjoyment, here are some slightly different Detox Bath recipes I found online.  Enjoy and use whichever recipe you want!

Wind Chime Magick


Hanging wind chimes around your home and garden is considered very good Feng-Shui, as the sounds of the chimes help clear the energy of negative vibrations and attract positive energy to your home environment.  You can bless and enchant a set of wind chimes to hang outside and transform the energy of the wind into whatever you need!  Look for a set of wind chimes that has a pleasing sound to you, place it on your Air Element Altar, light a few candles and visualize and/or meditate on your desire.  You can bless your set of wind chimes for home protection, communication, clear-thinking, good luck, prosperity, or to invite faeries and sylphs to your home and garden.  If you can find a set of wind chimes with birds, butterflies, dragonflies, or fairies, this can be even better for inviting air-element types of energies (renewal, spring, fresh beginnings, clear thinking and communication, music, divination, etc) but any set of wind chimes will do.  The ringing of the bells from the chimes is a music created by the movement of the winds… which can clear, purify, and transform the energy in and around your home with it’s gentle frequency and vibration.  Below are a few ideas for spells and blessings for wind chimes around your home:

Wind Chime Spell for Home Blessing
Here is a Wind Chime spell by Ellen Dugan from the book “Elements of Witchcraft“.  Say this prayer as you hang your wind chimes outside after you have blessed them and empowered them with your intentions for home protection and good luck;

“Magickal wind chimes, now be for me
a charm for good luck and prosperity.
As the chimes ring out, a spell they’ll weave,
all dread and negativity now must leave!
By the power of the sylphs and faeries,
as I do will it, so now it shall be

Spell to Attract a Wind Sprite
This is a spell to attract a Wind Sprite to visit your home and garden, from the book “The Fairy Bible” by Teresa Moorey.
“Wind Sprites are the carefree gypsies of fairyland.  Storm-riders, whisperers, and mischief-makers, they bring the balm of the fragrant breeze and the rousing blast of the tempest.  They teach that all is light and changeable, yet they also bring clarity and sharpness of mind.  You may invite Wind Sprites into your life, but do not attempt to bind them to you — that would destroy the gifts they bring.  You will need wind chimes and a length of ribbon.  Wind chimes of bamboo will invite a gentle, thoughtful sprite who will encourage reflection.  Crystal chimes will attract a highly evolved sprite to help you achieve greater detachment.  Metal chimes will attract a creative sprite who will help you achieve change.  Choose a windy day and hang your wind chimes securely in a tree or near a window.  Close your eyes and visualize the gifts you would like to receive from your sprite.  Feel the breeze blow on your face and say;

Wind-Sprite flying light and high,
I call to you, draw nigh, draw nigh
My chimes a home for you shall be,
Ever welcome, ever free

Listen for your chimes to ring to alert you that your sprite has arrived.  Welcome the sprite by tying the ribbon to the upper string of the chimes, being careful not to restrict their swaying and ringing.  Thank your sprite for being present.  Whenever you feel the need  of the gifts of the wind-sprites, stir the chimes with your hand or sit near them and listen to them blowing in the breeze, let them refresh your spirit and mind with their breeze and music”.

Wind Chime Spell for Bringing Good News to Your Door

From “Magical Spells For Your Home” by Ann-Marie Gallagher.  For this spell, you will bless your Wind Chimes at your altar, calling upon Athena – Goddess of Communication and then hang them outside your front door.   You will need three feathers, some yellow ribbon, lavender oil and a yellow candle. 

Put some lavender scented essential oil in an oil burner with some water, light a yellow candle and say;
Athena, Goddess of Communication, 
Empower and bless my spell
to bring good news to my door,
with the swiftness of a bird in flight, 
Good fortune to ensure.

Using one length of ribbon, tie the first feather securely to any thread of the wind chime and say;
Happy news, find your way
to my home, begin today!

Tie the second feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say;
Bright music, sacred sound
Evil here is never found

Tie the third feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say;
Lucky Breeze, happy din
Summon light to flow within

Hang your wind chime over your front door or on your front porch near the door where breeze or wind will frequently stir it to action.

Wind Chimes for Good Dreams
I found a set of wind chimes made with dream-catchers.  I bought them to hang outside my children’s bedroom window and I wrote this blessing prayer to empower the chimes and dream-catchers to help my children sleep soundly and keep away the bad dreams, and keep them safe at night.
All through the night,
help us sleep tight.
Chimes that ring,
sweet dreams now bring.
Winds that stir,
bring blessings here.
Good Dreams through the night,
until Morning’s Light!
* note * All of this was posted at my previous blog, Tarot Mom. I’ve forgotten the password and started this new blog here… And may move some of my old posts from there to this one from time to time! You can see the original post here

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