Bathroom Blessings and Spells

Last week I started a De-Cluttering project – to get rid of clutter in the home.  Both for practical purposes and spiritual purposes.  I started in the Bathroom.

I created a sacred space in my bathroom by making a small altar in this window ledge.  Candles, seashells, a clay Goddess figurine, and my Yemaya Mojo Bag.

I cleaned my countertops and went through the cabinets and drawers and managed to get rid of quite a bit of clutter that had been hiding there!  It is amazing how much stuff just gets put aside to use or deal with “later”.  And “later” never really comes!  It felt good to let go of and release some things, and re-organize other things.  My bathroom truly feels like a relaxing retreat now!

An example of Before & After under the sink:





With my cleansing and blessing of the space, now when I go in my bathroom I am reminded of the importance of self-care.  And I’m reminded that many acts of self-care can be so magickal!  You can turn the act of bathing, showering, or washing your face into a simple ritual of cleanising, releasing, and banishing.  You can turn the acts of brushing your hair or applying make-up into simple rituals of beauty and self love!

If you’re interested in spells or rituals for your bathroom, here are a few links:

A really great book; Enchantments: 200 spells for Bath and Beauty

Here I have a Detox bath and Meditation with Yemaya

Cleansing Bath

Another Book; Wicca Spiritual Bath Spells

Book; Crossroads Mama 105 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion

Book: Magical Herbal Baths of Santeria

If I add other Bath/Beauty type spells or rituals here after this blog post, they will be tagged under “bathroom” so you’ll be able to find them!  I have a few I want to share, I’ll add them when I have time! 

Clear Your Space – The Bathroom

Ready to start clearing your space and turning your whole home into a spiritual haven?  I’m starting this week in the bathroom.  Feel free to join me!  Comment with a link to your own blog or just a simple text comment with your goals and progress!

Identify The Purpose of Your Bathroom
What kind of energy do you want in your bathroom?  I consider the bathroom the home of the Water element in my home, as it tends to have a lot of water energy with the shower or bath and sinks!  Bathrooms are a center of self-care and healing.  We release toxins on a daily basis (yes, everyone poops!) wash our faces, brush our teeth, bathe, and beautify ourselves in our bathrooms.  So if you start to think of your bathroom as your center of Healing and Self-Care you can focus on what things in that room serve that purpose. 
The bathroom can be an important area for the Household Witch.  Bathing is often recommended to clear your energy before ritual, and the bath or shower can be a powerful place to focus energy for healing.  For some, the act of Hair Brushing or braiding can be part of a ritual or spiritual practice, as can the other “mundane” tasks of daily self care like putting on makeup- brushing teeth, taking vitamins or medications, etc. Keep these in mind as you work on your bathroom.

Clearing The Space In Your Bathroom

  • Choose a time to focus on your bathroom.  It can be as simple as 15 minutes a day for a few days, to one hour . . . whatever works best for you.  Don’t overwhelm or overwork yourself!  Pick one area to focus on at a time.
  • Gather what you need.  Trash bags, a box for items to donate, cleaning products.  If you want- bring a candle or some incense and crystals to set up a temporary altar.  This will help you stay focused on your task as a spiritual process of releasing and cleansing.  Think about what Deity you may want to help you, or what Deity you will dedicate your work to.  For the bathroom I think a Goddess of Healing or a Goddess associated with Water would be perfect!  Don’t fixate just call upon who you feel comfortable working with. 
  • When you’re ready to begin, start by simply sitting in your bathroom.  Think about the type of space you want it to be.  Healing, Comforting, Blessing, Cleansing.  Visualize how you would like the room to look.  Visualize yourself and your family being healed, comforted, blessed and cleansed when they use the space.  Light your candle and say a prayer to the Deity you want to work with.  Ask for their blessing on your work and your bathroom
  • Go to the area you’ve chosen to work on.  This might be the countertop, the medicine cabinet, under the sink, or the shelves in the shower/bath.  Take everything out.  Wipe down the surface, visualizing that it is not only physically cleaned, but energetically cleaned.  Then pick up each item you took out.  Ask the following; *Do I need this?  *Do I actually use this?  *Does it promote the energy of healing and cleansing that I want in this space?  If your answer to any of these questions is NO – you can either throw it away, donate it, or put it aside to be put somewhere else.  (If it is something you need and use, but doesn’t belong in the bathroom you can keep it but it needs to be “rehomed” to a more appropriate area)
  • Put back neatly the things you are keeping.  Take the throw-away items to the trash.  Put items that need to be put away somewhere else in a small box and take them out of the bathroom.
  • Feel gratitude!  Thank yourself for releasing things you don’t need!  Thank yourself for taking the time to cleanse this space and dedicate it to becoming an area of Healing.  You may choose to smudge with sage or a blessing incense.  Thank whatever Deity you worked with for their blessing on the area.
  • Dedicate yourself to keeping that area clutter-free.  Maybe once a week you can take 15 minutes to quickly look through your bathroom and make sure that only the things that belong there are there.  Pick one day as a “bathroom rescue” day – say Wednesdays – and make a reminder to yourself to simply bless and maintain this area once a week.  OR you might choose to do a quick “sweep” every morning.  Since you probably use your bathroom every morning to get ready for your day – why not just take an extra minute or two while you’re in there to keep things clear and make sure clutter doesn’t build up.

