Sky, Earth & Fire – Memories of New Moon 5/15/18

The New Moon in Taurus happened on May 15th, early in the morning.  Shortly after the New Moon, Uranus entered Taurus for the first time since the 1940’s.  Later that afternoon, the moon moved into Gemini, and after sunset Mars entered the sign of Aquarius.  It was a powerful day for setting intentions, especially dealing with any type of revolution.

My partner and I gathered some friends over for an evening of food, fireside chats, and ritual.  I shared with some friends my thoughts on the power behind the Uranus/Taurus and Mars/Aquarius transition.  New Moons are generally always a good time for setting intentions and planting seeds of ideas or desires that you want to manifest.  Uranus is the planet best described as the Revolutionary.  He’s the ultimate non conformist, anarchist, and humanitarian; the driving force behind the awakening to higher consciousness.  Wherever Uranus goes, there is bound to be some sort of revolution against structures or ideas that hold us back from our awakening.  Taurus is the earth sign that best embodies Mother Earth in her most fertile time; also potentially powerful for manifesting desires into the physical plane, like a New Moon.  Uranus here will break down or shake up any structures, beliefs or ideas that are holding us back from physically manifesting our desires… as long as those desires are for the greater good of mankind.  Mars, the God of War, planet of drive, passion, courage, and fight – just entered the sign of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) – sign of friendship, brotherhood, invention, and revolution.  This is adding some fire to the Aquarian quest for Brotherhood and Ascension.  I described these Planetary transits with the Tarot: The Fool & The Hierophant for Uranus in Taurus, and The Tower & The Star for Mars in Aquarius.  As you can see, I felt it was a perfect and powerful time for gathering some friends and setting intentions with magick!

Before ritual, my partner was digging around in the earth to clear the area around the fire pit.  As he dug by hand, he found this beautiful quartz crystal:

The Hierophant & The Fool cards on the altar:

Tarot and Astrology, The Hierophant and Taurus, Uranus and The Fool
Uranus enter Taurus

Friends gathered around the small fire pit in the back yard:

I love the Rey of sunlight beaming through the smoke in this picture!

After sunset, more friends arrived and we worked together to build the fire a bit bigger, and each added a piece of the wood to the fire to represent something we wished to release or burn away to make room for our own personal growth or revolution.  I was very honored to hold space and cast a sacred circle for those who gathered with us, and we called upon Uranus (God of the Sky) to celebrate his reunion with Gaia (Mother Earth, Taurus).  We each spoke our intentions up to the sky and then “planted” them into the earth to be nourished, gestate, and then born or fulfilled when the time is right.  We ended the ritual with some singing and chanting around the fire.

It was a lovely ritual and gathering and I wanted to write it down somewhere to keep it preserved (yeah, the sun is still in Taurus and I want to hold or keep that which I find beautiful).  After the ritual we had some fun times all gathered in the living room.  We looked at a couple astrology charts, danced to an old Jazzercize video from the 80’s, shared some food and talked about life.  I’m beyond grateful for the friends that I have made over the past year; the community that has embraced me and uplifted me through hard times.  Taurus season has asked us to examine beyond the “I AM” of Aries, into the “I HAVE” mode of The Bull.  I’ve discovered that the greatest things I HAVE are friendship and community.

A very blurry picture or me and some great friends!


Taurus New Moon – Preserving Beauty


Taurus astrology new moon
art credit: John Blumen
How has Taurus season been treating you?  I’ve had a few adventures!  Parties and social gatherings, a beautiful Beltane ritual, explorations in relationship dynamics, and a lot of personal healing.  I’m excited for the New Moon coming up on Tuesday and thought I would share some thoughts with you!

Most of us (in the Northern Hemisphere) are beginning to enjoy true spring weather these days!  The grass is green, flowers are in bloom, trees are bursting with pollen.  The birds sing loudly in the early morning and the frogs chirp in the evening.  It’s easy to feel in love with nature and beauty at this time – a key trait of Taurus season.  Taurus is ruled by Venus – the planet of love & beauty.  I see this planet as Aphrodite, and wherever she is transitting in the astrological chart will show you where she is spreading love, fascination, and beauty.  Understanding the two signs she rules (Taurus and Libra) will also help you connect with this Goddess and the planet Venus.

Have you taken time latley to just admire something beautiful?  To relax in the warm sun with your toes in the grass?  Eaten some fresh fruit and really just existed fully in the moment when the sweet flavor bursts in your mouth?  Have you savored a kiss with someone you love?  Perhaps you’ve started a new relationship or found yourself falling in love, or some sexy encounters have left you feeling young and free?  If you’ve felt any of these, you’ve found yourself touched by Taurus & Venus  energy!

In the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, we emerge as new beings and begin our journey of self identification through the phrase “I AM”.  With the next zodiac sign, Taurus, we begin to expand our sense of self through our senses.  What makes us feel good?  What makes us feel bad?  The Taurus experience lets us explore what we value here in our physical existence, and then begin to shape our life around what we enjoy.  We seek out that which is beautiful, comforting, and nourishing to us, try to find ways to maintain and manage or preserve that which we enjoy. Our “I AM” shifts to include “I HAVE”.

Even if you havent particularly experienced romantic feelings, the Taurus sun can have you thinking more about what you have, what you love, and what you want more of in your life.  Perhaps you have noticed your focus this past month being more incined towards thinking about what you desire, and even indulging your senses a bit with your favorite foods and comforting activities (or non-activity!) The Taurus sun has had influence over all of us, no matter what your sun sign or the location of Venus in your natal chart.  As the New Moon approaches, it is the perfet time to reflect on how you have been searching for beauty, comfort, and stability over the past month.  What can you learn about yourself from your behavior in the past 28 days?  The New Moon in Taurus takes place on May 15!  The last New Moon was in Aries and we set intentions around our individuality and self-expression.  Before the New Moon is the dark moon and we can release those old intentions and begin to integrate the lessons of Taurus into our lives.  Ask yourself, what do I have?  Do I value this?  If you do, you may ask yourself how you can preserve it, make it last longer or work better for you.  If not, ask yourself what you would like to have instead.  This can apply to everything we have on the physical plane – our jobs, money, possessions, relationships, etc.  You may choose to begin thinking about this during the dark moon phase, and work to release or let go of those things in your life which you just don’t value any more.  Then with the New Moon, affirm the things you DO want in your life!  Both by admiring and enjoying the things you already have that you value – and by setting intentions to manifest the things you value that you don’t yet have.

Check below for some more stories about Taurus to reflect on what lessons you may have been learning during the sun’s transit through the sign of “I HAVE”.  These other posts might help you clarify your intention setting for the New Moon.

I truly hope you have a beautiful New Moon!  I hope Taurus season has treated you well, and I look forward to connecting with you during Gemini season!

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Love & Blessings
Wendy @ Hestia’s Muse