I’m back! Renewed By Aries Sun

Hi again!
Back in December 2017 (the last time Mercury was retrograde) my website was hacked.  Like, REALLY hacked.  Gone.  Nothing left but some weird error message.  I had already been away from blogging and my website for several months prior to the hack.  There was a lot going on in my personal life, and I was deep in some Shadow work and personal transformation.  2017 marked the end of my marriage of 15 years, and the subsequent need to rediscover myself and heal.  During my absence from blogging and having a website, I have focused on deepening my understanding of Astrology.  I have been taking an Evolutionary Astrology course by Sabrina Monarch, reading books, and even hosted a couple astrology workshops here locally where I shared some basic astrology information with my community!  This journey has really re-defined and re-shaped who I am, what I do, and the core of my practice.
So it doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me, that it’s back up and running jut as the Sun enters Aries and Mercury is about to go retrograde again!  As the Sun enters Aries the world focuses on individual identity.  What makes me different from everyone else?  It’s the drop of water removed from the ocean (Pisces)… we understand that oneness with all in the vast ocean, but now we’re set on an individual path once more.
Here I am, staring at this blank Home page and a blank “About Me” page.  Starting from scratch and ready to redefine who I am and what it is I actually do here.  It is both exciting and overwhelming.
I’ll give myself the Mercury Retrograde period to revise and review all of this, “who am I?”.  What am I doing here?  What are my goals?  How do I wish to present myself to the world?
These are all questions that can apply to all of us at this time.  Sun in Aries is the perfect time for self-evaluation and determining what path you shall forge as you push ahead.  Mercury will retrograde through Aries for most of the Aries season, hallenging how we communicate our individuality.  Yet Aries reminds us that it is only through our illusion of separateness that we can travel the path back ’round to wholeness again.
So.  Who are you?  Where are you going?  What are you co-creating with the Universe?  Let’s figure it out together.  I’ll be here.

Artwork by valhadar