Repeat as needed in other areas of your bathroom until it’s done!  Remember it can be just one area a day, or all in one day depending on your time and energy.  Just take breaks between areas if you need to!

For my Bathroom Cleansing & Blessing, I’ll probably work with Yemaya – Mother Goddess of the Ocean that I work with for Healing bath rituals.  Her healing and mothering energy seem the perfect compliment to my focus and purpose for my bathroom!  I’ll post at the end of the week with my progress / results of my bathroom blessing!  I’d love to hear about your process too!  Comment here or on my facebook page!

Here’s some simple tips from FlyLady about your bathroom:
And, if you’re ready to think about Feng-Shui in your bathroom, here’s some tips;

Detox Bath and Meditation with Yemaya

A warm bath can be the perfect place to unwind, relax, and meditate.  Combining the physical benefits of a detox bath with the intention and focus of cleansing and healing can be quite a spiritual experience.  I love taking a bath every week for a time of pampering, self love, and purification.

This week I have been working with Yemaya, a Santerian Goddess of the Ocean.  I thought that my bath would be a great way to connect with her without actually going to the beach or creek.  It’s winter and cold outside!  With the Sea Salt in this detoxifying bath recipe, it’s as if you are enjoying the blessings of ocean water, from the comfort of your own home!

Basic Recipe For A Detox Bath:

1/2 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Sea Salt
1 cup Epsom Salt
optional; 2 – 3 drops of essential oil of your choice

Mix well in warm bath water and soak for about 30 minutes.  The combination of Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Baking Soda helps to relax your muscles and open the pores of your skin to draw out toxins.  Drink a full glass (8 – 10 oz) of cool water after your bath to help continue the detox and prevent muscle soreness and dehydration.

Setting the Mood

Here are some ways you can make your bathroom a scared space to call upon Yemaya for her healing and nurturing.  All of these are optional; do what feels right to you based on what you already have or can easily get.

* Sea Shells – arrange around the edge of the bathtub or near the tub
* Candles – White, Blue, Sea-Foam type colors would be best
* Figurines of Dolphins or Mermaids – arranged near the bath or around the edges.  Be careful not to knock them into the tub or onto the floor!
* Your Yemaya Mojo bag
* Prayer Beads / Mala Necklace
* A cd player or mp3 player with speakers (Kept away from the water, of course!)
* Sounds of the ocean or flowing water.  Many meditation CDs have tracks with sounds of ocean waves or rain.

Set your bathroom up however you like.  Make sure you have clean towels and fresh clothes for when you get out.  Run your bath and add the Bath Detox ingredients. 

Light the candles, turn on the music.  If there is enough candle light and/or a night light, you may want to turn off the lights in the bathroom.  Just be sure you can see well enough to get in and out of the tub safely!

Sit or kneel by the tub and swirl the water with your hand.  Call on Yemaya and ask her to enter your sacred space, to be with you.  When you feel ready, you may get in your bath.

Relax!  Enjoy!

While you are enjoying your bath, you may choose to meditate, pray, or chant.  Ask Yemaya to bless you and cleanse you, she will help boost the detoxifying energy of the bath.  If you wish, you may visualize yourself with Yemaya on a beach.  She holds you gently and lovingly, the way a mother holds a child, and she slowly lowers you into the ocean, where you feel safe and loved. 

While I was visualizing this and feeling her loving presence close to me, I found myself chanting;

“Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya
Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya
Bless me, bless me, bless me, Yemaya
Mother, Mother, Morther, Yemaya.”

and then I found myself singing;

“We all come from The Goddess,
and unto Her we shall return.
Like a drop of water,
flowing to the Ocean.”

As you pray and meditate, ask for the Great Mother’s guidance.  She may give you a message pertaining to your healing, or how to rebalance some aspect of your life.  This guidance may come in the form of a thought, idea, or an urge to do something differently or change some aspect of your life.  Notice that this guidance does not come with judgment, but with the love of a Mother who truly wants what is best for you.

Spend as long as you like in the bath, praying, singing, meditating.  30 minutes is the recommended time for the Detox bath to have full effect, but listen to your body and if you need longer or less time, honor yourself and do what is best for you. 

When you are done;

Carefully get out of the bath, dry yourself.  Thank Yemaya for her blessings, healing, and guidance.  Turn on the lights and blow out the candles, but let them cool before moving them.  You may wish to dress yourself in blues or sea-green colors for the rest of the day to continue feeling Yemaya’s ocean presence with you.  Take a small step to do something to improve your life or your health – even if it is just making a to-do list or writing down the things you were guided to work on.

May your days be blessed! 

For your enjoyment, here are some slightly different Detox Bath recipes I found online.  Enjoy and use whichever recipe you want!

Yemaya Mojo Bag

This week I have felt the call of Yemaya, Mother Goddess of the ocean.  She’s calling me – sweetly, patiently.  I’ve heard her call before.  The first time I found her, I was looking for rituals or prayers to help ease a painful menstrual cycle.  She’s associated with the tides, therefore: the moon and natural cycles. I have a deck of tarot cards – The Goddess Tarot – with the image of Yemaya as the Temperance card.  I have drawn this card in readings for myself several times – most often it is when I am on my moon cycle!  It’s like she is gently reminding me to call on her during the time of my monthly cycle.  She reminds me of moderation, of self-care and nurturing, and that this time of the month can and should be remembered as a sacred time to reflect on the power of woman and mother.  You can read my previous blog post to learn more about Yemaya.


I have a plan formulating in my mind to create a mala necklace for meditation and healing during my moon cycle.  It will be a Yemaya Prayer Necklace. . . and it will come together when the time is right.  But for now, I have created a Yemaya Mojo bag to wear and carry when I need to be reminded of her presence in my life.  As I was sitting here contemplating the dream of the prayer necklace, my eyes were drawn to this blue mojo bag I have hanging on my wall. . . empty and waiting to be used.  It’s a beautiful blue color with a sacred spiral.  I attached a small silver Goddess pendant and a dolphin ring to the outside of it.


I found several things to add inside of the bag to connect it with the energy of Yemaya.
* Seven pennies because seven is the number sacred to Yemaya, and it is customary to leave seven coins as an offering to her.
* Two sea shells I collected from the ocean
* Clear quartz – clear like the water and added for it’s power of healing, cleansing, balancing, and to give clarity of mind and heart.
* Green-blue Amazonite – the color makes me think of the ocean, and it’s energy brings strength and discernment.
* Green sea-glass.  A piece of glass that has been made smooth by the ocean waves and sand.  I also collected this at the ocean.  It is here to remind me that even something sharp and harsh can be made smooth and beautiful by the waves and tides.
* Bloodstone.  I added this dark green bloodstone for it’s energy properties that help with women’s issues such as menstrual cycles, anemia, fertility, healing.  It is not necessarily associated with the ocean or Yemaya, but it fits with the reason that I call on Her.

I placed each item in the bag, stating my reason for adding it, praying for Yemaya to bless each item, and to remain close to me when I wear it.  I sprinkled some salt water over the bag and quietly chanted;

Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya
Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya
Bless me, bless me, bless me Yemaya
Mother, Mother, Mother, Yemaya

I plan to wear this bag each time I am on my Moon Cycle, for healing and comforting.  I may wear it at other times when I hear the call of Yemaya, or when I want to call upon her for balance, protection, or guidance.  You can make a mojo bag to honor and connect with Yemaya too; you don’t need the same kinds of crystals I have added.  The coins and sea shells are a good start, and then just add anything else you have that reminds you of the ocean and has properties similar to the lessons and blessings of Yemaya; for whatever reasons you feel you need her in your life!

YEMAYA – Queen Mother of the Sea

YEMAYA (Yemana)

 Yemaya is a Mother Goddess, associated with the ocean. (As well as other bodies of water; lakes, rivers, etc) As the tides of all bodies of water are related to the moon, so is Yemaya associated as a Moon Goddess. She is known to be compassionate and nurturing, but also fierce – especially as a protector of her loved ones.  Yemaya is the Mother of all living things, owner of all waters and in Santeria, the orisha of Motherhood.

 Yemaya teaches us about balance, about the ebb and flow of life like the tides. She guides us to find balance between our emotional selves (water) and physical being (earth) and as such she is a powerful matriarch goddess to call upon for help with;
Mother/Daughter relationships
Feminine issues
Menstrual cycles
Environmental issues (especially for oceans and bodies of water and/or sea animals)

Colors; White, Blue, Sea-Green
Symbols; Water, Sea Shells, White Roses, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Opal, Silver, Coins, coconut, Watermelon, Honey, and the number Seven

Some links to more info;

XIV Balance: Yemana

 From The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr
“Yemana, the Santeria goddess of the ocean is often called upon to provide rain: water that brings forth life and nurtures the earth, like waters of the womb. She symbolizes the divine balance between heaven and earth. Card meanings; experiencing or seeking a deep sense of harmony and union. Integration. Moderation. Balance between spiritual and physical.”

In other tarot decks – Temperance.

This card appears now as Yemana is urging you to find or create balance in your life. Too much focus on one area of your life has possibly caused you to overlook or ignore another part of your life. Call on Yemana (Yemaya) to help cleanse away the unnecessary aspects of life with her gentle, rain-like healing. Ask for clarity to help you see what needs to be balanced in your life, and take steps to rebalance it. Yemaya can also help you to take those steps, and to remember that life is always in a state of give and take – like the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides in relation to the phases of the moon.